Adam Nessim talks about striking balance between Entrepreneurship and Medical School

There’s a common misconception that you can earn distinction in the world of business, or you can make a name for yourself and achieve honors in an academic environment

 (photo credit: ADAM NESSIM)
(photo credit: ADAM NESSIM)
There’s a common misconception that you can earn distinction in the world of business, or you can make a name for yourself and achieve honors in an academic environment, but you cannot do both. That misconception is entirely wrong. Just ask Adam Nessim.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur from Long Island is renowned for pulling off the delicate juggling act of pursuing an education in medicine while running a successful business. In his spare time, the MD Candidate at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine has also written a popular ebook entitled, ‘My Premed Advisor Told Me I Couldn’t Do It, So I Did It Anyway.’

Adam will be the first to tell you that balancing education commitments with the demands of running a business is a tightrope walk, but one which fate equipped him to deal with from a young age.

In an interview with Forbes, Nessim shared “If you have plans to start a business while also earning a doctorate, it can’t be about the money. You need to be so passionate about building your business, and this is where you should want to spend all of your free time.”

Adam graduated from Cornell University in 2017 with a high distinction, majoring in human biology, health, and society and minoring in health policy. He is currently a fourth-year medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He admits that studying medicine not only takes intelligence and dedication, but an amazing amount of hard work, tenacity, and grit to keep on pursuing one’s goals.

Adam explained, “Anyone thinking about a career in medicine should be prepared to study like crazy. Yet through my own experience, I realized there were systems you could put in place to make life easier, and that’s why I founded the Premed Consultants Program.

The idea behind the Premed Consultants Program is to help other pre-medical students achieve their dreams.

Adam revealed, “I worked as an MCAT instructor for two years at a major test prep company. Whilst there, I identified a need to develop an all-encompassing advisory program that helps guide and develop students throughout the entire process.”

He added, “I realized not all students were as lucky as me to receive great mentorship, and I wanted to help teach them the effective study methods and techniques which have proved invaluable to me on my own journey.”

The Premed Consultants Program now consists of a team of ten people, has a six-figure turnover, and is home to a thriving community of students, which is growing exponentially. Adam is proud of the fact that his company demonstrates how you can pursue a degree and build a successful company at the same time.

Adam explained, “Social media was integral to growing the company, but I think its real success comes from the simple fact that I am passionate about mentorship, teaching, and enriching the lives of others.”