Ariel, the Jerusalem mermaid is not from here

Ariel the mermaid is not from here. She lives here in Jerusalem among human beings. She is half woman, half a water creature. She can breathe under the water as good as she can breathe here on earth. Ariel the mermaid is at her best when she is in, close to, or surrounded by a body of water. When in her element, Ariel is at her best.

In Jerusalem at times she feels dried up. Something within her ceases to move. And in this lack of inner motion, she stagnates and withers.

But today is a festive day, as Ariel the mermaid decided she would take a stance. Ariel decided to start her own blog and share her condition with fellow mermaids, as well as with women and men. Today is a festive day. Ariel is celebrating the beginning of her new blog, marking the end of her solitary confinement. From today Ariel will be sharing her life, and her understanding of it, from her perspective. This is her gift to humans, so that we widen our seeing through hers.

Today is a festive day, as one woman "The Weaver" decided to bring Ariel's voice out to the world, and mediate between Ariel and us, so that Ariel the mermaid could communicate her condition.

Fellow mermaids have swum from close and far in celebration of the occasion. I hear them singing in tune, "Ariel is coming." And with Ariel's coming, their voice too, will be heard and communicated which is an excellent reason, for the fellow mermaids to be doing these jumps of elation, splashing water with their tails, and utter unheard sounds of excitement and anticipation of all that lies ahead.

There is yearning, accumulated communal yearning to speak up, to be heard, to matter. A yearning for inclusion.

The mermaids' voices have been unheard by us humans for so long. We could not make sense of their utterings, and their language was not understood by our ears. But now, Ariel the Jerusalem mermaid is here to change this, and speak up, be the voice, channel that being for all to hear.

Today, Ariel and "The Weaver " are ushering a cooperation between them towards a seeing of history, through a much different set of eyes, whose wisdom, knowing and seeing had been cut off from human history for so very long.

Ariel has come forth and "The Weaver" will be her partner in communicating Ariel's seeing and voice with all those who are open to receive it.

So much for tonight dear ones, I will be back again soon.""

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