3 Tips for Business Owners to Keep Networking While Traveling During the Pandemic by Jaime Manteiga

 (photo credit: JAIME MANTEIGA)
(photo credit: JAIME MANTEIGA)

While it is a good idea to keep traveling at a minimum right now, if you need to do so for business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Networking and traveling during the pandemic can be a safer and easier experience if you follow a few tips. Here is what business owners like Jaime Manteiga, founder of TapTok, are doing right now to keep networking while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a COVID-19 Test Prior to Flying

This is an important errand to remember before traveling, particularly if you are going international on your business trip. Many countries require a negative COVID-19 prior to entry. Most of the requirements require you to receive a negative certificate that is provided within 72 hours of your flight. Ideally, you can get your test done in the morning two days before departure so you can have it in time for your trip. If you want to play it safe, print out a few copies of the negative certificate and take them with you. 

Bring Plenty of PPE

Make sure to bring enough PPE (personal protective equipment) on your trip. This normally means face masks and hand sanitizer. There may be regulations you need to follow that involve having a face covering, so you will want to keep things going as smoothly and seamlessly as possible while traveling. You may also want to bring some disposable disinfecting wipes to make sure your seating area on the plane is disinfected and safe. You could also get a window seat to avoid having people on both sides of you. 

Swapping Paper Business Cards for TapTok

Paper business cards were a basic networking tool for business owners for centuries. However, once COVID-19 happened, people suddenly became wary of exchanging things like a business card. Thankfully, business owners can still network while traveling and do so safely with the help of TapTok. Created by 30-year-old Jaime Manteiga, this is essentially a "smart" business card that uses contactless tap NFC technology to transmit contact information to a recipient's smartphone. You can also affix a TapTok Dot onto your smartphone or another surface to easily and safely share your contact details with someone else via their NFC-enabled device. 

Get Educated on Local Safety Mandates

Depending on where you are heading to network and conduct business, you will come across different mandates, regulations, and even laws regarding COVID-19 measures. These may include curfews, social distancing, mask-wearing, and more. When you educate yourself on what is expected or required at your destination, you will avoid any uncomfortable conversations with authorities, and even avoid potential arrests. 

You Don’t Have to Stop Networking

Even though times have changed and there are new things to keep in mind while traveling and networking, you can still network with other clients, businesses, and stakeholders. When you keep these three tips in mind, you can make sure that even a pandemic can’t stop you from growing your business. Jaime’s TapTok Card has become an increasingly sought-after networking tool that replaces the need for business card, which are key in networking for many small businesses.

When you are armed with a TapTok Card, PPE, a negative COVID-19 certificate, and knowledge of local mandates at your travel destination, you can ensure your traveling and networking can be as safe, easy, and effective as possible.