LIVE: The cybersecurity field is a constant race, says Suridata founder

Episode #4 of "No Limits", the Jerusalem Post-New Era Capital Partners Podcast.

Episode #4 of "No Limits" - Lee Kappon, co-founder and CEO of Suridata

Forth episode drops August 16 at 17:00 Israel time | 10:00 AM EDT

The Jerusalem Post and New Era Capital Partners, one of Israel’s leading venture capital firms, have launched a six-episode podcast series entitled “No Limits: A New Era of start-ups.” In each episode, Maayan Hoffman, Deputy CEO - Strategy & Innovation of the Jerusalem Post, and Gideon Argov, managing partner and Co-Founder of New Era Capital Partners highlight promising Israeli start-ups that not only offer excellent prospects for financial success, but that have the potential to make positive changes in our society and help repair the world – “unicorns with a heart.”

The forth episode of No Limits features an in-depth interview with entrepreneur Lee Kappon, co-founder and CEO of Suridata.

Lee Kappon, founder and CEO of Suridata. (Credit: ERAN LAM)
Lee Kappon, founder and CEO of Suridata. (Credit: ERAN LAM)

Suridata's SaaS Security platform enables organizations to secure the use of SaaS applications.

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service,” and includes all the solutions that allow users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet, such as email, calendaring, and office tools, but also more complex systems such as products for sales management, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, human resource management (HRM), billing and collaboration.

"I aim to ensure that global enterprises are well aware of the straightforward path to addressing their hurdles. It's essential for them to realize that safeguarding the utilization of SaaS applications need not be intricate, burdensome, or costly," stated Kappon. "My goal is to convey that we provide an effective solution, while also instilling the sentiment that we are genuinely compassionate individuals."

Gideon Argov, managing partner and co-founder of New Era Capital Partners (Credit: ELAD MALKA)
Gideon Argov, managing partner and co-founder of New Era Capital Partners (Credit: ELAD MALKA)

Suridata’s platform identifies risks of misconfigurations, third-party integrations, and users' access. Once risks have been identified, the platform provides remediation guidelines according to best practices and security frameworks.

Kappon described the cybersecurity field as a constant race.

“New technologies mean new gaps to close, and new ways that attackers can manipulate their way into an organization’s system,” she said. “Our goal is to always stay a step ahead.”

For this reason, the entrepreneur explained that Suridata’s research team is constantly working.

“It is crucial to identify new threats, how they can be exploited by hackers, and how to reduce the risk to zero,” she said. “In addition, it is important to understand what is important to the business you are helping and how to prioritize. Cybersecurity is a constant race, but this is what I love about it because it is always changing and requiring us to think differently and innovatively.”

Established in 2019, Suridata has raised over $11 million and currently employs some 32 people.

“I have never really considered the possibility that my startup would not succeed and I do not consider it now,” Kappon said. “I know that many companies do not make it, but I always think that this has nothing to do with me.”

This article was written in cooperation with New Era Capital Partners.

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