AI Softwares to Look For In 2021

In the last few years, technological progress has reached a new high.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
In the last few years, technological progress has reached a new high. AI or artificial intelligence is no longer an obscure buzzword used by the geeks! Real-world AI applications can be seen in many sectors, and you can spot AI-enabled devices and applications. Much like the web, AI tech is set to permeate our lives in numerous ways. MNCs and behemoths are adopting the AI laden applications in sectors like IT, retail, finance, healthcare, and hospitality, among others. The top artificial intelligence companies have come up with tailor-made applications to suit varying client needs. 2020 has witnessed the launch of some such software, and the trend will gain momentum in 2021.
The advantages of using AI-powered software
  • Automation of repetitive but important procedures
  • Almost zero risk of errors
  • Significant amount of time is saved
  • Reduction of workload on human staffs
  • Overall productivity gets a boost
Top AI softwares 
Listed here are the top AI-powered software that are expected to hog the limelight in 2021:
1. Deep Vision- This AI laden software is made with the purpose of facial analysis. It is useful for enhancing facial identification and safety in workplaces. The software is quite advanced, and it can be tweaked to identify people based on key traits such as age, gender. It uses state of the art Facial Demographics Model for tracking facial similarity or disparity in individuals. Apart from boosting security, the software can be useful for the brands striving to identify potential buyers. 
2. Infosys Nia- This is one of the leading business intelligence software that can assimilate data from legacy systems and processes. The collected data is then put into a knowledge base. After that, the software utilizes the processed data to automate diverse IT processes. Meant for reducing manual intervention and resolving customer problems, it offers the end-users multiple benefits. They can utilize this sophisticated platform to get insights and boost knowledge level. Nia also has solid automation capability. It is one of the few advanced AI platforms that blend RPA, Cognitive Automation, and Predictive automation. Launched in 2017, it has evolved over the years significantly.

3. Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine- An internet technology pioneer, Google, can't sit idle when others delve into the AI sector. Google's AI Platform is aimed at the data engineers, data scientists, as well as ML developers to implement their ML projects. It helps you develop customized machine learning applications. It also supports Kubeflow, the company's much-touted open-source platform. The Cloud Machine Learning Engine comes equipped with Cloud SQL, Storage, SDK, and an advanced Compute Engine.

4. Azure Machine Learning Studio-This is a wonderful and futuristic AI platform that helps accelerate the machine learning lifecycle. It is used widely by the data scientists and developers to build and tweak ML models. With Azure Machine Learning Studio's interactive workspace, developing and implementing complex and diverse machine learning models become smooth. It has embedded Jupyter notebooks for those who need coding but also offers a no-code designer. Thanks to its automated machine learning UI, model creation gets accelerated. You can develop near accurate models utilizing algorithm selection and feature engineering. 

5. TensorFlow-It is a widely used open-source platform meant for machine learning. The vast and customizable ecosystem comprising community resources, tools, and libraries makes it easier for developers to create robust ML-powered applications. It also allows enhanced flexibility. The Distribution Strategy API is useful when you want to distribute training on several distinct hardware configurations. It can even be deployed on mobile devices, desktops, servers. Its main components are data ingestion, Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, workflow automation, etc.

6. IBM Watson- An advanced AI-based computer system, IBM Watson is laden with cognitive computing capability. It has been named after IBM's first CEO- Sir Thomas J. Watson. It lets the users assimilate AI into diverse business processes. It is useful in enhancing organizational efficacy and overall productivity. By using IBM Watson, organizing large volumes of unstructured data becomes easier and faster. It has an amazing processing rate of 80 teraflops. The software is flexible enough to fit into the requirements of diverse industries such as education, healthcare, finance, transportation.

7. Salesforce Einstein- It is a sophisticated sales analytics platform driven by AI tech and ML. It harnesses technologies like smart data discovery, predictive analytics, deep learning, and natural language processing. Salesforce is using the Einstein analytics platform to strengthen its footprint in the CRM sector. It helps discover relevant insights, analyzing and guessing buyer behavior and actions, and automating certain tasks. It also integrates with third-party systems to analyze exhaustive data. 

8. Wipro Holmes- Wipro Holmes is the Indian tech giant's contender in the fast-developing AI and ML sector. This AI-powered platform is laden with cognitive capabilities. It helps speed up several business processes by the deployment of automation. As the application enables the businesses to automate repetitive tasks, the workforce copes with a reduced load, eventually. It is an interactive platform where the users obtain immersive digital experience. The businesses can also get prepared for upcoming hurdles by utilizing its smart predictive system. It even has a control panel for regulating drones and robots. 

9. Engati- You can find so many mid to large-sized businesses, including food delivery companies, have started using programmed chatbots. The next-generation chatbots are being developed to handle complex customer handling and interaction needs. With Engati, creating customizable and smart chatbots with varying AI levels become easier. You get more than 150 templates, and there is an advanced Conversation Flow builder.

10. Other contenders- There are so many other AI software applications vying for the end-users' attention. There are the NVIDIA Deep Learning AI and Virtual assistants like Alexa and Cortana are also being augmented by their brands, Amazon and Microsoft, respectively. 
Summing up
AI companies are striving to develop cutting edge Ai software and platforms to benefit the end-users. As per Survey done by Web Key Digital, we will see many more such AI applications being launched in coming years and these futuristic applications will play key roles in changing lives for millions.