5 best sites to buy Instagram followers & likes safely and instantly

No need to break your bank and wait a century to gain Instagram followers. Here are five awesome companies that sell safe, legit, and instant followers

  (photo credit:  likes.io)
(photo credit: likes.io)

There is no doubt that social media has permanently changed the landscape of business. It democratized marketing and granted free access to all: from small business owners to world conglomerates.

Various platforms have steadily developed and grown in users throughout the years. More platforms are growing in popularity and activity with each passing year, and even more, will follow in the future.

Their developers will find Instagram hard to beat, though. Recent statistics suggest that the platform enjoys one billion active users each month, a far cry from the engagement that its fellow photo-sharing social media networks get.

To put it into perspective, the same report states that Twitter only has a reachable audience of 353 million.

The big question, though, is how you can get those one billion users to notice your profile, and more importantly, to drop a follow? The answer is simple, and you need to set a precedent and buy Instagram followers. The good news is some sites will surely help you in this regard.

Buy Instagram Followers From These Sites


When it comes to increasing Instagram social engagement, Likes.io is easily the best. For many Instagrammers, it is the best site to buy Instagram followers with its wide range of packages suitable for any need, preference, and budget.

Followers are not the only form of engagement that Likes.io offers, and you can also buy likes and auto likes from them. However, they have not extended their services to other social media platforms, which is a blessing and a curse.

After all, their focus on Instagram gives them increased expertise on the platform, but, on the other hand, it means that users can't enjoy their services on other sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Benefits: Why you should choose Likes.io

Likes.io offers two main types of followers: high-quality and premium. Regardless of your choice, both will give you real followers.

These two categories are further divided into multiple packages depending on the number of followers you want to get. These packages range from 100 to 25,000 followers.

It’s easy to sign up for their services. Just select the category and package you want to avail and provide them your Instagram username and email address. You can then expect instant delivery after you have made your payment.


Aptly named, Followers.io is another leading source of genuine and legitimate Instagram followers. Similar to the previous featured company, they also solely focus on Instagram and offer three types of engagement services: Instagram Likes, Instagram Views, and of course, Instagram Followers.

Benefits: Why you should choose Followers.io

Followers.io only offers eight packages, but like Likes.io, these plans also range from 100 to 25,000 followers. The procedure is also quite similar, where they will also only require your Instagram username and email address.

You can expect an almost instant growth of followers after you have settled your payment. Do note that “almost” here means you won't get the followers immediately. Instead, they will trickle in gradually. This is because Followers.io offers real follows from real people, which can take some time to deliver as opposed to other companies that provide bot-sourced engagement.


Not only is Stormlikes.net known for their Instagram services, but they also offer engagement for other social media platforms. Their wide range of services includes Twitch, Tiktok, and Facebook, to name a few.

It's the recommended platform of choice for many users, especially those with other social media accounts that need boosting. As for their Instagram services offer four: likes, auto likes, views, and of course, followers.

Benefits: Why you should choose Stormlikes.net

Like Likes.io, they offer two major product categories: high-quality followers and premium followers. Each category is then divided into eight packages ranging from 100 to 25,000 followers.

They also guarantee Instagram-compliant followers coming from real accounts along with instant delivery.

For many users, the best part of dealing with Stormlikes is their customer service. They have three channels, namely a live chat (available on weekdays), email, and a contact form that you can access through their website 24/7.


Social Viral is also a leading social media marketing company where you can get Instagram followers. Much like the previous companies mentioned, they have also dedicated their services to Instagram engagement offering likes, views, and followers.

Benefits: Why you should choose Social-Viral.com

What sets Social Viral apart from others is the flexibility of its services. They present their customers with two options. You can either contact one of their specialists to create a plan tailor-made for your needs or choose from one of their pre-designed packages for more convenience.

They have split their Instagram Followers services into two major categories: high-quality and premium. Don’t worry, though, because regardless of what you choose, Social Viral guarantees that you will only get organic followers that won’t put your account at risk in any way.

They have six high-quality follower plans ranging from 100 to 5000 followers. Meanwhile, they have four premium follower plans ranging from 500 to 5000.

If your budget permits, it's always best to invest in premium followers, as this is the package of choice for many users. Also, doing so will give you followers guaranteed to interact more with your posts. Finally, Social Viral will also give you 30-day refills to ensure follower stability.


Finally, there's no forgetting Stormviews - one of the oldest providers of genuine IG followers. Like the others, they are also an Instagram-focused social media company, providing three types of engagement services: likes, views, and followers.

Benefits: Why you should choose Stormviews

The main charm of Stormviews lies in the three major follower categories they offer: high-quality, premium, and managed growth. All of them will give you real followers, people with actual Instagram accounts, and no bots and scam programs that can potentially get your account banned.

Their managed growth program, however, is unique. Unlike all the other follower services discussed featured so far, this is the only plan that won’t give you instant results.

Instead, Stormviews will help you build an authentic community of followers with the help of their social media experts and AI technology. The results are impressive and long-term.

The Secrets To Unlock Instagram

So, have you chosen the best site to buy Instagram followers yet? Doubt you have. Anyways, that is only the beginning of your social media journey.

According to Neil Patel, it will take more than buying followers to unlock Instagram’s full potential. He suggests increasing the length and quality of your posts, especially your videos, as well as interacting with other accounts. The best part is all of his proposed steps can also get Instagram followers.

Wishing you all the best for your future social media campaigns!