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Forex Profit Multiplier Review - An Inside Look
The integrity of a product can be measured by its creator. As for Forex Profit Multiplier, you have none other to thank than Bill Poulos. Check out our review of the Forex Profit Multiplier.
Forex trading systems have been growing in number over the past decade. What started out as a chaotic and deafening pit full of aggressive brokers and traders in floor exchanges has now become an online business and pastime activity for many retail and commercial participants. One popular forex system is Forex Profit Multiplier, which was created by Bill Poulos.
What's interesting about this particular product is that Poulos claims to have spent a hefty $20,000 to develop it. Engulfing such cash in its development should merit at least the slightest amount of curiosity as to where it all went. Is it really the Holy Grail of its time? Does it contain the most accurate formula for winning consistently in Forex? Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand if Forex Profit Multiplier is the right product for you.

Who is Bill?

The integrity of a product can be measured by its creator. As for Forex Profit Multiplier, you have none other to thank than Bill Poulos. A graduate of University of Michigan, Poulos carries an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance.
Bill has been an active trader in the Forex market for 42 years now, beginning his successful career in 1974. Over the years, Bill has designed dozens of trading systems from the ground up. In 2001, Bill started his company, Profits Run, Inc, to teach others of his systems and methodologies in trading the forex market.
Instead of the long and perplexed learning curve that people have to go through to learn how to trade forex profitably, Bill intended his product to allow novice and intermediate traders to bypass the rigorous process and get down to the bare essentials of earning in the market.
Alongside Poulos is his son and partner, Greg Poulos, who is in charge of marketing and technical support. Bringing his son on board only shows how dedicated the family is to providing a high-end product for its clients.
Both the product's and Bill Poulos' website are both professional-looking and trustworthy. Upon visiting Forex Profit Multiplier's website, you can find all the information you need to know about both the product and the company behind it.

As an Educational Course 

Now let's go into the meat of it, which is the Forex Profit Multiplier system. As mentioned earlier, the development of the system took an astounding $20,000 to develop, which is something rare in trading systems.
In a nutshell, the Forex Profit Multiplier is a home study course that includes a CD tutorial. Contained in this CD-ROM is Bill's unique trading methods plus a full color reference manual to walk traders through step by step. You also get a 12-page Quick Start Guide and a range of physical and web-based tools that help you develop as a trader. This includes in-depth tutorials, modules, charts, group coaching online, and even access to the creator himself and his trading group.
In terms of value, getting this many tools is an absolute bargain and a risk worth taking for novice and intermediate traders alike. There is also a 24/7 available technical support on standby for clients who experience problems with the material or have questions regarding certain parts of the system. The lifetime access to Forex Profit Multiplier's website also adds value to the product. Members can use the website to acquire more information or to socialize with other traders.

As a Trading System

Forex Profit Multiplier is half educational resource and half trading system. The Automated Setup Identifier and Trade Trigger features allow traders to keep track of actionable setups across multiple pairs with ease. As a client, you get the trade alerts either via SMS or email.

Is it Worth it?

It depends on what particular aspect of your trading business you want to learn or develop further. Forex Profit Multiplier includes videos that offer new time-tested and proven trading methods. If you are completely new to the industry or wants to get better with a more robust system, then yes, the product is well-suited for you. Traders who do not wish to change the system in which they acquire signals to trade won't find much use for the product.

How Much is it?

Forex Profit Multiplier belongs to the higher-end trading products sold online. A trader will have to cough up almost $2,000. You can either pay full price or in 3 installments of $797. The trading firm offers a 60-day money back guarantee, giving you some confidence that your hard-earned cash is protected.
While $2,000 is a big deal, especially for novice traders who have limited capital to spare, it's something to think about if you really want to boost income using forex while avoiding the onerous task of learning everything from the ground up.

Pros vs Cons

Obviously, Forex Profit Multiplier's main asset is its features. You get a variety of educational materials and an automated trading system bundled into one package. As you learn the strategies, you can execute the right trades with the Forex Profit Multiplier.
An apparent hindrance to getting the product, however, is its price. Costing almost $2,000, it's a serious investment that not everyone can commit to. In fact, that same amount can be used for opening a standard account and trading standard lots.
You can test out the system by requesting for a 60-day trial period. You can download the software through Bill Poulos' website under the Products section. It's a good way to gauge whether or not Forex Profit Multiplier is a good investment.


Overall, the Forex Profit Multiplier stacks up well against competing systems on the market. It's developed by an experienced trader and supported by the right technical group. It's also got an impressive myriad of information disseminated in the form of video tutorials, modules, and charts. If you have second thoughts about the product, take it out for a spin with the 60-day trial period and make your decision afterwards.

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