Bet365’s popular sports betting market in Bulgaria and other countries

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Since most sports bettors have some experience in the hobby, they are pickier when it comes down to choosing an online bookmaker. This is especially true in places where people can access a wide range of operators. Speaking of such countries, if you are into sports betting with Bet365 Bulgaria, you would know that this is the leading name in the country and the operator that every other bookie wants to look like. Fortunately, this brand is also available in many other countries because it has a permit from multiple gambling authorities.

Despite the fact that Bet365 also offers a casino section and even a poker client (at least in some places), the brand made a name for itself by providing one of the best sports betting categories. The number of options, promotions, and features is impressive, even for users with many years of experience.

With that being said, this article will try to show you which are some of Bet365’s most popular sports betting markets in Bulgaria. Punters love betting on various sports, which is why the bookie needs to offer plenty of solutions. Needless to say, everything mentioned here will be accessible to sports bettors in other countries, as long as they can access Bet365 and the things it offers.

Fulltime Result

Some online bookmakers call it 1x2, others use the letters FT. With that being said, Bet365 calls it Fulltime Result, the most popular option in online betting. Unlike some of the things you may find in this article, this market is always available. It doesn’t matter whether Bulgarian punters bet on football, eSports, baseball, or something else.

Fulltime Results is an option that lets you choose the potential winner. Some sports add an additional choice to this market because users can also bet the game will end in a draw. The odds for each possible outcome depend on a variety of factors, such as each team/player’s recent form, results, and so on.

Half Time Result

Unlike the market mentioned above, this option is only available if Bet365’s users wager on some sports. For example, it is one of the most common markets for football, but users interested in eSports probably won’t have access to it unless they punt on FIFA.

HT Result allows you to bet on which team or player will win the first half of a given match. It doesn’t matter whether your option will win the match in the end, it just needs to be the winner in the first half.

Double Chance

Double Chance is a betting market that punters in Bulgaria, the UK, Romania, and many other countries use daily. Although this option is usually available for football, Bet365 is one of the bookmakers that may allow you to use that if you bet on other sports.

What makes Double Chance such a lucrative option for online bettors is the fact that it provides them with more chances of winning. As its name suggests, this market lets people bet on two possible outcomes without the need to place two bets. For example, they can stake on the fact that team A will win or the match will be a draw. In this case, the only way to lose the bet is if team B wins the match.

Since Double Chance increases players’ chances of winning, the odds at Bet365 are not as good as those for other markets. Despite that, this is among the most popular markets for inexperienced players.

Draw No Bet

Some people always bet on draws because these options are notorious for offering higher odds. Needless to say, punters in Bulgaria who choose Bet365 often decide to put this option to the test, especially if they wager on football.

Although many people try to take advantage of the higher odds for Draw, others prefer to use the option called Draw No bet. If users choose this alternative, the bookie will return the amount they’ve used if the game ends in a draw. 

Handicap Result

Have you ever wondered why some bookmakers provide exceptional odds for some of the markets with the name “Handicap” in them? The answer is simple - they put one of the selections in a situation where it is winning or losing because this helps the odds go up. Unsurprisingly, Bet365 is one of the Bulgarian online betting operators that allows its clients to take advantage of this betting market.

The Handicap options depend a lot on the sport and the event that people bet on. Punters in every country where Bet365 is available can pick a random football event, and they will see that the Handicap option usually gives Team A or Team B a specific goal advantage. For example, if one of the teams has +3 next to its name, it means that it already has a 3 fictional goal advantage. Hence, the other team has to score at least four goals to win the match.

Specific options for some sports

Instead of pointing out every special market that you can come across for a given sport, we’ve decided to combine some of the most popular ones in a single paragraph. It is important to know that almost every sport available at Bet365 in Bulgaria and other countries has specific options you can wager on, so you can always find something new.

If we take a look at tennis, we can find things like betting on sets, points, serves, and more. The eSports betting options are also quite fun because they allow you to wager on maps, things like total dragons, total kills, and so on.

This article was written in cooperation with Daniel Simon