9 reasons skorts are better than skirts

  (photo credit: Mathew prince)
(photo credit: Mathew prince)

There are many reasons why skorts for women are life-changing. From allowing them to move around more freely to livening up their wardrobe, the simple piece of clothing has made life easier for women worldwide. Skirts are feminine but limiting. Skorts, on the other hand, fix everything that makes skirts uncomfortable. 

Differences between skirts and skorts for women

As the name implies, skorts are a fusion of skirts and shorts. It is the combining of the two favorites in every woman's wardrobe. The most significant difference between a skirt and a skort is the cloth between the legs. Skorts are considered the practical alternative to skirts. 

Skorts grew in popularity with GenZ bringing back the trend through social media trends. Wondering why you should join the bandwagon? These 9 reasons could convince you to throw in a skort or two next time you shop.

  • Practical and functional
  • Comfortable for the everyday
  • Feeling confident
  • Suitable while traveling
  • Enjoy your favorite sport in your favorite skort
  • Wear them to any event
  • Perfect for school
  • Versatility at its finest
  • Pockets

Practical and functional

Despite being an iconic piece of feminine clothing, skirts have never been a girl’s best friend. Riding a bike or playing tennis, skirts are very impractical. There is nothing more inconvenient than running errands in a skirt. 

Skorts are designed to help women stay chic without worrying about their outfits every time they move. They aren’t restrictive and let you go about your day nonchalantly. 

Credit: Mathew princeCredit: Mathew prince

Comfortable for the everyday

There is no reason to sacrifice comfort for style anymore. Skorts are the best of both worlds. Women are often required to wear shorts under their skirts to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Skorts for women, therefore, are an answer to all their prayers. The attire is easy to don and extremely comfortable.

Feel confident

Wearing a skirt on a windy day is a bold decision. Skirts are more prone to wardrobe malfunctions compared to shorts and skorts. Skorts are sportier and a safer option any day. Comfort inspires confidence, and skorts do precisely this. 

Suitable while traveling

Airport looks rarely consist of skirts. Skorts, however, can be added to your travel wardrobe as they are comfortable and convenient. Out sightseeing in a new city? A skort is your best companion. The garment keeps you covered up and stylish effortlessly.

Enjoy your favorite sport in your favorite skort

Skorts are the holy grail in athleisure. They are easy to play around in, making them a staple item in every sportswoman’s life. Athletic skorts are available with almost all popular athleisure brands. Tennis players like Serena Williams are often seen wearing skorts to their matches. 

Wear them to any event

Skorts can be worn on almost all occasions. They are modest and weary of mishaps. From a fun trip to the amusement park to a picnic at the park, skorts are a reasonable choice. They can be paired with cool sneakers, boots or accessories to create a more exciting look.

Perfect for school

Skorts are a step in the right direction for young girls who enjoy playground games. Monkey bars, swings or see-saws, skorts make it easy for kids to play and be positively carefree. Most schools design their school uniforms to include skorts for girls. This helps them stay modest and comfy. 

Versatility at its finest

Even though skorts made the most significant impact in activewear, a wide variety of skorts are being designed today. Skorts can be worn to parties, family gatherings, and even the office. Style your skort with a formal suit jacket to make it perfect for that crucial meeting. 

Credit: Mathew princeCredit: Mathew prince


Skorts come with pockets, which is reason enough for women to purchase a pair. Pockets add to the outfit’s functionality and make it more convenient for the wearers. 

How to style skorts for women?

You can style skorts with simple shirts and coats to make them suitable for any occasion. Skorts come in different fabrics, lengths and styles. According to your preference, you can pick and choose what style suits you.

Make DIY Co-ord Set

Find a top that is the same color as your skort to create a co-ord set. Co-ord sets rose to popularity during the pandemic and remain in fashion today. A skort co-ord set will look professional while maintaining comfort.

Long tops or tees

Pairing your skorts with long tops or tees will give you a casual look. It is the ideal everyday outfit you can wear to college or grab a snack with friends. This look can be playful and fun when worn with jewelry and sandals. 

Wear it with your bikini 

While kimonos and scarves are preferred over skorts as a beach companion, you can wear your skort to look more sophisticated. The outfit will make you look stunning as you lounge by the sea or at your hotel pool.

Twirl around in your favorite skort!

Denim or leather skorts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Style them correctly, and you are sure to turn heads. 

Skorts for women mean comfort. They are clothing items that have made life easier for women worldwide. Skorts may not seem like a revelation, but there’s no going back once you have found your favorite pair. 

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