7 reasons why Dubai is the best yacht party destination

  (photo credit: Webster Fernandes)
(photo credit: Webster Fernandes)

Yacht parties are becoming popular by the day. Combining luxury with enjoyment, yachts are now in great demand throughout the year to host events of all kinds.

Dubai, with its stunning Arab waters and modern cum traditional architectural marvels, has become one of the most preferred yacht party destinations over the decade. Over the past few years, the emirate has entertained tourists from around the globe with its outstanding yacht services.

This post will list why Dubai is one of the best places for hosting yacht parties.

Luxurious cruises with the best deals

Dubai offers luxury with the best deals. As the city has been carved to attract tourists from around the globe, the services, stay, and everything else that a traveler might look for is of premium quality. And when it comes to yachts, it is no different.

Dubai waters are filled with 30m small yachts to 200m super yachts that slay. The party host can choose the best cruise that goes with the theme and the number of people who will join the party. As the options are plenty, you can pick the best deals that suit your needs.

Moreover, the rates are seasonal. The prices go up during the winter or when grand events are happening in the city, like the Grand Prix or Dubai Expo. The best deals are to be chosen after you study the rates available throughout the year.

Beautiful sights to behold

Dubai is spectacular during the day with its amazing sparkling waters and glorious land, filled with lively streets and buildings. It is even more beautiful at night, with all the lights screaming the city's grandeur. Sailing on a yacht amidst the life-brimming moments of the night is enticing.

You can view the historic Dubai Creek, the marvelous sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the busy Dubai Marina. The list is endless. Dubai never ceases to amaze its visitors with its mystic and modern sights. Getting to absorb these sights from a yacht is a wholesome experience.

Entertainment of all sorts

A yacht party is also different in terms of the fun facet of the event. Unlike a usual gathering in a building, yachts have a lot more to offer. In Dubai, yachts give you the pleasure of enjoying water sports. Some of the most common are:

  • Waterskiing
  • Jetskiing
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Wakeboarding

Apart from watersports, there are DJ parties. Cinema and many other activities make a yacht party in Dubai fun and fascinating. 

Yacht Rental Dubai has a collection of luxurious yacht rental packages, inclusive of watersports. Choose the ones that you want to explore. 

Cuisines from different parts of the world

As tourists from around the globe visit Dubai, almost all yacht services come with international cuisines. From authentic Arabian delicacies and the spiciest Indian dishes to sweet French pastries, Dubai’s luxury cruises can give you anything you wish.

Once the party theme is decided, the host can ask the yacht rental company to provide a list of delicacies that can go with it. The company will also meet requests for extras if something out of the ordinary is needed.

A tranquil sailing experiences

Even during a party, the tranquility of the environment matters. In Dubai, you can have a good sailing experience without disturbances from outside. The gathering can have its space with a spectacular view of the coast of Dubai. No other yacht experience can match the vibe of a yacht party in Dubai.

Pleasant weather throughout the year

Dubai is known for accommodating tourists irrespective of the season. Even in the hottest summer, yachts are rented for get-togethers and parties as these luxury yachts have facilities that keep the hotness at bay. The ultra-luxurious interiors will not let the passengers feel the heat in any way. 

As summer fades, the weather becomes pleasant. This is the best time to have a yacht party as it would not be too hot. As winter approaches, Dubai takes a touch of the European climate, making it all the more welcoming for having a Christmas party or a New Year event.

The best yacht rental company in the UAE

Dubai is the land of yachts. The marinas and seas are filled with luxury cruises of various sizes. Yacht Rental Dubai, UAE is the most popular yacht rental company in Dubai. The company offers a wide variety of luxury yachts in size, type and itinerary. Get in touch with Yacht Rental UAE and book your charter today.

Credit: Webster FernandesCredit: Webster Fernandes

What all to look into before chartering a yacht for a party in Dubai?

You can have a splendid party with a yacht rental Dubai company, provided you have enough details before booking your cruise. Do keep in mind the following to make your booking hassle-free:

The duration of the party

Mention the number of hours that you need the yacht for. The company will charge based on the duration of the event.

The party themes

The theme can be birthdays, weddings, new year, holiday events, get-togethers, or any special event. The company will set the decoration according to the host’s requirements.

The count of people who would attend the party

The host should mention the number of people so the company can manage the arrangements. The more people, the more things the company has to take care of.

The kind of entertainment you need

Convey your idea of entertainment. You can choose between DJ parties, watersports, live events, and many more. 

The cuisine of your choice

Choose the delicacies that best suit your taste and match the party theme.

Make sure to convey all the preferences to the company so you can have the perfect vessel to help you host the party of your dreams. 

This article was written in cooperation with Matt Schifrin