An insight into the story of Chelsea Mimms, a social media influencer

 (photo credit: CHELSEA MIMMS)
(photo credit: CHELSEA MIMMS)

Chelsea an Ontario, Canada native is a 25-year-old social media influencer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – French Studies from Brock University however never felt a desire to pursue it as a career. She always felt as though there was more to life as though she was made for more.  She took her desire to be great and turned to social media. She is now married, a new mom to a beautiful baby girl and a social media influencer.  Chelsea has 17.5K YouTube subscribers and 47K Instagram followers. Her pages are based around Mommy content, self-love and fashion. Besides content creating she loves exploring the beauty this world has to offer.

Here is how her social media journey started

The journey of being an influencer kick-started when Chelsea realized the knowledge, creativity & drive she posed could lead her down a path of endless opportunities. When she started, she had no idea what this career path would entail or even if it would be successful. One thing she did know was that she had a passion for helping others and wanted to reach as many people as possible. It first started with a private YouTube channel where she was able to freely express herself without the judgment of her peers. Once she realized her true potential, she decided to share her channel across all platforms. That was the beginning of something truly special, now Chelsea had reached over 65k people worldwide. 

What it takes to be an influencer

Chelsea said, “in order to be a successful influencer you have to have a passion for creating content and a willingness to share authentically with you audience” She took the first step towards her dream by posting content on YouTube with no real idea of what it could bring, it was for fun, and still is. Creating, editing and posting content required a lot of hard work, which was a difficult task while completing her bachelors. She decided it was worth it and continued to put in the work even through the toughest of times. Her channel has had ups and downs, but she knows this is her path. She now uses Instagram and YouTube to showcase her content and to share her knowledge with others.

The Future of Chelsea Mimms 

Chelsea looks forwards to continuing to help and inspire people. She loves to uplift and share light and positivity to all around her. Her content has evolved to family content, mommy blogging and helpful tips for new moms. She loves and enjoys her work and wants to assist people in their journey any way she can. Chelsea has learned many lessons along the way and hopes to share her trials and tribulations with others. She wants to help and inspire them to follow their dreams and encourage them stick it out when times get tough. Chelsea is destined for greatness and no doubt will inspire many along the way!