Being Fearless, A Guide by Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise

 (photo credit: DR. DINAH)
(photo credit: DR. DINAH)

Honesty, righteousness, discipline, loyalty, and dedication are values that are inculcated in every person's mind since their childhood. In an ideal world, life should be based on these values. Unfortunately, the reality is very different and ugly. Today, the world has turned into a place full of negativity. People seem to have forgotten the fundamentals of life.  No sector or place is free of violence, crime, injustice, or corruption. Living by idealistic values is tough as the society keeps pushing the right and the honest ones down. This does not mean one should give up on their right values and change themselves to blend well into the society. According to Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise, a philanthropist and businesswoman, "if a person wants to survive in this harsh world, and not give up on their values, they have to be fearless."

A Fearless Philanthropist 


Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise is the co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization 'Lilia Redemption Foundation,' founded in 2015. The organization was established with a mission to put a stop to child sex trafficking. Leading an organization with such a bold initiative is gutsy work as it directly deals with the dangerous, life-threatening criminals and the violent underworld. But determined to make the world a better place, Dr. Dinah, toughened herself and stood strong to completely eradicate this problem from the face of the earth. 

Being a descendant of Queen Nazli Sabry, Queen of Egypt, Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise was never inclined or attracted towards royalty or being a part of the upper class. Instead, she gravitated towards those who were underprivileged and fought with the harsh realities of life. Helpless, hopeless, and homeless children caught her attention even more. She began serving people since a teenager. After receiving her bachelor's degree in biological literature from the American University of Cairo in Egypt, in 2001, she became an active social worker. She formed a team, consisting of like-minded personalities, those who were driven to improve the lives of all those struggling in this world. 

Dr. Mourise joined the Lilian Orphanage in 2002. During her time at the orphanage, she assisted in rescuing abandoned and abused children. Mourise comprehended the severity of the competition. She planned to scan each alley, street, and town to identify abandoned children and provide them a safe place to live. 

In 2003 Dinah enrolled in her post-graduate training at the university of medicine in Cairo. She would finish her day at the university and go to the children, sing to them and feed them. She was known to be the 'Karawan' (singing bird) of the orphanage. While volunteering for the orphanage, she and her team visited abandoned allies and demolished areas in Egypt to rescue children who were either sold as beggers or left to die.

Dinah's along with her team, faced many difficulties and problems each time they went on the mission to rescue children. As they combated the underworld criminals on the forefront, they had to face several adversities. Dinah says;

"To date, I hold seven scars in my body resulting from chains being whipped to my back, leg, and abdomen."

A Fearless Entrepreneur 

Dr. Mourise was originally born in Montreal and left to Egypt at the age of 3 years-old,  moved back to Canada after getting married and settled in the Niagara Region. Although she moved to a new place, her dedication and passion for serving humanity did not change. Dr. Dinah Lilia Mourise sensed and observed that Niagara Falls required a proficient security team that would take care of the city's security. Using her expertise and knowledge, she laid the foundation of OEIS. This organization deals with fraud investigations, corporate level crimes, inventory valuation, and internal theft. It also provides uniformed guards in Canada and armed bodyguard in the USA. Its main focus is to offer private protection to celebrities and influential people. On the other hand, OEIS provides training services to people in Niagara Falls and suburbs to take up jobs in the security sector.

Being a successful entrepreneur with a strong philanthropic background, Dr. Lilia Mourise was motivated and pushed by many to enter politics. In 2018, Dr. Mourise lost to her competition in the elections. This was not due to her lack of knowledge but simply because of the fact that she was not willing to play by the rules of encrypted politics.

Mourise is one of those individuals who cannot stand or be a part of any wrongdoings or injustice. She always followed the right track, and nothing deviated her from it. Today this 42-year-old individual is known for her fearless attitude towards life and her daring personality that stayed strong even in difficult and scary times. Dr. Mourise continues to work for both of her organizations and aims to make the world a better place for future generations.