Inside Israeli Innovation, Ep. 6 - Could fusion solve the energy crisis?

Fusion energy could have a significant impact on the environment. But is it a reality? III talks with Israel's first and only fusion start-up.

 The NT-Tao lab (photo credit: Yariv Weinberg, Simanim)
The NT-Tao lab
(photo credit: Yariv Weinberg, Simanim)

In this week's episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman, Deputy CEO of Strategy & Innovation, and Zachy Hennessey, business correspondent, talk about fusion energy - a hot topic as it is what many scientists and governments consider to be humanity's energetic lifeline. 

 A breakthrough in fusion will have a significant impact on the environment and geo-strategic and economic development issues.

To start, they interview Dr. Astorre Modena, a managing partner at Terra Ventures and physicist, who helps define fusion energy and explains why it has taken so long to develop it for civil society. Then, Maayan talks with Oded Gour-Lavie of NT-Tao, Israel's only fusion energy start-up, aiming to build a compact fusion device that will be scalable to power anything from a factory to an entire city.

Finally, Zachy talks to Raissa Hacohen, managing partner at Longevity Venture Partners, to discuss "silver tech," the term for start-ups developed by people over 65.

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