October 13: The Temple Mount

It seems that Muslims don’t really care about the mosque since their violent actions only endanger it.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
PA spreadsheets
With regard to “PA spreadsheets” (Editorial, October 11), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seizes every opportunity to address the world with his macho American-English rhetoric. But words seldom win hearts and minds, nor do they influence the unsympathetic – for under Netanyahu’s watch, Israel has become more politically isolated, and as the latest wave of terrorism shows, its citizens are no more secure.
Terrorism is a costly affair.
Money is needed to recruit, train and arm terrorists, and to feed, clothe and educate them (and their families). Money incites and rewards terrorists. Terrorism pays well.
Quiet diplomacy and withholding funds to weaken the terrorists’ supply chain could be a more effective strategy than delivering embarrassingly naive, high-profile speeches that sound great only to Israelis. Focus on the spreadsheets, not on spreading the word.
Beit Shemesh
Now that there is evidence that the Palestinian Authority is funding terrorist acts, the families of those killed in attacks should sue over loss of financial support, emotional suffering and medical expenses. The wounded and disabled should sue for loss of future earnings and loss of amenities. A recent case in the US is an example.
This should clean out the PA for years to come.
The Temple Mount
Annika Channa Rothstein (“‘Status quo vadis?’” Comment & Features, October 11) rightly suggests that a change is necessary in the status quo at the Aksa Mosque.
Our family recently visited the Vatican and Sistene Chapel, one of the most revered holy places for Christians. The Christians living in Italy do not have a right to permanently occupy these sites. (By the way, there were no rules that stated I could not pray to myself when I was in the chapel.) Like those holy sites, the Aksa Mosque deserves to be respected and preserved, not used as a place to store Molotov cocktails and stir hatred. If Muslims and non-Muslims around the world really cared about the mosque, they would declare it a UNESCO world heritage site and allow Israel’s Antiquities Authority, in consultation with local Muslim authorities, to protect it now and in perpetuity.
Tourists, as well as locals, could buy a ticket to visit. They would spend the day there and then go home, the way it is done at the Vatican and most every other holy place on earth.
It seems that Muslims don’t really care about the mosque since their violent actions only endanger it.
Zichron Ya’acov
For an objective and inexpensive way to refute incitement alleging Israel’s violation of Muslim sensibilities on the Temple Mount, and particularly with regard to al-Aksa Mosque, Israel should install video cameras around the area providing 24/7 live coverage – publicly accessible by interested parties on an Internet site, just like the Western Wall’s Kotel Cam.
The Aksa canard is a typical “blood libel” that no amount of Israeli denial will neutralize.
Israel should advise Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah that unless they publicly support the Israeli position, Israel will immediately take over the administration of the Temple Mount, except for the interiors of the mosque and the Dome of the Rock.
If we are paying a price, we should reap some of the benefit.
Handling terror
I fully agree with the brilliant recommendation by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (“Barkat to ‘Post’: Jews with gun licenses should carry pistols,” October 9).
We are at war with knife-wielding, Molotov cocktail- and stone-throwing Palestinians. This would be another line of defense against lone-wolf attacks in areas where there is no police or army presence.
It is the duty of every Israeli with a handgun, even if the license has lapsed, to defend himself and his fellow citizens in these dangerous and chaotic times.
It is time to stop being politically correct and worried about what the world thinks of us. Here are some suggestions that would prove effective and should be clearly announced before action is taken.
• Scatter small pieces of pork everywhere Muslim rock throwers gather.
• Stop using tear gas and rubber bullets; use non-lethal sprays containing pork fat.
• Stop returning terrorists’ bodies for funerals, which are used for further incitement. Bury them in unmarked graves – with a piece of pork.
I doubt you will publish this, but it is time for a totally new war on terror!
In “How not to respond to Palestinian violence” (Know Comment, October 9), David M. Weinberg tells us what not to do. One of his statements, that “the Israeli government is affected by public opinion,” applies equally to public opinion in the West Bank.
Israel supplies the West Bank with electricity. By reducing the supply or stopping it entirely, West Bank public opinion would no doubt make it plain that the residents prefer free electricity to terror attacks.
Beit Zayit
Calming Jerusalem
Meir Kraus (“Calming tensions in Jerusalem,” Observations, October 9) blames the recent uptick in Arab terrorist attacks in the city on the municipal neglect of Arab residents.
Jerusalem’s Arabs certainly have cause to be upset with their living conditions, but in no way is this justification for murderous attacks on Jews. Plenty of people throughout the world face discrimination, but they don’t stab and shoot people in response.
For decades, the great majority of Arabs in Jerusalem have refused to vote in city council elections. If they want their voices to be heard, they need to seek appropriate representation.
This means voting for candidates who will speak up for them (although those who incite them to riot and murder won’t help their cause).
The city’s Arab residents need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
We need new leaders
Douglas Bloomfield brilliantly analyzes our state of paralysis in “Bluffing for peace” (Washington Watch, October 8).
We are living through tragic times caused by wimpish leaders posing as thugs. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a charismatic speaker, but his underlying personality is that of a bully – and we know that bullies are motivated by fear and try to camouflage this by posing as warriors or strongmen.
Israel has become a ghetto, cowering behind desperate fences. This will never do the trick. There is nowhere to hide. There are not enough policemen to defend us.
The IDF is also under tremendous strain. If we are attacked on our borders and the army is busy defending us on the home front, the country will soon be overwhelmed.
Citizens, too, are buckling under the strain. People are urged by leaders to carry guns and learn martial arts. What an outrageous state of affairs! Netanyahu mustn’t think he is fooling anybody by inserting into his speeches the odd insincere paragraph referring to his so-called warm attachment to America. Our enemies are being allowed to pursue weapons of mass destruction, and US President Barack Obama no longer cares.
We need leaders who are calm.
They should be champions of good will, mature and generous in their outlook. We need to go to the electorate to see if it can choose women and men of a decent caliber to pull us out of the abyss.
We need to do it before our enemies do it.