Berlin: A whole new city

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 41

 Berlin TV tower  (photo credit: MarkDavidPod)
Berlin TV tower
(photo credit: MarkDavidPod)

In this episode :

  • The very naked truth of the bare essentials
  • Marking the Shoah in the heart of the city
  • David Hasselhoff: From Baywatch and Knight Rider to Berlin-Wall hero
  • Putting gourmet food in the heart of an Israeli-German Prism
  • Putting a new face on a royal palace
  • What was life like over the Berlin Wall in the communist East?
  • Berlin's latest virtual-reality experience
  • Ever wondered how a TV tower restaurant rotates?
  • Auf wiedersehen from the top of the world 

Credit: @MarkDavidPodCredit: @MarkDavidPod
David Hasselhoff Museum (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)David Hasselhoff Museum (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)

Mark and David were guests of Visit Berlin and the German National Tourist Office.

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