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Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of November 18, 2016
TIP FOR THE WEEK: You need more space and quiet emotional time to do your best work this week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You are so busy planning, plotting and putting the pieces of the puzzle together that you may have forgotten simply how to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends. Try leaving your work at the office and locking it away once you get home.

Money and financial matters are definitely on your mind and soon you will have the answers you are seeking. The middle portion of this week is the time to focus on your career.

HINT: Your relationship with an earth sign is stronger than ever and it is always a joy when you two are together.


You usually have an unlimited amount of patience but lately your patience is wearing thin. You are so ready to make your move, take center stage for a change and just catch the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You have your eye on the goal and, don’t worry, all will work out even better than you had imagined.

It just might take a little more time than you had planned. Financially all is well and moving in the right direction.

HINT: Your relationship with an elder member of your family is surprisingly getting better and better as you have found just how much you enjoy spending time together.


A good week for enjoying the company of close friends and family. You are always ready to lend a helping hand and are a valuable member of the team. Although you may not feel particularly fulfilled at work this week, you are well aware of all the positive pieces which make this package a gift. Financially you are holding your own but may find it difficult right now to find much at the end of the month to put away for later.

HINT: A conversation with a fire sign will be not only interesting but will help you both to reach a closer level of understanding.


As busy as you are, you have finally decided to put some time away each day for yourself. It doesn’t have to be much…quality not quantity is what matters. Financially things are finally picking up but that does not mean, however that you can splurge and soothe your soul with some serious retail therapy.

Your family is always uppermost on your mind and even though they may not say much, they are well aware and appreciative of all you do for them.

HINT: Whenever you can, try to work on a special project. Dreams sometimes really do come true.


A lot of nervous energy will keep you going this week but soon you will need to get off the merrygo- round and catch up on some much needed rest. Working overtime has its merits and the need to be in control is fine up to a certain point. After that, you simply need to find people you trust who can help you to transform your vision into reality. Financially you may be pushing your luck.

Remember to pace yourself and put some away for those lean times.

HINT: The time is ripe for arranging some important meetings. The people you come into contact now will have an impact on your career.


You rarely take your eye off the goal and can multitask while managing to file away important data you may need in the future. People are attracted by your charm and positive energy right now and soon you will have some answers to the questions you are dealing with. Former colleagues are interested in maintaining contact and you will be pleasantly surprised by an offer which is on the way. Financially all is under control but you are still playing catch-up after the unexpected expenses over the last couple of months.

HINT: Time spent with a female member of your family is just what you need to relax and spend a peaceful evening.

MAY 21-JUNE 21

You continue juggling professional obligations and persona commitments and soon you will get fed up enough to make a few changes in your life. There is no one holding you back from chasing your dreams but you yourself and when you are ready you will make your move. Financially things could be worse but they also could be better.

HINT: An in-depth conversation with your partner or mate will help you to see things from a different angle and together you can work out some of the problems which have been holding you back. You share a great level of trust and understanding which is the envy of some of your friends.


You can’t seem to get up and go lately.

Instead you prefer staying at home more doing what makes you happy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and actually it has been a long time coming.

Between your long work hours and your devotion to your family you have been running ragged for a very long time. Not only physically, but financially as well. You have no qualm about spending on the people you love but when it comes to pampering yourself, you are content with a meal out with friends or a good book to read.

HINT: Financially things are looking up!


Once you get started you are a force to reckon with and this week is no exception.

Between family, friends and colleagues, your days will be full and your evenings pleasant. It has been quite some time since you felt this content. By the middle of the week you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and get back to some serious work. Financially if you are careful you may be able to put something aside this month for a planned trip in the coming months.

HINT: A creative week is expected so prepare accordingly.


Don’t climb so high up that tree that you won’t be able to come down. It is all well and good to take a stand for what you believe in but once you cut the connection between yourself and someone close, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to retrace your steps and take it back. Instant gratification could end up costing you dearly. Financially you are a little stressed right now but you knew it was coming and have prepared.

HINT: Trust your partner or mate and listen to what they have to say. This is definitely a person you can speak openly and freely to.


There is peacefulness you are feeling which has been a long time coming and was definitely worth the wait. Although you continue to be slightly stressed over finances, even that can’t destroy how grateful you are for all you have. So many people turn to you for advice as you have the uncanny ability to see things from all sides and yet maintain not getting involved with either. A conversation with a family member who lives far away is always a joy and soon you will begin making plans to get together in the future.

HINT: A quiet weekend with your partner or mate is the perfect end to this week.


When in doubt trust your intuition. Sometimes facts are not enough and you need to take a step back and listen to your inner voice. When dealing with finances this week you may find it worthwhile to arrange a meeting with your financial advisor and be prepared to ask and answer some serious questions. When reviewing your past you will be happy to see many more happy times than not. It is when you acknowledge the fact that the glass is really half full that you sit back and appreciate who you are today.

HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for socializing this week.
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