Insights from Jonathan Hogwood: What does It mean to be a high performer?

  (photo credit: Jonathan Hogwood)
(photo credit: Jonathan Hogwood)

Fads, fancy marketing, too-good-to-be-true promises, sound familiar? It is said that on average each person will see anywhere between four thousand to ten thousand forms of advertising in their day. That number really multiplies when indirect marketing is considered, nearly 300,000 forms of marketing that people see on a daily basis. 

Most people have common problems and desires, they ask themselves “how can I be as healthy as possible?”, “How can I make more money, and retire in peace?” or even “how can I meet the love of my life and have a family?”, the issue is that a lot of the top marketing firms know this and they use these desires to their advantage to bring the latest product or service to the market. 

For men, these desires meet one category, which is high performance.  According to international high-performance coach, Jonathan Hogwood, “high performance is a mindset that leads to actions that result in peak physical, financial, mental and emotional states. It is not a destination but a lifestyle that is consistently being optimized and leveled up.” Basically what Jonathan is saying is that the foundation of high performance is the mind. 

“Once the mind is primed for high performance, everything else follows.” Jonathan states. Jonathan Hogwood is an international high-performance coach that travels the world to meet his students who are on a mission to be their best selves in multiple areas that make them human. He has coached thousands of young ambitious men, including entrepreneurs and athletes. His experience of over a decade in the field makes his expertise a great source to answer the question: What does it mean to be a high performer?

“When I first started out, I asked myself the same question many times, what does it mean to be a high performer? I used to tell myself, once I make my first million dollars I will be a high performer, I told myself when I am benching double my bodyweight then I’ll be a high performer, when I have mastered the art of relationships then I’ll be a high performer. The problem with that mindset is that being a high performer isn’t about making a certain amount of money, or lifting a certain amount of weight, or having an attractive girlfriend, it’s about understanding that there is no set limit for our potential. You can make as much money as you please, you can be as fit as you please and you can be as charismatic as you please. Being a high performer is understanding this principle and living your life based on it. Every action, every thought needs to be one that leads towards self-betterment and getting 1% better”, Jonathan states. 

  (credit: James Clear) (credit: James Clear)

Best-selling author of the book Atomic Habits, James Clear has a similar approach. In the book, James talks about habits being the little things that people do everyday that make them who they are. If people focus on the little tweaks that make them 1% better, then it goes a long way. He uses the example of the trajectory of a plane. If a plane is even slightly off its trajectory. it might not look like a big deal at first, but someone can find themselves in a whole other city or country at the end of it. This shows that if one has 1% improvements for the better they’ll be far from where they were as long as they stay consistent. The same works for the opposite, if someone is getting 1% worse, it might not look so bad at first but they will be significantly worse if they stay consistent with those bad habits. 

Similarly, Jonathan talks about having great habits and keeping a mindset focused on three key areas, money, muscle, and game. 

Money represents financial stability and success. Jonathan Hogwood says that individuals need to be financially stable and abundant because those who worry about money won’t be able to focus on other aspects of their life because they are in a constant chase. Muscle represents health. Jonathan invests millions of dollars in his health every year. Time and good health are something that can’t be bought back once gone. Lastly, game, which represent charisma, character, and communication. It’s what allows people to network, build relationships, and love.

These three principles are the building blocks of Jonathan’s coaching philosophy, it’s what he believes all men should master.

At the end of the day, high performance is key for being the best version of one’s self. It’s a constant improvement to be better than the day before and build great habits to live a complete life and be in a peak state. 

In order to be a high performer, one needs to have the mindset of a high performer, and that’s the message both of these experts have portrayed in their years of work. 

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