Aluminum pergolas - The rising trend

  (photo credit: freepik)
(photo credit: freepik)

Pergolas have been in gardens and outdoor spaces for many years but are forever evolving, as we do. The general purpose of a pergola is to allow the homeowner and inhabitants to spend more time outside. Depending on the design, a pergola can offer shade from the beaming sun and protection from the rain.

 But, it's the unique design that creates a truly relaxing atmosphere. As a result, many people have homeowners immediately off the side of their house to extend the living and entertaining space, allowing for more hospitality and events.

We recently sat down with Riki Slama, owner of "Alum Etz", to learn more about the field and the latest rising trend in outdoor and pergola designs to gain her insight. Here's a peek at our conversation together.

Aluminum pergolas are taking over the pergola world

R. Slama shared with us that she has seen a noticeable rise in individuals purchasing aluminum-based pergolas, and after chatting with her, we can see why. 

There are many different designs and materials used to create pergolas. Looking back across history, it's evident that wood was the go-to for many resources and creations across industries. But, you can now see that many consumers are steering towards aluminum. Aluminum pergolas are much less maintenance than wood. They are low weight, faster to install, more durable, don't corrode, and have a wide range of designs and colors. With this rise in popularity, there are now more options than ever, with different materials, designs,  and colors to suit every budget, even with less mainstream designs such as folding and electric pergolas. 

"When a customer comes to us interested in a pergola, they want to know that they are investing in something that they can enjoy today and ten years from now. No one wants to 'work' to maintain their pergola; they just want to enjoy it with their friends and family. Aluminum provides an excellent solution in terms of the strength of the material, long-term durability, and, of course, aesthetics."

Aluminum is the more sustainable option

Previously when making aluminum pergolas and other aluminum-based products, there was no other way to do it except 'from scratch.' Unfortunately, this meant creating new materials and waste with every product due to offcuts, errors, etc. 

"But thankfully, that's no longer the case," Slama shares; "Today, roughly 90% of all aluminum currently in use comes from recycled aluminum. This means the production process requires only 5% of the energy than it once did before we had these processes and systems."

This equation of high durability means less need to constantly repair or replace, using fewer materials and energy. Aluminum is the clear choice for making a sustainable and eco-friendly pergola purchase. More and more individuals are switching to greener options and trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And as they say, change starts in the home.

"It's no coincidence that people are switching to aluminum pergolas all over the world. Everywhere people want to invest in materials that will serve them in the long term, and people care about the environment. The fact that today we can use recycled aluminum means that we can get the best result with the minimum footprint."

In addition to the clear environmental benefits, we must consider that we live in a stinking hot country, for the most part. Aluminum pergolas help to maintain a cool temperature while outside, which sounds pleasant for us personally, of course. But it also means that we are less likely to spend more electricity to power mechanical cooling equipment. On the flip side of that- there are actually electric aluminum pergolas for winter. So that on sunny winter days, they can be opened up to allow the warmth of the sun to shine in. 

The main takeaways

After chatting with R. Slama, it's become evident to us (and numerous other individuals) that aluminum is only going to get more popular. This is because it offers a sustainable, affordable, and accessible option without having to compromise on the overall aesthetic and mood of the atmosphere.

"Speaking about business innovation, it is the case with wood like aluminum. The design possibilities are unlimited, and this is only one of the many advantages of aluminum," Slama concludes.

This article was written in cooperation with R. Slama Alum-Etz LTD