October 9: Uptick in violence

Readers respond to the latest Jerusalem Post articles.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In late 2012, the American Freedom Defense Initiative ran pro-Israel, anti-jihadist ads on trains and buses saying: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” The message faced fierce opposition and was widely condemned as racist and Islamophobic.
Fast-forward. In recent says, over a dozen Israeli men, women and children have been shot and/or stabbed. Four died. When one victim, critically wounded and running for her life, begged Arab passersby for help – random people who just happened to be in the area – they hit, spat on and laughed at her.
Hours later, a Palestinian baby was named after the terrorist who stabbed her. Sweets were handed out to revelers. And all this, without even mentioning the constant daily throwing of rocks and firebombs throughout the country. But remember, it’s uncivilized to call these people savages.
Beit Shemesh

I recently read about a traffic accident where a guy was arrested for not helping out at the scene. In the video of two of the recent killings, an Arab shopkeeper in Jerusalem’s Old City is seen calmly drinking his can of Coca-Cola while his Arab brethren kill Jews.
Shouldn’t this man be arrested for not doing anything? When the British had control over Palestine, and Jews like Menachem Begin made an underground war against them, the British responded by hanging or imprisoning our Jewish boys, and assassinating the leader of the Stern Gang in cold blood. Well, the Jews won; the British gave up and left the country.
Are we going to give up and leave the country to the Palestinians, or are we going to fight back like the British did, by hanging and killing them? We fight or we give up.
It’s our choice.

Temple Mount
When Moshe Dayan gave the keys for the Dome of the Rock to the Muslim religious leadership in 1967, many of us mistakenly considered it the generous gesture of a gracious victor, akin to General Grant’s treatment of General Lee at the end of the US Civil War.
The Wakf, though, treated this as a grant of sovereignty and proceeded to desecrate the Temple Mount in an attempt to obliterate its Jewish roots and block free access to Jews. (Israeli security forces shamefully have served as enablers of this behavior.) In addition, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, in his foolishly granted role as custodian of the holy sites, is making claims of sovereignty.
These erroneous claims are resonating in the Muslim world and elsewhere, so that Israel is viewed as the aggressor for entering its own territory. The incitement on this issue is now fostering harassment and terror attacks extending outside the Temple Mount area to the Western Wall, the Old City and beyond.
Israel’s leaders must realize that any accommodation is interpreted by Palestinian leaders and activists as weakness and a concession of our national rights – delaying, rather than promoting, any final agreement.



Hopefully, there is a special level in hell for those miscreants who turned the Temple Mount over to the Wakf after the Six Day War. As for King Abdullah’s dismay about the treatment of Muslims on the Temple Mount, he should be reminded that the armistice agreement of 1948 between Israel and the invading Arab states, including Jordan, specified continued Jewish access to the Western Wall – something that was never implemented by his grandfather or father in the 19 years Jordan held it. I am all in favor of the “status quo” – as it was in 586 BCE.