5 best hidden spy apps for Android devices

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(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Are you ready to upgrade to a first-rate hidden spy app for Android? Get prepared to track the smartphone activities of your child, spouse, or employee while being completely invisible. In this review, we will examine the best hidden spy apps for Android that won’t stab you in the back. These 5 monitoring applications will be your great undetectable companions.

Why May You Need Hidden Spy Apps? 

There are numerous reasons why you might want to avail yourself of hidden spy apps for Android. Most spyware apps offer various perks that can be useful for both individuals and businesses. Below are just a few of the benefits: 

  • Keeping children safe from hazardous content, people, or places without them knowing.
  • Spying on your partner’s Android to view calls, text messages, and browsing history while remaining unseen. 
  • Monitoring employees’ online activities during business hours to ensure they spend time productively. 
  • Preventing your Android from theft or loss and tracking its location discreetly. 

If you decide to use a hidden app to spy on Android, make sure to review our favorite picks and choose the one that fully satisfies your needs. 

How Does a Hidden Spy App Work on Android Devices? 

Spy apps for Android provide users with direct access to a target device. A hidden spying software secretly gathers information from Android devices and allows one to see chat messages, photos, videos, GPS location, and much more. The collected information can be accessed through a secure online account. 

Hidden spy apps for Android collect data without disclosing users to target phone owners. They can be hidden upon installation either automatically or manually. Nobody would suspect any spying activity because such tools run in the background without interrupting the performance of other applications. 

Top 5 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android 

We’ve tested multiple spyware tools and are offering you 5 top-rated paid and free hidden spy apps for Android worth a try. We’ve compared these platforms from various aspects to help you spot the most fitting option. All of these Android spy apps run discreetly in the background without leaving a track. On top of that, the monitoring apps are concealed by such unsuspicious names as System Updates, etc., which give no clue about their actual purpose. 

uMobix: New Best Hidden Spy App for Android with Improved Features

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As a monitoring application packed with unique features, uMobix has all chances to lead the way and stay ahead of the competition of top undetectable spy apps for Android. Despite being released in 2019, uMobix rapidly gained wide recognition for its smooth performance and set of perks. 

This newcomer hidden spy app for Android has revolutionized the monitoring experience. It covers many tracking features, well above just seeing messages or GPS. uMobix provides users with advanced web browsing tracking. Unlike other Android spy apps, it can show you a complete Incognito surfing history. Also, uMobix regularly takes screenshots to see what’s going on in social media apps for Android.  

uMobix is one of a few Android spy apps that come with enhanced GPS monitoring and allow one to follow the precise location at any time. 

uMobix is concealed under the generic name ‘Play Service’, which gives zero chances for anyone to detect it. This best hidden Android spy app is a perfect formula of good old monitoring functions and brand-new perks offering a better experience. 


  • Full tracking of phone calls and messages (outgoing, incoming, erased, missed)
  • Access to multimedia files 
  • Monitoring content on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, TikTok, Tinder, Youtube, etc.
  • Screen snaps
  • Online status 
  • Keylogger with detailed timestamps 
  • Real-time geolocation tracking 


  • Easy installation process
  • Tracking without crashes and interruptions 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Incognito-mode searches 
  • Advanced browsing history monitoring 
  • Quick data synchronization 


  • No geofencing 
  • No content filtering options 

iKeyMonitor: Powerful Hidden Spy App for Android with Call Recording

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iKeyMonitor claims the top-rank spot for the best-in-class spy phone app for parents, with its reputation for a wide array of benefits and total invisibility. All you need is just to install the application on your child’s phone and enjoy its streamlined performance. The application runs in stealth mode preventing your child from unveiling the spyware. 

From controlling screen time to recording the keystrokes typed on Android, iKeyMonitor does its job really well. Additionally, the application captures screenshots at any time to let you see what a monitored person is doing. 

Unlike most spy apps for Android, iKeyMonitor records the surrounding sounds. You will be able to hear every single word your partner, employee, or child is saying, which is truly impressive. 

iKeyMonitor offers a limitless free trial with access to some of the features. So if you want to use hidden spy apps for Android free of charge, iKeyMonitor is your best choice. 


