Best ethereum casinos of 2022

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Ethereum has become extremely popular and is known worldwide due to the fact that it is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization within the industry. Reasons for Ethereum’s rise to the second largest cryptocurrency can be attributed to its ability to offer speedy transactions, smart-contract functionality as well as the ability to develop decentralized finance applications or Dapps. 

It’s no secret that the online gambling industry is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It’s also no secret that cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are also becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This altogether allows one to easily understand why so many online casinos accepting Ethereum are starting to surface. 

With the popularity of both cryptocurrencies and online gambling on the rise, discovering reputable and reliable casino platforms that accept a good range of cryptocurrencies has become ever more tedious. When online gambling it is extremely important that players ensure the casino they are about to play at is safe and secure. 

We’ve compiled our very own list of only the absolute best and most reliable online casinos that accept Ethereum below. Within this list, we will provide you with a compact review of some of the best Ethereum casinos on offer as well as how to get the most out of your Ethereum gambling experience. 

A Shortlist of The Best Ethereum Casinos 

  • BC.Game - Best overall Ethereum casino 
  • 7Bit - Best for Ethereum slots 
  • CloudBet - Best for Ethereum sports betting 

The Best Ethereum Casinos Reviewed 

  1. BC.Game - The Best Overall Ethereum Casino


  • Community features 
  • Multiple award winner 
  • Unique & Modern Design 
  • Good Variety of casino games & sports betting


  • Few FIAT currencies accepted 

Credit: BC.GameCredit: BC.Game

BC.Game tops our list of best Ethereum and for good reason at that, this pure crypto casino allows players from several countries around the world to enjoy anonymous online gambling and of course the option to play with Ethereum as well as other top cryptocurrencies. 

BC.Game is a fully licensed casino under the Curacao eGaming Authorities and had first been established in 2017, since then BC.Game has managed to gather a vast online gambling community through its alluring casino games, bonuses, unique design and excellent community features as well. 

The cryptocurrency options that are provided by BC.Game come in an intense variety, of course, BC.Game offers all of its gaming options for play in Ethereum. Though the minimum deposit amounts at BC.Game are not stated the minimum withdrawal amount for Ethereum is 0.003576 ETH. There is also a fee of 0.003528 ETH when making Ethereum withdrawals at BC.Game casino. 

BC.Game offers its players a great variety of casino games, with more than 2650 games available. The list of games within this enormous gaming selection includes table games, slots, live dealer games and even a good variety of top-tier in-house games. 

Another part of BC.Game’s captivating features are in the bountiful selection of casino bonuses. Upon signing up players can be awarded a free spin which offers randomised rewards of up to 1BTC. BC.Game also provided its existing players with the opportunity to spin this lucky wheel daily! 

The most defining feature of BC.Game casino lies within its website design. Players are not only able to easily navigate the site across the games, community chat, support service, and all of these features are encompassed in a sleek design with one truly unique atmosphere. 

  1. 7Bit - Best For Ethereum Slots


  • More than 1,200 slots 
  • Slot tournaments 
  • No maximum withdrawal 


  • Fewer casino games
Credit: 7BitCredit: 7Bit

If slots are more your game 7Bit casino is certainly an online casino that will satisfy your craving. 7Bit casino was first established in 2014 and is fully licensed under the Curacao eGaming Authorities. 7Bit casino offers a great variety of slot games that are available for play in Ethereum players are also offered plenty of free spins. 

One of 7Bit casino’s most alluring features lies within its zero maximum deposit and withdrawal option. This means players can withdraw and deposit an amount of their choosing with no restrictions. The minimum deposit amount for Ethereum at 7Bit casino is 0.015 ETH. 

Though 7Bit casino does not offer any live dealer games here online gamblers can enjoy participating against each other in online tournaments. 7Bit casino also provides players with a good selection of table games including blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. 

Another great aspect that 7Bit casino has to offer is its bonuses, where new players can compete in “Welcome Race” prize pool for 15,000 loyalty points as well as 500 free spins. 7Bit casino also provides new players with a 15% daily cashback offer. 

7Bit casino has created an authentic casino platform with its unique 1980s theme. This casino site offers its games to players within a modern design allowing its theme to not become overbearing and make navigating the platform a breeze. 

  1. CloudBet - Best For Ethereum SportsBetting


  • Slick Design 
  • Sports betting
  • Great Bonuses


  • No FIAT currency options 
Credit: CloudBetCredit: CloudBet

CloudBet has become somewhat of a sports betting powerhouse within the crypto-gambling space. CloudBet has been in the online gambling scene even before online casinos had reached the mainstream. CloudBet was first established in 2013 making it a rather reputable site. To further increase this casino’s reputability CloudBet is also fully licensed by the Curacao eGaming Authorities. 

Though CloudBet casino may have started as a purely Bitcoin casino it soon began adding various different coins to its roster, and Ethereum had of course been one of these coins. However, CloudBet does not offer any FIAT currency options on its platform. 

One of the great features that CloudBet has to offer is its minimum deposit amount of 0.01 ETH as well as the zero maximum deposit and withdrawal policy. CloudBet has been known to suspend cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time due to occurrences that affect the market. 

CloudBet offers its existing players a truly enticing VIP rewards program whereby players can earn cryptocurrency rewards for every 150 loyalty points earned at the casino. There is also an opportunity to increase the Thursday deposit bonus amount by reaching a higher VIP tier. 

