A Busy Week in the US: Rabbi Pinto Meets with Billionaire John Catsimatidis

  (photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)
(photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)

Dozens of classes in Torah and ethics; meetings with admors, rabbis, businessmen, and diplomats | The Admor Rabbi Yoshiyau Pinto ends a busy, Torah-filled week in the US | The Admor will spend this Shabbat at his residence in Morocco with hundreds of students.

A marathon of Torah classes and meetings with admors, rabbis, diplomats, and business magnates in New York: The Admore Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto spent the past week in New York where he delivered dozens of classes in Torah and ethics, which were broadcast live to thousands of social networks and designated websites.

The quarters of the Admor Rabbi Pinto were especially packed yesterday. In the morning, he received a visit from the Greek-American billionaire, John Catsimatidis, who arrived with a delegation of American businessmen for consultation with Rabbi Pinto and to receive his blessings.

Catsimatidis is currently building the tallest skyscraper on the west coast of Florida, and he is engaged in several deals involving numerous industries. Rabbi Pinto praised him for his great deeds of kindness and his concern for the needy and underprivileged: “Whoever does good, receives good,” said Rabbi Pinto to Catsimatidis. “You good attributes have been passed on to your children. G-d will send you blessings beyond the natural,“ added Rabbi Pinto as a blessing for the American billionaire.

  (credit: CHAIM COHEN) (credit: CHAIM COHEN)

Later on the Admor of Nikolsburg and the Admor of Lizhensk arrived in Manhattan to meet with Rabbi Pinto. They spoke about Torah and Hassidism, and of the teachings from the righteous tzaddiks of the Abuhatzeira and Pinto lineages. During the discussion, Rabbi Pinto raised the subject of the religious innovations spoken of by his elder, Sidna Baba Sali, whose 39th anniversary of his passing, as well as the passing of his son, Baba Meir, both of blessed memory, was marked last week.

Towards evening, Rabbi Pinto received the Polish Consul General in New York, Adrian Kubicki. The Consul General was welcomed at the residence, where he spoke about his country’s determined struggle against anti-Semitism. He acknowledged International Holocaust Remembrance Day that occurred this week and said that “every year we remind ourselves again that we cannot be complacent in the face of anti-Semitism and evil. It is the duty of each and everyone of us, even in modern times, to eradicate hatred and division.”

Rabbi Pinto delivered a blessing to the Consul General and gave recognition to Poland’s extensive activity in aiding the Ukrainian refugees, including thousands of Jews who had to flee their homes from the battle scenes in Ukrainian cities. “In merit of Poland’s kindness, you will receive blessings and abundance,” Rabbi Pinto told the Consul General.

After his USA trip, the Admor is expected to fly to his residence in Morocco’s capital, Rabat, where he will spend Shabbat with hundreds of his students who will be arriving from Israel, Britain, the US, Italy, and France.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel