Baby Shark Networks’ CEO Shomaila Niaz talks about Social Media Monetization

Social media monetization is the process of generating value from your social media audience.

 (photo credit: SHOMAILA NIAZ)
(photo credit: SHOMAILA NIAZ)
Social media monetization is the process of generating value from your social media audience. While most companies are digitally embodied on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, they often don't know what to do with this audience and how to translate it into money. Shomaila Niaz is the CEO of Baby Shark Networks, a leading marketing and PR firm that helps businesses take their internet presence to the next level.

Baby Shark Networks is an expert in the space of social media management and the monetization of social media assets for musicians, athletes, comedians, fashion models, and celebrities. With a focus on Facebook, and additional opportunities on Instagram and Twitter, Baby Shark Networks is at the forefront of finding the most cutting edge social media management and monetization opportunities for its clients. Through this work, Shomaila Niaz has learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to monetizing your social media. First, it's essential to craft the perfect sales post, but you shouldn't be posting them all the time. "Engage with your audience first and foremost," she says. "Once you've reeled people in, you can start selling to them. But if you start out with spamming your followers, they won't buy from you." Shomaila Niaz also thinks it is excellent advice to find your business's niche. What problems are you trying to solve? Who do you want to follow you? "While it can look great to build your follower numbers, what you really want is people who are engaged. If you just have a bunch of random bots following you because you bought followers, your content won't get out to as many genuine customers." Lastly, Shomaila Niaz recommends engaging your audience. Ask them questions and make your profile interactive. "You want people to have fun following your profiles. One of the best ways to do this is by replying to your customers and getting them to reply to you."

Baby Shark Networks is a Pakistan-based company that specializes in unconventional marketing solutions.  They've worked with companies like McDonald's, Nestle, Coke, and many other well-known brands, and they work hard to increase each business's profitability. They also help clients monetize their pages through co-branding with international brands. While part of that is monetizing social media, the company offers a whole host of other services to help its clients thrive.

Monetizing social media is the aim of many successful companies. Shomaila Niaz and Baby Shark Networks have a handle on making this a reality and helping their clients thrive.