An insight into Meprolight | The most advanced optics sights on the market

Founded in 1990 in Or Akiva, Israel, Meprolight has the mission of equipping the IDF with the most technologically advanced optics sights and sighting systems possible for the nation's defense.

  (photo credit: Meprolight)
(photo credit: Meprolight)

Meprolight is an Israeli-based company that works directly with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to support them with battlefield-tested products that increase performance and save lives. Besides supplying IDF soldiers, they also supply 134 countries worldwide to support the Global Military, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Markets. 

Their motto is Everything You Aim For™. They strive to live up to this motto each and every day/night in all weather conditions, with their buttle-proven products, quality control measures, and promise of accuracy.

How Are Meprolight Optics Tested To Ensure Quality Control?

Everything is viewed differently when an optic could be carried by a daughter, son, brother, or spouse. In addition, most Meprolight employees have extensive shooting experience and in-depth product knowledge because they used them personally while serving in the IDF and reserves.

Less Than 1% Quality-Control Rating

For Meprolight, this means an unheard-of quality-control rating of less than 1% defective for both electro-optics and sights. Most manufacturers boast of testing products in batches, whereas Meprolight pulls and tests almost every product that comes off the line. Each Meprolight optic produced goes through an Intense Quality Control measure and must pass through multiple Zeroing Stations and gun simulations to make sure it holds its zero before being sent into the field. 

For the folks at Meprolight, this process is the same for products going to the IDF or sold in the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. A Mepro Red Dot bought in a retail store in North America, and Europe goes through the same stringent QC protocols as an optic used on the front lines by the IDF.

The Power of Tritium for Day-Night Brightness

Tritium is a radioactive gas that provides extra visibility during low-light, or night conditions applied to some handgun sights and optics. Meprolight was a pioneer in bringing tritium to the market and providing sighting solutions for law enforcement, militaries, and consumers.

Meprolight prides itself on producing the brightest, most innovative tritium products on the market. This includes out-of-the-box, battery-free solutions like the Mepro Hyper-Bright™, Mepro Tru-Dot®, Mepro FT™ Bullseye Rear sight, and the new Mepro FT Bullseye™ Front sight — the smallest patented optical sight in the world Additionally, tritium is used in red dot or

reflex optics like the Mepro M21, Mepro MOR, and Mepro GLS (grenade launcher sight). 

An Overview of Meprolight's Different Product Categories

Meprolight has a wide range of sights to ensure a solution for each shooting operation. These are split into several categories:

  • Optics and Electro-Optic devices. 
  • Self-Illuminated sights for pistols and rifles powered by tritium and fiber optic technology
  • Thermal
  • Night Vision sights and devices. 

Inside the Most Advanced Red Dot on The Market: The Mepro Foresight™

The MEPRO FORESIGHT™ is more than a red dot sight; it's command central for any training or personal defense mission you face. It provides real-time data (compass heading, battery indicator, and sight leveler) and functions like a heads-up display on your rifle. Bluetooth technology also provides 20+ reticle choices and 10 Shooting profiles. 

Any new purchase of the MEPRO FORESIGHT™ allows for a free download and updates of the Mepro App to advanced sight setup options and the Double Shoot technology, which enables the shooter automatically zero any weapon and store the profile to avoid re-zeroing. To do this, simply take three shots at the target, take a picture with your cell phone, and the digital algorithm zero's the optic for you. It's the missing link of intelligence between marksman and machine.

Everything You Aim For™ You can see it on the faces of every Israeli citizen who works in the Meprolight facility. A sense of pride, a sense of purpose. An unwavering belief that every product that comes off the line is built to benefit the nation's defense. 

More than 73 years of constantly defending the Israeli border brings determination to the workforce crafting the tools for that defense. With mandatory service for its citizens, Israel is a nation of experienced shooters and soldiers. So if there is a chance that friends or family are relying on the product one is building to defend life and country, the stakes are raised. 

On top of that, knowing the endgame for nearly every employee helps set the standard — a nation of shooters and soldiers, both men and women.

This article was written in cooperation with Meprolight