2 Best Gold IRA Companies Compared: Augusta Vs Goldco

 2 best gold IRA companies (photo credit: PR)
2 best gold IRA companies
(photo credit: PR)

A gold-based IRA should be among your top choices for securing your retirement funds from inflation and market fluctuation.

Gold has recently proven to be a reliable investment option when compared to the erratic stock market. Due to this, an increasing number of retirees are adopting gold IRAs to diversify their portfolios and shield them from rising inflation and market volatility, two factors that will likely consume the majority of investors in 2023. 

Getting a gold IRA custodian, identifying an authorized depository to keep your gold, and understanding the IRS tax regulations on gold IRA accounts can make setting up a gold IRA a difficult procedure. As a result of this difficult process, most investors are flocking to reliable gold IRA companies to handle these processes for them. 

The top gold IRA firms provide specialists in self-directed retirement savings who can help you with account setup, precious metal acquisition, and navigating the procedures for tax code compliance. 

In order to help you with your decision-making, we've investigated the best gold IRA providers in America and put their information below. We assessed each gold IRA provider based on a variety of factors, including reputation, costs, the procedure for selecting precious metals, and feedback from previous clients. 

Below are the 2 top gold IRA companies of 2022 and beyond if you're preparing to use precious metals to secure your retirement. 


2 Best gold IRA companies of 2022:

1. Augusta Precious Metals holds the #1 spot as "Most-Trusted Gold IRA Company in the United States"

augusta-ira-company (credit: PR)augusta-ira-company (credit: PR)

The best precious metals investment group in the United States of America is Augusta Precious Metals.  The company has hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of outstanding customer ratings.  Joe Montana requested the help of his finance team in locating the best gold IRA company, and they recommended Augusta. He started working with them and became a patron as well as a compensated brand ambassador.

He participated in an open 1-on-1 webinar organized by the company's economist, who was trained at Harvard University.  This webinar is available for everyone to watch. Augusta assists customers in navigating the precious metal industry without hitches and acts as the "protectors" of the sector. They even created video guides like "15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold" and "10 Big Gold Dealer Lies" to show you what to watch out for when investing in gold. They have simplified, open, and legal procedures for each of their clients to follow.

What does Augusta Precious Metals Offer?

They offer assistance to investors who want to diversify their investments using self-directed Roth and traditional IRAs. Also, they will assist you in getting the right custodian, transportation, and storage that will be safe and secure for your gold or any precious metals.

Physical Gold, Silver, bars and coins, and other precious metals are some of the services Augusta Precious Metals provides for customers wanting to add precious metals to their retirement plans. From Augusta, these three silver coins are obtainable: 

  • American Eagle
  • Canadian Soaring Eagle and 
  • Canadian Maple Leaf

Additionally, Augusta offers a range of gold coins, such as: 

  • United States Eagle 
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • American Buffalo

Gold and Silver Purchases - Augusta Precious Metals provides cash purchases for investors who want to possess other precious metals apart from an IRA.  

To fit any budget or circumstance, they offer a variety of bars, coins, and rounds, as well as storage alternatives. To give you additional flexibility for your investment, Augusta is among the few firms that allow you to choose a different storage and custodian company. They do advise their clients to choose from their preferred custodian and preferred storage facility for their assets. The rationale for this is because they already trust these facilities-making your investment more secure. 

Several factors make Augusta Precious Metals stand out from all other companies that are into Gold IRA:

Firstly, since its launch in 2012, they have received outstanding reviews and evaluations from users and trade monitoring groups. Most of their customers choose them repeatedly, making the company a base of repeat clients.

Second, they pay careful, understandable attention to educating people about gold IRAs. They provide a special one-on-one webinar and have an informative website that helps most of their customers navigate the industry easily. 

Lastly, they have integrated honesty and transparency into the core of their operations. And there is nothing more important in this 2022 than having an honest and reliable company to secure your future. 

Customer Feedbacks

For the whole duration of your account, Augusta Precious Metals has a long tradition of offering first-rate customer support. In addition to receiving numerous favorable ratings and reviews from clients, they also hold memberships in the American Numismatic Association, an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau, and AAA reviews from the Business Consumer Alliance. They were also named "Most Trusted united states" by IRA Gold Advisor.

The business receives a sound 5-star rating from TrustLink, and they have a 4.9/5 customer rating on Google. They have received both 4.8 of 5-star ratings on Consumer Affairs and Facebook. These evaluations of Augusta's services come from reviews left by past customers.

 Better Business Bureau
  • 4.97 Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 100 reviews
  • 5.0 Rating  
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
  • Based on 278 reviews
Google My Business
  • 4.9 Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Based on 221 reviews
Business Consumer Alliance
  • AAA Rating
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 85 reviews

What is Augusta Precious Metals Process?

