September 12, 2016: US presidential race

Should the Palestinians unwisely choose Hamas-led authorities during the forthcoming municipal elections – whenever they are held - the question of their funding should be raised.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
US presidential race
Should the Palestinians unwisely choose Hamas-led authorities during the forthcoming municipal elections – whenever they are held (“Palestinian court suspends elections,” September 9) – the question of their funding should be raised with the presidential candidates in the US.
The answer will give a good indication of what we can expect with regard to any “special relationship,” perceived or otherwise, between the US and Israel over the coming four years.
Tel Aviv
I keep reading about how many American media outlets are supporting US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and downplaying her opponent, the Republican Donald Trump.
First of all, I must admit that I am not a major supporter of Mr. Trump, and sometimes I do question his outbursts. On the other hand, I have received reports of the activities and backgrounds of both candidates and have come to the conclusion that Mrs. Clinton is a frightening prospect.
I sort of understood why the incumbent, Barack Obama, was elected the first time – he was so charismatic. But after four years, I believe it was purely media hype that earned him a totally undeserved second term. He has been a disaster for the United States.
I believe that a study of the records will show that a president who is good for the United States is also good for Israel. Clinton will be bad for the American people if she is elected, and therefore Israel will suffer.
We cannot interfere in the American political race (unlike the Americans, who try to dictate to us), but we should all be praying for a win for Trump, who seems to have a deep love for American citizens and should therefore be more beneficial to those of us here in Israel.
Petah Tikva
Dangerous Donald Trump could be a threat to US viability. He might try to assume dictatorial powers and abolish the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court. Some of his supporters are far-Right extremists. His candidacy is reminiscent of the fascists in Germany, Italy and Japan during the 1930s and 1940s.
Trump has unwittingly proposed to pull our troops out of South Korea and Japan if those countries do not pay for our aid. This will open up the Far East to Chinese and North Korean expansion. He might try to abandon NATO, thereby enabling Russian expansion in Europe. In addition, he doesn’t have a problem with countries acquiring nuclear weapons. He even encouraged Russia to spy on his opponent, Hillary Clinton.
Trump’s blunders could lead to miscalculations by totalitarian regimes and increase the possibility of war. Amazingly, he says he knows more about Islamic State than do our generals.
He appears to be unstable, shallow and disorganized, and he does not have the requisite knowledge or understanding of US and world affairs, nor the intellectual capacity to be president and commander in chief of the military. So vote for the socially liberal and fiscally conservative Libertarian ticket of Johnson/ Weld.
Londonderry, New Hampshire
Post-Zionist listings
The Czech Republic has set a good example (“Czech gov’t reverses decision to remove J’lem as Israel’s capital in textbooks,” September 8). It is a pity that The Jerusalem Post does not follow suit.
For several months now, your Billboard supplement gives Tel Aviv first place in its cinema listings.
This is incorrect not only politically, but also alphabetically. There can be no explanation other than somebody hewing to some post-Zionist line.
Wants details
In response to “Netanyahu, what would you have done if you were a Palestinian?” (Comment & Features, September 8), I would ask Daoud Kuttab how his new, liberated Palestinian state would defend itself against ISIS. If its citizens are threatened, will the government sit back and allow them to be attacked, or will it take preventative measures, such as protective boundaries and the jailing of murderous ringleaders?
Also, Kuttab should explain how this state’s “human rights” policy would apply to Jews (given that it will be judenrein), women and homosexuals.
For whom they toll
Israel has been disturbingly quiet lately. What are Netanyahu and his confederates up to?
Given that Russia has reestablished itself in neighboring Syria as a marquee client state, this development must be manifestly very disconcerting to Jerusalem. And there is still Iran. The American-Iranian nuclear-management agreement, along with other tangential issues going to the favor of the Iranians from the Obama administration, must also be quite disconcerting to Israelis.
The Israeli government obstreperously and vehemently objected to the finalization of this bilateral nuclear rapprochement. October is on the near horizon – and there is always an October Surprise from the Middle East!
Is Israel currently in the contingency/ planning stage to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure? When politicians, foreign and domestic, yell and scream about an issue, we know things are okay, but when these people suddenly go quiet and dark, something’s up. That’s when every alarm bell should be ringing.
Most assuredly, the bells are now tolling for thee.
Terre Haute, Indiana
Safe construction
With regard to last week’s collapse of a Tel Aviv parking garage under construction, instead of saying it could have been prevented, it would be better to say it should have been prevented, and that all such incidents should be prevented.
An architect can perform the functions of a principal agent in coordinating and supervising all activities to ensure that tasks are done properly. But an architect is not suitably qualified or equipped to provide the necessary confirmation and proof regarding the physical viability of a structure.
The Tel Aviv Municipality surely must have mechanisms that must be complied with – e.g., proof from a certified engineer that a structure has been designed and built in compliance with required standards.
Savings must be achieved through economical design, not a reduction in costs. I make these statements against a background in excess of 60 years in the construction industry.
Beit Shemesh
Disillusioned oleh
I am a relatively new immigrant to Israel and must admit that I get more confused day by day as to who is the boss. I am led to believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds the reigns, but the ultra-Orthodox drive the cart!
Every day, I am more and more perturbed when reading the newspapers and listening to the news, about how regularly blame is shifted away from the haredim and placed on someone else’s head. Why?
I have family who moved out of Jerusalem because of the restrictions imposed by the ultra-Orthodox on everyday life, including Shabbat. I was always under the impression that Israel was a democratic country, and the average person could do as he or she wished (within reason, of course).
Further, I am absolutely shocked and amazed that any sector of the population can be excluded from learning the rudimentary rules of reading, writing and arithmetic, and be excluded from some form of civic responsibility, even as a hospital orderly.
As you can see, I am a very disillusioned immigrant and wondering, too regularly, why I chose to settle here.
The newspaper/magazine She’arim, now defunct, was aligned with the Poalei Agudat Yisrael party, and not as stated in “Netanyahu, a victim?” (Editor’s Notes, September 9).