The war against antisemitism must be conducted on social media

The state of Israel must be proactive in the face of the surge in global antisemitism. This tidal wave must be stopped before it drowns us all.

Battling antisemitism with 21st century technology (photo credit: Courtesy)
Battling antisemitism with 21st century technology
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The recent surge of antisemitism is frightening. The World Zionist Organization [WZO] recently compiled data that reveals a sharp increase in the amount and level of hatred directed towards the Jewish people.
In the United States there was a 57% increase of  antisemitic incidents in 2018. Berlin police reported that  violent cases of antisemitism have tripled. In France, a 69% increase of antisemitic incidents was recorded.
Over half of the Jews in France - 58% - said they are afraid of becoming the target of abuse due to their identity. Nearly half the Jews in Germany - 47% - reported similar concerns and in Belgium the numbers - at 41% - are only a bit lower.
One cause of the increasing number of antisemitic incidents is the increasing role that social media play in our lives. The social networks have become weapons which fuel antisemitism around the world.     
In the past, antisemitism was based on religious and Christian dogma, especially the influence of the Catholic Church. Modern-day studies suggest that antisemitism is motivated by other causes, foremost of which is the prominent roles that Jews enjoy throughout the world, and what is seen as their dominant influence and wealth. In the past, the Jews in Europe were viewed as inferior and were mostly restricted from prominent roles in public arenas.
Another reason for modern-day antisemitism is the festering hatred on the European continent for foreigners due to the hordes of refugees and immigrants in recent years. It’s interesting to note that these refugees and immigrants are currently the most dangerous and central threat to Jewish communities in Europe.
Antisemitism is not only a dangerous disease, but could become contagious as well and infect more and more individuals who will be swept into its virulence, making life miserable for Jewish communities around the world.  
In times such as these, the expression, "All of Israel are responsible for one another” becomes very powerful. The state of Israel, which is the Jewish state, must work alongside all the large Jewish organizations and anyone willing to aid in the struggle to annihilate antisemitism.
To act means to go to war, a sophisticated and brave online war against those who spread poison on social media. Perhaps a special cyber-unit should be created to combat online hatred and thwart antisemitic activity. Every antisemite must realize that Jewish blood is not cheap and think twice before speaking or acting against Jewish people.
It will not be an easy task. It  will require resources, funds, manpower and coordination with countries and police units around the world. But there is no other way. This is our duty as the country of the Jewish people.
This is the call of the hour. The hatred must be stopped before it engulfs us all. The state of Israel cannot afford to rely on any other country in the endless battle against antisemitism.