Affiliate marketing – the most competitive industries

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Affiliate marketing is the real deal if you want to join a very profitable concept of making money by promoting brands and services. This sector is expected to reach a stunning $13 billion in 2022 and grow by $2.7 billion in the next two years. The number of affiliate marketing businesses is constantly increasing, and more industries are open to the concept. According to the latest market analysis, about 80% of brands have their own affiliate marketing programs that let marketers generate prospective leads.

However, not all affiliate marketing programs are built the same. Moreover, not all of them belong to businesses with high revenue-generating prospects. That's why it's essential to base your operations in markets that are likely to earn you big bucks. Not sure what the most competitive industries for affiliate marketing are? Luckily for you, we've listed them right on this page!

Gambling and Sports Betting

The latest stats show that the global casino and iGaming market size was $230.9 billion in 2021. The sports betting market was worth an additional $131 billion and is expected to keep growing. These are some incredible figures, we know. Getting your hands even on the smallest share of those revenues is still a solid earning.

Gambling and sports betting affiliates promote such brands to their readers and bring traffic to operators. If you glance at the list of the latest casino sites, you'll see that every month there are new companies that join this competitive market. This only expands your earning potential in the gambling and sports betting industry.

It's fair to mention that the casino and sports betting affiliate market is already popular, and many professionals have already joined it. So, you'll need to offer top-quality content for your readers and possibly something unique to make a name (and a fortune) for yourself in the sector.


If the figures associated with gambling and betting seem impressive, wait until you discover the market size of financial services. Those were $20.4 trillion in 2020 and are expected to grow by around £2 trillion annually. Needless to say, this sector is vast and offers various opportunities to affiliate marketers.

The options are seemingly endless, from personal finance websites that help users improve their finance health to more specialized websites that compare financial services. The rise of fintech, crypto, and blockchain has also boosted the earning potential for future affiliate managers in this industry.

According to some reports, the revenue commission for financial affiliate marketing is among the biggest ones. In some cases, affiliates may earn about $100 per referral or sale. Considering that successful affiliates often make multiple sales a day, the figures quickly become more than lucrative.


Ah, what could the hobby niche be, one may wonder. Well, it's not just one thing per se because people have all kinds of hobbies. And a hobby is something we are passionate about, something we love doing, and something in which we gladly invest money.

That's what makes the hobby niche a perfect choice for affiliate marketers. It gives them the freedom to try out different segments or specifically focus on one thing and grow from there. Gardening, photography, fishing, cooking, painting, reading, DIY projects… Any of these is a hobby that probably millions of people around the world share. And if you want to go into micro-niches, you can always focus on collecting specific items like coins or basketball cards, urban farming, and so on.

Creating helpful content with how-to guides, tips, and product comparisons is the best way to bring in traffic and potentially affiliate revenue. And every time one of your readers decides to make a purchase through your website, you will earn cash from it.

Pet Care

According to the AVMA's latest reports, about 38.4% of US households have dogs, and 25.4% have cats. A much smaller share of typically under 5% own other types of pets like birds, horses, and lizards. In any case, it's evident that lots of people love pets. Yet, a pet is not just a pet. A pet is a family member that responsible owners often enjoy pampering and showering with various gifts and treats.

For affiliate marketers, this translates into a high earning potential. And while pet care is a specialized niche, it does offer versatility in what you can market. Pets need goodies and treats besides regular food. Many require grooming products and, of course, toys! Sometimes, medications are in high demand, as well.

Besides promoting items, you can always market services and vets. Alternatively, you can promote pet-related online classes or tutorials. Think something along the lines of "How To Train Your Dog" or "How To Become A Professional Pet Sitter".

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

In 2020, the health and wellness market size was $3.31 billion and growing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, investing in your mental health, eating healthy, and taking time off work are among the cornerstones of loving yourself these days.

And as the focus shifts to these essential topics, brands step up with appropriate wellness deals, healthy snacks, innovative working out equipment, etc. This is where affiliate marketers enter the picture! You can generate tons of traffic by informing and teaching consumers how they can work on their health, wellness, and fitness.

Naturally, no good traffic goes to waste under the management of experienced affiliate businesses. So, promoting products, books, and equipment are all solid ways of generating revenue through this niche.

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