Interestingly CloudBet casino’s overall design can be extremely similarly compared to an actual sportsbook’s design. Though this may help CloudBet further envelope players in a theme it can aslo make navigating the site more tedious.  

Why Is Ethereum Gambling So Popular? 

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both extremely similar in the fact that they can be traded on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, used as a means of payment, to store value, or even used as collateral. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin utilize a PoW (Proof of Work) consensus method in order to verify and complete transactions within their respective networks. 

PoW consensus methods are known to be extremely energy-intensive and this has been the main motivation for Ethereum to transition to a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus method. This transition will bring Ethereum stakeholders a more scalable, secure and sustainable blockchain network. 

This promise along with the great functionality of Ethereum whereby users are provided with fast transactions, smart-contract functions as well as the ability to develop decentralized finance applications has made Ethereum increasingly popular over recent years making Ethereum the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 

These aspects together have drawn many investors and gamblers to Ethereum. Players from around the world can enjoy instant payments through Ethereum gambling as well as keep more anonymity than FIAT currency gambling would allow. Not to mention that many of these casino sites offer an immense number of games and bonuses through mobile-friendly sites and even casino applications meaning you can enjoy these features on the move. 

Pros & Cons of Ethereum Gambling 

Cryptocurrency gambling can offer far more benefits than FIAT currency gambling, however, when gambling online with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum players are still exposed to a few risks that could affect their overall online gambling experience. Here are a few of the most significant pros & cons of Ethereum gambling: 


  • Ethereum Gambling offers players extremely fast payments
  • Players can play casino games and make payments on the go
  • There are a wide variety of Ethereum bonuses available
  • Ethereum Gambling can allow players to uphold anonymity


  • Risk of playing at unlicensed & unfair casinos 
  • Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are volatile 
  • Ethereum often has intense gas fees

Though there are definite risks to online gambling with Ethereum if players are constantly aware of these factors the overall risk can be mitigated. Always try to ensure you are playing at a fully-licensed online casino site that offers fair play as well as responsible gambling options.

How To Begin Your Ethereum Gambling Experience 

Once you have decided upon which Ethereum casino best suits your needs as an online gambler you can begin your Ethereum gambling experience and it's only going to take a few simple steps. Follow these steps to begin Ethereum Gambling:

Create an account

Once you have chosen an online casino that accepts Ethereum you can then begin creating an account. Remember to consider the KYC policy if anonymous gambling is important to you. Creating an account at any Ethereum casino should be over within a few quick steps. Often all that is required is an email address and password. Once the account has been created you will need to verify it, this is usually done through the email address you provided prior to creating the account. 

Deposit Funds 

For Ethereum Owners

If you are already storing Ethereum within an e-wallet depositing funds at an online casino is as easy as navigating the wallet section of the online casino, selecting a deposit, and then copying the address provided for Ethereum deposits, finally, you will then paste the address provided by the casino into your e-wallet and decide how much Ethereum you wish to deposit. Remember that some casinos will different minimum deposit policies. 

For Ethereum Beginners 

For those who have not yet purchased Ethereum, you will need to locate a cryptocurrency exchange of your choosing and purchase Ethereum from this exchange platform. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges can include Binance and Kraken. You will need to create an account and verify information when purchasing cryptocurrency from an exchange. Following your purchase of Ethereum, you can even deposit it to the casino directly from the crypto exchange or to an e-wallet first. E-wallets are recommended if you wish to store cryptocurrency for long periods. 

Claim Bonuses 

Often times depositing funds and claiming a casino bonus will go hand in hand. In order to make the most of your Ethereum gambling experience, we recommend that you ensure the casino accepts Ethereum deposits with its bonuses. Players should also check if any bonus code is required in order to activate a bonus. Always try to read the terms & conditions that are attached to the bonus in order to ensure the bonus does not have intense wagering requirements attached and is compatible with your favourite games as well as being available in Ethereum deposits. Remember you will need to play through any wagering requirements before you can withdraw your real money rewards.  

Play Casino Games 

This could easily be considered the most thrilling aspect of Ethereum gambling. Whether you’re looking to play table games, slots, live dealer games or even looking to bet on sports with Ethereum it's important to ensure the Ethereum casino you’re visiting offers a great variety of the games you're looking to play. Once you’re finally in the midst of your thrilling Ethereum gambling adventure always try to practice responsible gambling! 

Withdraw your winnings 

In order to finally complete your Ethereum gambling expedition, you will need to withdraw any funds you have earned throughout the journey. To complete a withdrawal at an Ethereum casino you simply need to decide which method you wish to use and in this case, we will, of course, be withdrawing Ethereum. You will then need to navigate to your e-wallet and copy the address where the Ethereum will be sent, finally locate the wallet section of the online casino and withdraw the funds to the address you had previously copied. Players should remember that most online casinos will charge a fee upon withdrawing funds. 

A Conclusion To The Best Ethereum Casinos of 2022 

We’ve just about covered all there is to Ethereum gambling and we’ve also kick-started your Ethereum gambling experience by handing your our absolute favourite online casinos that accept Ethereum. It’s no secret that cryptocurrency gambling has become vastly popular and we’d like to think it's been a long time coming.

Online casinos such as these offer players a great range of benefits over traditional casinos and as the industry develops online casinos are sure to add even more bountiful bonuses, thrilling games and cryptocurrencies to their roster. Don’t let us keep you any longer, your Ethereum gambling expedition awaits! 

This article was written in cooperation with BlockDance B.V