A new star in Jerusalem’s firmament

  (photo credit:  Lumo)
(photo credit: Lumo)

Jerusalem is much in demand by people who want to make the captal their home. This is true for local Israelis as well overseas buyers, especially Jews from the Diaspora who want to live in the historic center of the Jewish world.

This is especially true for religious Jews. For them, the holy city is much more than a historic center. It is also the spiritual and religious center of Judaism, with some of the world’s most important Jewish sites, such as the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Temple.

Besides its religious and spiritual appeal, Jerusalem also gas great appeal for the secular public. It is one of the country’s major cultural centers, replete with museums, concert halls, theaters and a wide variety of excellent restaurants.

In addition, Jerusalem is a beautiful city, nestled in the Judean Hills. Most of the buildings are made of stone or clad in the pristine white Jerusalem stone.

Jerusalem is made up of distinct neighborhoods. One of the most attractive is Arnona, located in the southeastern corner of the city, bordering Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.

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  (credit:  Lumo) (credit: Lumo)

With its rural setting and upscale housing, Arnona is slated to become the center of the local diplomatic community. It is earmarked to house an increasing number of embassies. After the United States Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, other embassies are expected to follow suit.

It is in this upscale part of Arnona, called Moradot Arnona, that the Geshem Holdings development company is building a project called Arnona Hills. Under construction in a western part of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, the large housing development will retain a pastoral ambience.

Moradot Arnona is a new sub neighborhood of Arnona. When completed, it will have1,800 housing units and public buildings such as schools, libraries, cultural venues and sports facilities, It will have wide streets and expansive parks with bicycle paths and jogging trails.

  (credit: Geshem Holdings) (credit: Geshem Holdings)

Geshem Holdings is an important part of Moradot Arnona. Its housing development will be largest in the neighborhood. The project is being planned with meticulous care to ensure that every apartment meets with the buyer’s complete approval. The apartments are extra large compared what is generally on offer in Jerusalem and will be equipped with the most up to date technologies, and the best materials and accessories are being used in the building process.

Arnona Hills is being built on practically the last reserves of open building land in Jerusalem which will ensure price rises in the future. 

Arnona Hills will consist of 21 nine-story buildings containing a total of 452 dwellings, ranging from two- to five-room apartments, plus spacious penthouses with large open-air terraces as well as garden apartments with their own adjacent private gardens .

One of the many selling points of the project is the magnificent views that the tenants will enjoy. The panorama includes the Old City and a vista of the verdant Judean Hills, as well as the Dead Sea in the distance.

Arnona Hills is scheduled to be completed by July 2026.

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This article was written in cooperation with Geshem Holdings