Step 1: Augusta representatives' education division will enlighten you on gold IRAs, such as costs, pricing, the economy, and how silver and gold can greatly expand your investments and act as an inflation hedge. The best aspect of Augusta is its unwavering commitment to customer service. They will remain by your side for the entire duration of your account to give you any assistance required. Sign up to Augusta 1 on 1 educational web conference here >

Step 2: A dedicated IRA department assists you with account opening, account funding, and storage setup. In addition, Augusta makes it simple for their clients because they handle all or the majority of your paperwork.

Step 3: Once your account has been funded, you are given access to the silver and gold desk of Augusta, where you can explore the various metals and develop a portfolio of precious metals for yourself.

Step 4: After making your purchase, you will be contacted by the department in charge of confirmation to validate your purchase. Augusta ensures that your purchased metals are sent to their destination safely after being purchased.

What Are The Benefits of Working With Augusta Precious Metals?

  • ✅ Named “Most-Trusted Gold IRA Company” by IRA Gold Advisor; “Best of TrustLink” 6 years in a row.
  • ✅ Thousands of 5-star ratings and hundreds of excellent customer reviews
  • ✅ This is the company Joe Montana and his team chose over others
  • ✅ Rated A+ with the BBB and AAA with the BCA.
  • ✅ Preselected gold and silver coins to choose from.
  • ✅ Competitive bullion pricing
  • ✅ Free transit insurance and shipping for qualified orders.
  • Up to 10 years of ZERO fees reimbursed to your IRA in premium Augusta silver coins.
  • ✅ Account lifetime support, for assistance far beyond the first transaction.

Augusta Precious Metals Phone Number: 844-917-2904

Augusta Official Website

Unique, free one-on-one educational web conference designed by Augusta’s on-staff, Harvard-trained economist (A must attend)

Augusta free educational Gold IRA Guide:


Goldco is one of the leading IRA companies in the United States. Since its inception in 2006, the California-based gold company has assisted thousands of retirement savers in diversifying their portfolios through the use of precious metals. Customer service is one of the things that distinguishes Goldco from other precious metals IRA providers. 

What does Goldco Offer?

Goldco has served thousands of customers over the years, and a quick look at their online reviews will give you a good idea of how those customers have felt about them.

Goldco is a brokerage firm specializing in gold, silver, and other valuable investments. As a brokerage firm, Goldco collaborates with the custodian company that will physically hold the client's assets.The following silver coins are available from Goldco:• Silver bars• Silver American Eagle coins• Silver Lucky Dragon coins• Silver Maple Leaf coins

As for gold coins, Goldco offers high-quality coins such as:• Gold American Eagle gold coins• Gold Freedom and Hope coin• Gold Maple Leaf coins 

Goldco’s Celebrity Endorsements

In addition to their happy customers, Goldco has the backing of a couple of prominent celebrities. Sean Hannity and Chuck Norris both act as brand ambassadors for Goldco. Both are known as men with strong convictions.

Even if they are paid by the company and not financial experts, it’s good to know that a familiar face is willing to put their name behind Goldco’s products and service. Online reviews can come from anyone, but these are people you already know.

Customer Ratings

Goldco is among the top-rated Gold IRA companies in America. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating and guarantees complete satisfaction. They also have a long history of providing excellent customer service and protecting their clients' investments, earning them a 4.89/5 rating from their customers.

Why Choose Goldco?

  • ✅ Goldco provides accessible storage for your gold and other precious metals for as long as you own them.
  • ✅ The company also supports Gold Backed IRA
  • ✅ Goldco has a team of experienced specialists with over a century of combined investing experience.
  • ✅ It provides complete transparency about its history, policies, and procedures, among other things.
  • ✅ Goldco provides exceptional customer service and educational materials to existing clients.
  • ✅ With Goldco, you get to enjoy smooth Gold IRA Rollover process

GoldCo Official Website

Goldco Free investment Kit:

 Request Your Free Kit (credit: PR) Request Your Free Kit (credit: PR)

Gold IRA Companies Summary

Overview of the Best Gold IRA Companies
Augusta Precious Metals
  • 5-star ratings, A+ BBB rating
  • Joe Montana & team chose them
  • Webinar & educational materials
  • Free guide, free shipping
  • Help avoiding scams
See offer →
  • 5-star ratings from 1000+ customers
  • Free e-book on precious metals investments
  • A+ BBB rating
See offer →

Advantages of a Precious Metals IRA

Investors may decide to convert their retirement funds into precious metals IRAs for a variety of reasons, such as uncertainty about the stability of the stock market and the dangers of future inflation. Investment in a precious metals IRA has several benefits, some of which are listed below:

IRA Offers Security

Precious metals are a risk-free and secure way of investing your money for the future. Precious metals are not related to any sort of financial institution or even the stock market in contrast to other kinds of investments. They are, therefore, a safer investment choice, especially in times of economic instability. Also, precious metals are like physical goods that may be kept in a safe place, like a bank vault. Other investments cannot offer an equal level of security similar to this.


By investing in various assets, you're spreading your risk while also protecting yourself from the instabilities of the market. You have access to a variety of investment alternatives through the IRA, enabling you to design the perfect portfolio you want. And since the account has an advantage in terms of taxes, your money will grow even more quickly.

