Two Syrians evacuated to Israeli hospital in Safed

Civilian in serious condition, suffering bullet-wounds to chest; medical institutions treated over 20 Syrians sent over border.

Ziv hosptial situation room_311 (photo credit: Ziv Hospital)
Ziv hosptial situation room_311
(photo credit: Ziv Hospital)
Two Syrian nationals wounded in battles across Israel's northern border were transferred for medical treatment in Ziv Medical Center in Safed on Thursday, Army Radio reported.
According to the report, one of them is in a serious condition after suffering bullet-wounds to the stomach and chest. The other is in a moderate condition.
On Wednesday, a wounded Syrian civilian, who was transferred to the IDF at the border, was treated at Ziv Hospital in Safed with a note written in Arabic pinned to his clothing describing his medical condition.
According to the note, the man had spent two days in a Syrian hospital. He is the first wounded Syrian to be treated in Israel after first receiving medical treatment in the country plagued by a nearly two-year-old civil war.
Ziv Hospital director Dr. Oscar Embon commented that the patient was in very serious condition and transported by the UN to the IDF for continued treatment in Israel.Dr. Amram Hadari, head of the Ziv trauma unit who was involved in treating the patient in Safed, said that the man underwent a “damage control operation” in Syria.
“It was elementary. I don’t know what means of treatment the Syrian doctors had, but they saved his life. Here, he underwent another operation to treat the wound in the liver, sew up the diaphragm and drain fluid from the chest area. After the surgery, he was sent to our general intensive care unit,” Hadari said.
Last Thursday, security personnel at Ziv Medical Center in Safed evacuated the emergency room and trauma unit after a stun grenade was found in the pocket of one of two wounded Syrian nationals who were transferred to the hospital earlier in the day, Channel 10 reported.
Police said the grenade had been safely disposed of following the evacuation. 
Israeli medical institutions have so far treated 20 Syrians sent over the border.
A report released on Thursday stated the death toll in Syria reached at least 93,000 at the end of April, but the true number of victims from the violence now in its third year may be much higher.

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