LIVE: Eynat Guez takes on "Unicorns with a heart"

The CEO and Co-Founder of Papaya Global on prospects for financial success and the potential to make positive changes in our society.

Eynat Guez, CEO and co-founder of Papaya Global Interview with Gidi and Maayan

Third episode drops July 19 at 17:00 Israel time | 11:00 AM EDT

The Jerusalem Post and New Era Capital Partners, one of Israel’s leading venture capital firms, have launched a six-episode podcast series entitled “No Limits: A New Era of start-ups.” In each episode, Maayan Hoffman, Deputy CEO - Strategy & Innovation of the Jerusalem Post, and Gideon Argov, managing partner and Co-Founder of New Era Capital Partners highlight promising Israeli start-ups that not only offer excellent prospects for financial success, but that have the potential to make positive changes in our society and help repair the world – “unicorns with a heart.”

The third episode of No Limits features an in-depth interview with Eynat Guez, CEO and Co-Founder of Papaya Global, the Tel Aviv-based payroll & payment software company that was recently named to the TIME100 list of the most influential companies of 2023 and is the first Israeli unicorn to be founded by a woman.


“The main mission of Papaya,” explains Guez on the podcast, “is to reinvent the way companies are processing payroll payments, making it easy and seamless to process a global workforce, from onboarding to payroll processing and payments in a way that makes it almost a “no-brainer.” 

Guez, who predicts that Papaya can become a $100 billion company, is passionate about her work and the company’s culture, which promotes diversity at all levels. She is equally passionate about her outspoken opposition to the government’s plans for judicial reform, and has expressed concern that the reforms, if passed into law, will negatively affect the business climate in Israel.

Eynat Guez, CEO and co-founder of Papaya Global (Credit: YANAI YEHIEL)
Eynat Guez, CEO and co-founder of Papaya Global (Credit: YANAI YEHIEL)

“I would say that I’m an activist at heart,” she says, “and I believe if you see something wrong and can help fix it, it is your responsibility to do so. I want to live here, and I want my kids to live here. I want us to ensure that we are doing our best effort to protect the assets that we have built in this country.” 

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