The cost of gold is constantly on the rise.

More people are investing their money in gold because the price is increasing. Though most people aren't even aware, they can enjoy all the advantages of a gold investment without even buying any gold. And this is achieved by making an IRA contribution. A form of retirement savings account called an individual retirement account (IRA) enables you to invest in many other types of assets, with gold inclusive.  And now is a great time to create an IRA because gold prices are rising.

The benefits of purchasing gold through an IRA are many. To begin with, the value of your IRA will increase as the price of gold increases. Moreover, precious metals, compared to other retirement plans, IRAs may offer a better return on investment (RoI). Finally, the intrinsic value of precious metals is unaffected by economic changes. As a result, their value will constantly rise, irrespective of what the economy or stock market does.


Your money is easily accessible when you need it provided you have liquidity. This is essential, especially if you need to invest urgently in another sector or pay for an unforeseen bill. With liquidity, you won't need to sell any of your assets or take out loans to solve these problems. IRAs also provide flexible withdrawals. You are free to take out any small or big amount of money you need at any time without any strict restrictions. In contrast to other forms of retirement accounts, which usually have stringent withdrawal restrictions and penalties, this one does not. You are not penalized if you remove money from a precious metals IRA for any reason. 

Financial stability

Investing in an IRA is one of the best things you can do for your future. Because these types of investments are a sure way to have a good return on investment, by securing your financial future, you will be protected from any downturns in the economy which will happen; just a matter of when. Gold prices usually increase during times of recession or turmoil, suggesting that your investment will grow in value over time. Due to its classification as a retirement account and consequent eligibility for specific tax reductions, an IRA also offers tax advantages. To help you safeguard your financial future, investing in precious metal IRAs is often a prudent choice. 

Tax Advantages

The IRA offers several tax benefits that help in reducing your tax liability. The only time you'll pay tax is when you withdraw them since the account is tax-deferred. You can save considerably more because the money grows without you paying a dime for tax. There are additional benefits provided by IRA that will be beneficial for you in terms of tax evasion.  For instance, you can reduce your contributions from your taxable income, and if your income is higher, you can take advantage of a Roth IRA's tax-free growth potential. 

How to select the ideal gold IRA company for your requirements

Regarding gold IRA firms, there are lots of options available for you. The question is, how can you choose the best option from the numerous options? What you need specifically will determine your choice. So here are some tips to guide you:

• Research your topic. Before choosing a company, make sure to read testimonials from their customers and evaluate them.

• Keep your budget in mind. Some businesses have more expensive fees when compared with others. Before making a choice, decide on the amount you are ready to spend on fees. 

• Think about your investment objectives. Some companies focus on specific goals without mixing. Make sure that the company you select is in line with your investing objectives.

• Make inquiries. Before making a choice, ask a corporation all questions you may have so that you'll fully understand each step. 

• Get suggestions. Find out which company people who have invested in a precious metals IRA will recommend by speaking with them.

Frequently asked questions

What Is the Cost to Open a Precious Metals IRA?

The best method of purchasing precious metals now is through IRAs. But some people are not aware starting one comes with costs. The one-time registration charge is between $50 – $150, but it depends on your account size. Also, you'll be paying between $50 – $150 administrative or custodial fees annually. So, weigh these fees before making a gold investment. Furthermore, there are costs related to buying and keeping gold bullion. However, if you invest a certain amount of money in a gold IRA, many companies may waive these charges for you. 

What Kind of Gold Should I Purchase for an IRA?

There are many things to consider before purchasing a specific gold for an IRA. Purity, which is measured in karats, comes first. As the purity increases, the more valuable the gold is, the higher the karat, and the more people will want to buy it when you're selling.  Weight is next in consideration; it is expressed in Troy ounces. Form, which is the actual physical shape of the gold, is the next factor. More commonly, bars and coins are the two forms of gold utilized in IRAs.

Can I Store My Precious Metals IRAs At Home?

Your precious metals IRAs cannot be kept at home. The Internal Revenue Code, which is responsible for principles guiding IRAs, does not allow anyone to keep their IRA at home. So, if you are keeping your precious metal at home, you are going against the rule.  Precious metal IRAs must be physically held by an IRS-approved custodian or financial institution, as required by Internal Revenue Code Section 408(m). And If you keep them at home, you can be charged fines and taxes. Additionally, secure storage will guarantee the protection of your investment. Consult a financial counselor if you have any concerns regarding where to keep your precious metal IRAs. 

Overview of the 2 Best Gold IRA Companies
Augusta Precious Metals
  • 5-star ratings, A+ BBB rating
  • Joe Montana & team chose them
  • Webinar & educational materials
  • Free guide, free shipping
  • Help avoiding scams
See offer →
  • 5-star ratings from 1000+ customers
  • Free e-book on precious metals investments
  • A+ BBB rating
See offer →

*We may receive a referral fee from some of the companies featured in this article. This is not a financial advice. Refer to a professional for investment advice.

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