October 24: FM and football

If any American team held a ceremony celebrating ISIS or those who destroyed the World Trade Center before a game played in the US, that team would be relegated to history.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
FM and football 
Sir, – I disagree with Allon Sinai’s defense of Sakhnin and his attack on Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman (“Sakhnin scandal exacerbated by Liberman’s senseless shenanigans,” Sports, October 22).
If any American team held a ceremony celebrating ISIS or those who destroyed the World Trade Center before a game played in the US, that team would be relegated to history.
The fact that Sakhnin received money from a country that funds terrorism against Israel and then celebrated a traitor who helped it get those funds should be enough to put an end to the team’s existence.
Sir, – Allon Sinai ends his commentary with: “He should just mind his own business, which clearly is not sports.”
It’s a pity that Sinai doesn’t follow his own advice. His whole column is political. If he has the right to put his political views on display, Foreign Minister Liberman certainly has the right to express his opinion – which I think the vast majority of Israelis agree with.
Tel Aviv
Coffee’s on
Sir, – In “A Palestinian state can only emerge from negotiations” (Comment & Features, October 21), Labor MK Hilik Bar tries to distance himself from the extreme Left in his denunciation of the British House of Commons’s vote to recognize a Palestinian state. However, he shows that he lives in a dream world.
Bar puts the onus on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recognize a Palestinian state yet never demands anything of the Palestinians. One might think he would at least ask them to keep the promises they made in the past, like changing their education system to stop demonizing Israel and accepting the fact that it exists and will continue to exist.
The Left in this country continues to demand concessions from our leadership, but never demands anything from the Palestinians.
The time has come for them to do one thing that will give us the confidence that they actually want to live in peace with us.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s recent comments about not allowing Jews on the Temple Mount goes a long way toward disproving Bar’s stance.
And the recent news that Hamas is already boasting about rebuilding its tunnels just makes a mockery of his request for us to make more concessions.
Abbas does just about anything possible to destroy whatever hope we had in negotiations, yet Bar and his cohorts continue to live in their dream world. It is time for them to wake up and smell the coffee.
Look no farther
Sir, – As appears from “Emerging ‘bad deal’ with Iran puts Israel on offensive” (October 21), Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On is in the wrong line of work.
She should be a military leader.
Gal-On has devised an invincible pincer movement to ensure the final destruction of Israel. One arm is for Israel to go wholeheartedly along with the so-called peace process; a successful outcome will have our country split down the middle.
The other is to fully support international nuclear negotiations with Iran; a successful outcome will be what’s left of Israel being blasted off the face of the earth.
I’ve heard they’re looking for the next IDF chief of staff. They need look no farther.
A no-no
Sir, – In your Simhat Torah supplement (October 15) there was a great story about the rare manuscripts at the National Library (“Keeping paper relevant”).
Your reporter very correctly “runs a gloved finger” along the edge of a page. However, all the photos of Dr. Aviad Stollman, head of collections, shows him touching the pages with ungloved hands. I was taught that this was a no-no in library school.