7 Blockchain Startups Transforming the Digital World

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Blockchain is a new technology that has emerged and is changing every day. It has evolved and is expected to move ahead in varied aspects of life. It will take time as it is not a quick process, and by the year 2023, only 10% of the traditional companies would transform radically through blockchain technology, as per the Gartner reports. It has also been predicted that the global blockchain market will become worth USD 23.3 billion, with an impressive growth CAGR of 80.2%, as per MarketsandMarkets.
Many industries will drive the growth as mentioned above for transparent and faster transactions across the industries of financial services, banking, and insurance. Based on the growth pattern and the emerging start-ups, which seem promising in the blockchain market have had a discussion below.
Seven promising and innovative Bitcoin and blockchain start-ups 2020
Blockchain is a new trend that many companies are trying to implement technology in their projects. Some companies have also started functioning on the blockchain basis. So, based upon it all some of the start-ups which issued their currencies are,
Field Coin
Based in London, it is a platform that applies blockchain for connecting landowners with crowdfunding investors. Quick & inexpensive, with the application of blockchain, the corporations and individuals are having the transfer of land properties easily. It is one of the first projects which built a decentralized marketplace for land property management, and the blockchain system has eased up the transaction between the parties. Fieldcoin aims to bring blockchain technology to the transactions of land property and projects of agricultural crowdfunding.
It is one player blockchain solution based in Ahmedabad. The company ensures secure, efficient & traceable solutions that are cost-effective. The SenseQue provides services on-time with no hidden charges or any other extra costs for the customers. The solutions provided are powerful, and it leverages a perfect combination of AI, IoT, and blockchain technology. The company combines technology, data science, and strategies for addressing complex business challenges.
It has been expected, the blockchain by the year 2025 would account for 10% of global GDP and bring in tremendous opportunities for the businesses. But the most important thing that would be required for its implementation will be the awareness and best possible use of blockchain without scalability and linearity issues. It will need tremendous research, and this is where this Hyderabad-based company has come to a bigger picture with the views of blockchain, helping the businesses to leverage the technology and to improve the ROI. The company also provides consultation services information technology, digital currency exchange, business outsourcing, mobile, and web application development, and much more in addition to the blockchain.
The company's research and development team are also working with varied government organizations and academics, across the Middle East and Southeast Asia, for creating trust and removing the section that inhibits business growth. Recently the company was also forayed into the farmland real estate. Siddharth the mission for helping the farmers effectively manage using the blockchain technology, their farmlands. With the plethora of solutions, the company works to improve traceability and transparency in the entire supply chain process.
Legal Nodes
It is a London-based start-up that provides to the corporations, a distributed ledger technology legal services using the cryptocurrencies. Compare laws and regulations is possible using this platform for the organizations which are willing to have this comparison of varied countries concerning cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The platform provides a support feature, where the companies can get advice regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
Based in Bengaluru, it is one of the emerging examples of the solutions to blockchain technology and service providers. The company is already in the process of providing and developing new solutions using modern technologies. They are integrating the blockchain with artificial intelligence and IoT, which appeared to be new concepts. Advanced cybersecurity solutions are being worked upon too.
The company provides customized solutions and has partnered with the Indian government blockchain association and is working as a planner and implementer partner.
Bitcoin Revolution
It is based in the United Kingdom. It is a trading tool that makes trading bitcoin easy. This platform is the first blockchain technology to use a fully automatic robot to track the crypto market and make very accurate predictions using sophisticated trading algorithms . The platform has also enabled complete traceability, to the point where the buyers and the investors can be connected.
With its base in Zug, this is a fintech company that offers democratized credit scoring evaluation methods related to blockchain-based. Using this, the users get an ID, which in actual serves as an all-around the World financial passport. This project aims to design the tools for the people who do not have access to banking, ensuring they have greater access over the micro-financing. To convert this process into reality, the individuals and the small firms would need a credit scoring mechanism that is viable and can serve as a trusted agent between the borrowers & the lenders.
So, if one is planning to invest in a blockchain start-up, the list, as mentioned above, can prove to be the best choice. But one must remember proper research is required before putting in the money.