7-Figure Shopify Success Story Bailey Knight Shares How He Made His First Million During Lockdown

To understand how Bailey was able to pull this feat off, we have to backtrack almost a decade to when he was just 16 years old.

 (photo credit: BAILEY KNIGHT)
(photo credit: BAILEY KNIGHT)
The lockdowns in Bailey Knight's home in Wales have been rough on a lot of people. The economy understandably took a nosedive due to thousands of businesses deemed "non-essential" having to close their doors. Ever the visionary, Bailey decided to jump into the world of ecommerce by creating an online store using Shopify. From there, he put in the hard work and ended up making his first £1M+ revenue since lockdown started.

To understand how Bailey was able to pull this feat off, we have to backtrack almost a decade to when he was just 16 years old. Back then, he was working his first job at Frankie and Benny's. He did this for five years before moving onto something different. Once he was 21, he started working for Integral UK, and did so until he was 23.

It sure seemed like Bailey was going to do what most people do, which is give their time for benefiting someone else's company in exchange for a little bit of money. If he was lucky, he might get to retire with enough money to live out his sunset years decently. However, a decision Bailey would make that year would put him on a completely different path.

Successful entrepreneurs speak a lot about having a mentor who can inspire, motivate, and teach you how to become more successful in life. Bailey found that mentor in Jay in many ways. This was someone who was already working online and making a living doing so. Seeing this is what flicked a light on in his mind. He immediately felt like this was what he also wanted to do.

Bailey first befriended Jay and began to better understand how Jay does what he does and succeeds doing so. Pretty soon, he became pushed to quit his day job and pursue running his own business. Quitting his job was a big decision for him at the time, since it would mean he would be responsible for his own success, through and through. However, Bailey decided the risk was worth the reward.

At first, Bailey took the more strategic route. He didn’t immediately quit his job and start developing his ecommerce business from the ground up. Instead, he kept making money at Integral UK while working on his new venture during his spare time, which meant at lunch breaks, at night, and in the mornings.

Soon enough, he had established his Shopify store well enough so that it was starting to bring in revenue. That is when he felt the risk was low enough for him to exit the world of working for someone else.

Today, Baily reaps the rewards for bold risk-taking while focusing on an area that is growing in popularity.