10 Best Background Check Sites

 (photo credit: SHAWN)
(photo credit: SHAWN)

How will you know the person with whom you are going to marry is not some criminal? Don’t worry! The answer to your questions is in this article, where we will be telling you the 10 best background check sites.

Suppose you want to know about someone’s background history, past criminal record, employment history, or even educational record. You can get all this information from  background check services by checking anyone’s background history.

Now you will think that is there a totally free background check? It depends on the policies of companies. One company provides basic information free of cost, asks for payment for in-depth details while others give free time-based trials. Here, we have listed some best background check websites along with their specifications.

And here are the top 4 recommendations.

Instant Checkmate

Now let us learn about Instant Checkmate. This web app is a public record search service. It is useful for people who want to know about a new suspicious neighbor who doesn’t look friendly. In other cases, you can search for the background history of your friend. This app provides you the facility to search for an unknown caller who is calling you again and again. It can make you feel curious and want to know about him before it is too late.

You can do  a background check and get the first name or last name, address, and even the location of the individual. Instant Checkmate itself arranges the data in chronological order. It also provides comprehensive reports to the user. 

Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency as per FCRA, so it should not be used for employment decisions. It may give you quick results but sometimes provide incomplete information.

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TruthFinder can provide you all truth related to the target, and the name justifies this too. It is synchronized with many databases and public search services. Hence, the data provided by this website is always authentic and valid with countless results.

It benefits its premium users in a way that the data provided to them is gathered from both public and private databases. Using TruthFinder, you can get unlimited data of the target from social media profiles to photos to monitor everything. Not only this, if there are any police cases against the target, this software will let you know that too.

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It is best for background checks because it checks all the boxes. This system will tell you all the possible relationships of the target. No other platform provides this information. The background check also displays the entire location history, including their history of Zabasearch and the top places they have visited in the past.

Go to TruthFinder for detailed background check



Nowadays, there are many agencies that can do background searches on your behalf. Running a background check through agencies is a time-consuming and costly process. The easiest and quickest way of performing an online background check is to use the reliable CocoFinder tool. 

CocoFinder is one of the best background check site that provide free of cost data of the target. A user account is not the requirement of CocoFinder because it does not compromise the privacy of anyone. You can search your target while being anonymous. It provides fast data search results and superior accuracy when compared to any people search engine.

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Upon search, CocoFinder can deliver a person's address history, employment history, licenses, and criminal history. Also, you can check the public registry for sexual offenses to protect yourself from any convicted sexual predators. Last but not least, you get a comprehensive list of civil records of the person.

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If you are looking for a web application that can perform a background check and provides reports that are easy to read, Intelius is certainly your answer. With the help of this app, you can learn about the age, phone numbers, Zabasearch, relatives, and DOB of an individual. You can search the background of the target through email address and also through social media.

Photo credit: ShawnPhoto credit: Shawn

Its features include information about the target's relatives. This will help you to know whom the target is in contact with. You can get the information related to criminal activities in which the target was involved. You can also get data about the assets of the target if he was involved in any bankruptcies or the court judgments related to the target's past cases.

Everything comes with its pros and cons. The disadvantage is that the system won’t allow you to download the reports or can’t arrange reports in chronological order.

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If you are looking for a system where you can search the background on a daily basis, then PeopleFinders must be your choice. PeopleFinders does not provide unreliable data to its user; that's why social media data is not provided.

With this incredible technology, you can find people based on several different details. For example, You can find someone’s name just with a phone number.  With billions of public records in its database, PeopleFinders will give you the freedom to search for anyone and everyone at no cost to you. An all-inclusive database contains names, phone numbers, and Zabasearch, as well as a host of other valuable information.

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The disadvantage of PeopleFinders is that this site does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency.  So that user can not completely depend on the data. Such as employment or rental services. The information available on their website may not be comprehensive, 100% accurate, or up to date.



Zabasearch is a background check company offering consumer-generated criminal background of people from its desktop and mobile version. It induces a set of good features and settles a combination of tech and obsolete functions that provide impressive and in-depth information.

Zabasearch’s data is gathered from different sources, including federal, state, and local public records repositories, FBI and local crime data. Also from US census data, consumer reporting agencies, commercial business data, financial institutions like banks and credit unions, social media accounts, and court records.

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Zabasearch delivers a general report that may include the following information: names and known aliases, age and date of birth, current address, phone numbers, possible relatives. It also provides the target email Zabasearch, criminal history information, sex offender information. Zabasearch also provides the following information such as court records, marriage and divorce records, available photos, tax records, social media profiles.


US Search

If you are a resident of the USA, then you need a US Search because it gives detailed and truthful information as it uses the information from public search and database of the USA. The amount of data you obtain through the search is quite massive. You can check the background of anyone who lives in the USA, but it would not help you if you are trying to search outside the United States of America.

If you search only with the name, it will give you the complete data. Data includes phone numbers, address history, household members, home values. On the other hand, if the search is made using the phone number of the target, then the software provides other details, such as name, his address, social media accounts, employment history, and financial dues.

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Upon search, you can instantly get the target's court records, criminal data, financial state, job history, sex offending history, and social media profiles.



InfoTracer provides online public records and record searches available today. Infotracer is one of the few online services that facilitate instant access to an extensive database of over 2 billion public records. Its substantial, industry-leading data coverage is generated from over 3,500 states, municipal, and federal sources.

InfoTracer is very easy to use with its in-built and general search forms, instant results and provides up-to-date information. Searching for the basic information is free of cost; however, to get the full report, you need to subscribe to the services. The subscription is not difficult, but it’s low on pocket and very convenient.

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You can get information that includes current and previous Zabasearch, phone numbers, email Zabasearch, social media profiles. Data on arrests and warrants, conviction and disposition details, misdemeanor charges, mugshots, jail records, and police records is also provided. You will be able to access bankruptcy filings, legal judgments, criminal court cases and traffic court cases.

But the data on its website may not always be accurate and does not guarantee accuracy.



People who are looking for a free background check website that can provide complete detail of the target should choose SpyDialer as their choice. It is a free online application through which the user can search for personal information and contact details of a person just by a single click.

If you are disturbed in day and night by the prank calls and unknown people keep on messaging, then you should really need SpyDialer. It provides all the necessary information that includes email, residential Zabasearch, office Zabasearch, and phone numbers. After getting the complete knowledge of the target, you can make them stop doing this.

Photo credit: ShawnPhoto credit: Shawn

The drawback of using SpyDialer is that all the Information comes from public data sources, which may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or otherwise wrong. Use of this website should be at your own risk. It makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of this data or service.



If you are looking for an app for a background check for your small business, then GoodHire is the one. GoodHire, as the name speaks for itself, checks the background of the people you are about to hire in your company so that you don’t hire any mysterious or cryptic mistakes in your company.

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Not only before employment, you can also check the background of your employees from time to time. This would maintain the discipline in your company. It would reduce workplace accidents as the employees, because of the fear of checking, would not involve themselves in criminal activities.

It is a consumer reporting agency. Its background checking service is compliant with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). This means the data you will obtain from GoodHire will be true, and no information will be missed. The disadvantage that comes with GoodHire is that its search functionality is not that good.



Through this article, we tried our best to facilitate the people who want to know about background check websites. These applications solved the major issue of checking the credibility of a person. This problem was faced by many people and different organizations. After using this facility, you can easily find out the background of your new employee, a new friend, or any shadowy neighbor with just one click!

The article contains details related to the mentioned background checking web applications, along with the pros and cons. By reading this article, one can easily select the perfect system that fits best in their requirement.