October 27th, 2017: French bill

Davis Masjid  Screenshot  YouTube (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Davis Masjid Screenshot YouTube
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
‘French bill’
With regard to the so-called French bill being contemplated in the Knesset (“A-G: Ban on probes will turn PM job into refuge for the corrupt,” October 25), the first report of a suspected crime should be at least one day after a person has been indicted. This would stop the flood of rumors spread by the media that the police are considering investigating someone since this is usually presented as if that person has already been tried and found guilty.
MKs who object to the bill, which would prevent investigations against sitting prime ministers, should support a law that enforces the practice of sub judice on investigations of anyone, including the prime minister.
The media should also not be allowed to circumvent the above rules by citing “foreign news sources.” They should instead concentrate on reporting injustices that have already been proven rather than inventing new ones that are sometimes minor or even non-existent.
Has anyone noticed the irony of the sale of Albert Einstein’s note (“Note with Einstein’s theory on life auctioned for $1.3m., October 25)? The note says: “A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it.” It was sold to someone who obviously is a greedy, money-besotted and acquisition- obsessed antithesis of those very words.
Pols and journos
Regarding “Netanyahu opens Knesset session by mocking ‘bitter’ opposition” (October 24), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent much of his speech criticizing the media.
This is not new. Since ancient times, there has been an ongoing battle between politicians and the media.
Politicians and journalists really don’t get on very well together no matter how many swimming pools they push one another into. Any seasoned journalist knows that when the going gets difficult, the politician will cry fake news. And as any seasoned journalist knows, the best way to ruin a politician’s career is to write down exactly what the politician says – which will make any reader suspicious of all politicians.
Watching Netanyahu in action at the Knesset is enough to turn any man into an anarchist (although in an anarchy, who collects the trash?).
YouTube hate
A veritable tsunami of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel garbage has recently overtaken YouTube, fueled mainly by two gentlemen (I use the term loosely) on a daily basis.
I am annoyed that the powers-that-be who control YouTube allow such vicious drivel. I am also amazed that the many Zionist and Jewish organizations and institutions remain totally silent regarding these outbursts. That these two bigoted people can daily smear every Jewish and Israeli aspect of life without a murmur of response or condemnation is quite mind boggling!
By far, the more vicious of the two is “Brother Nathanael,” who appears in a monk’s outfit complete with crosses adorning his top hat and frock coat, and claims to be Jewish by birth. His venomous sermons are simply a tirade against Jews having murdered Jesus and the tsar of Russia and his family! He warns that Jews control virtually every aspect of life and are set to take over the world.
The other person who spouts sermons invariably attacking Jews is James P. Wickstrom, whose YouTube channel is called “Arcodeaus.” A favorite theme of Wickstrom’s is to refer to the late US president Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was also supreme commander of the Allied Forces that liberated Europe from the Nazis, as “the black Jew Eisenhower” because Wickstrom supposedly discovered that his father had been a Jew and his mother a black!
Not only do these two spew venom against Jews, who incredibly comprise less than 1% of the world population, they appeal for financial support to promote their evil outbursts.
I am amazed that YouTube can tolerate such vindictive diatribes. Is there any way these antisemites can be stopped?