  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • Real-time screenshots 
  • Social media activity tracking (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Hangouts, WeChat, Tinder)
  • Voice messages recording 
  • Location tracking and geofencing 


  • No root is required unless for Snapchat and Hangouts
  • Free trial and free download
  • Listen to surrounding sounds
  • Responsive customer support


  • Limited features in the free plan, add-ons require a fee
  • Quick battery drainage 

Cocospy: Top-Rated Hidden Spy App for Android Without Root 

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If you are looking for a hidden app to spy on Android and social media activity, don’t skip Cocospy. The speed and easiness of installation are critical aspects. In our latest batch of testing, Cocospy prevailed with its automatic installation, which takes no more than 2 minutes. 

Cocospy runs quickly and supports commonly known social media apps. Besides, it displays deleted messages which is a real gem for partners or parents. Where rooting is concerned, we sincerely deem it one of the most reliable hidden spy apps for Android without root. The problem is that many Android spy apps offer a limited feature set for an unrooted version. This is not the case with Cocospy. You can enjoy most of its features without the need to root an Android device. 


  • Call and SMS monitoring 
  • Keylogger 
  • GPS tracking
  • Web surfing monitoring 
  • Social media tracking 


  • Free demo version 
  • Quick installation process 
  • Fast synchronization 
  • Most features available without rooting 
  • Access to erased messages 


  • No call recording 
  • No free download 

eyeZy: Simple Android Spy App for Parents 

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With all the complex advancements that some spy apps offer, it may be a bit tricky to get how they work. ‘So what is the best hidden spy app for Android that provides basic things?’ you might ask. The answer is eyeZy. It offers only the most crucial features, which are enough to monitor smartphone activity. The application appears as Update Service on the monitored device and is hard to detect. 

Alongside that, eyeZy gives the possibility to track keywords and notifies users once a certain word has been typed. It’s a robust spy software when it comes to recording keystrokes and recording the screen. 

But the most impressive feature is its WiFi tracking, which not every spy phone app can boast. With this awesome feature, you can literally track where your child is, even with GPS disabled. 


  • Multimedia files tracker 
  • Screen recording
  • Webpage blocking
  • Keystrokes tracking 
  • Browser history 
  • WiFi monitoring 


  • Free demo and 7-day free trial
  • Intuitive dashboard 
  • Feasible keyword monitoring 
  • Real-time updates


  • Geofencing may not work properly at times
  • Lacks listening to someone’s phone conversations remotely

XNSPY: Android Spy App Offering Value for Money 

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XNSPY is a hidden spy app for Android that has a reasonable quality-price ratio. This spying app is a perfect choice if you want to view photos, videos, and chats on your child’s Android device. It sifts through multimedia files stored on a smartphone and identifies images with potentially harmful content. 

XNSPY also helps keep your children protected from unwanted website visits by filtering tabu webpages and notifying parents of any attempt to access such pages. You can also set screen time to prevent your child from smartphone addiction. 

This undetectable smartphone spy application has also proved incredibly powerful in terms of Android remote control. This feature allows one to observe the surroundings and delete anything from the smartphone. 


  • Call logs 
  • Screen time limit 
  • Access to multimedia files 
  • App blocking
  • Geofencing 
  • Web surfing history
  • WiFi history 


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial, only a live demo
  • Affordable subscription 
  • Records surrounding sounds
  • Daily reports 


  • Taking screen snaps is possible only on rooted phones
  • Monitoring various apps requires rooting (Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Viber, WhatsApp, YouTube, Tinder, etc.)
  • Slow data sync according to user reviews

How to Start Using uMobix Android Spy App?

Smashing it as our top hidden app to spy on Android overall, it’s undeniable that uMobix is an outstanding tool that gives unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Still, you don’t have to be a tech guru to start using it. The installation process is super easy: 

  1. Sign up and purchase a subscription plan. 
  2. Get an APK link to your email. 
  3. Follow the installation guide and disable Play Protect on the target Android device.
  4. Enter the link on the monitored device and download the application. 
  5. Install a downloaded file. 
  6. Hide the tool. 
  7. Clear browsing history and delete an APK file. 
  8. Complete installation and enjoy real-time tracking from any browser. 

See, there is nothing complicated, and anyone can install uMobix on Android. 

Final Thoughts 

There are literally hundreds of hidden spy apps for Android, but not all of them are worth your time. We have tested these 5 monitoring tools to help take the guesswork out of choosing a worthwhile application. Hopefully, our review helped to spot the best hidden Android spy app matching your requirements. Enjoy monitoring! 

This article was written in cooperation with SpyPhone