Bragg Announces Inaugural Release From Their New Studio Egyptian Magic

Bragg Gaming Group’s Atomic Slot Lab announces their debut release Egyptian Magic an online slot offering highly-tailored gaming experience!

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Any avid gamer will testify to the fact that there is a high demand for technologically sophisticated slot games. The Bragg Gaming Group Inc recent launch of Egyptian Magic is a testament to this. In fact

Introducing Bragg's New Studio - Atomic Slot Lab 

Bragg's new game development studio, Atomic Slot Lab, has a clear mission and vision: delivering high-calibre and tailormade gameplay to slot players worldwide. Its features and themes are an ode to the classic games best known and loved across North America. And for players who don't feel like wasting time searching for such high-calibre games, that's what NZCasinoClub is for. Apart from useful top lists of the latest casinos available, you'll also find helpful and informative industry guides and interesting facts about the world of online gambling.

Egyptian Magic is the inaugural release from Bragg's Atomic Slot Lab studio, which was established to focus on developing a new generation of online casino games.

Atomic Slot Lab's Debut Product - Egyptian Magic 

To start with, the Bragg Gaming Group will release Egyptian Magic into several major European iGaming markets with the intention to introduce this example of a superior, highly-customized gaming experience to the rest of the European market as well as North America further down the track. 

Gamers who are keenly awaiting the arrival of Egyptian Magic and other future titles from Bragg's Atomic Slot Lab should keep an eye on the ORYX Hub distribution platform, where all of Bragg's gaming offerings will become available.

What To Expect 

For those who aren't familiar with the Bragg Gaming Group, it is worth noting that Atomic Slot Lab is simply the latest addition to the group's portfolio of RMG brands, including ORYX Gaming, Blue Guru Games and Wild Streak Gaming. 

Driven By Experience 

The Atomic Slot Lab project was overseen by Doug Fallon, Bragg's Group Director of Content and founder of Wild Streak Gaming to add legitimacy to this project. As a US slot content development industry veteran, Fallon is an old hand when it comes to working with technology to create innovative gaming solutions. 

As such, industry commentators have predicted that Egyptian Magic will be an instant hit as it is not only based on a theme that has a proven track record but includes several appealing features such as a four-tiered jackpot system where players can win mini, minor, major or grand prizes as well as instant cash wins. 

Brilliant Features and A Tailored Gaming Experience 

Egyptian Magic's classic theme teamed with its eye-catching visual elements user-friendly mechanics come together to provide an excellent overall experience tailored for gamers regardless of whether they hail from the European or North American markets. Egyptian Magic is reported to be a technologically-advanced slot game featuring sophisticated graphics. The game includes a range of enticing bonus features, including a Hold&Respin as well as standards free spin features. 

To elaborate on this point further, the European version of the game features 25 lines that were crafted with a higher average win feature with increased volatility. In contrast, the US version is made up of 50 lines, with win frequency being higher and overall volatility being lower to cater for the preferences of the local market.

One simply needs to glance over Fallon's past successes in terms of developing popular slot games for the US market to ascertain that Atomic Slot Lab is likely to deliver high-quality online gaming experiences to its global client base. 

The Future of Gaming with Atomic Slot Labs 

Beyond Egyptian Magic itself, gamers can look forward to forthcoming offerings from Atomic Slo Lab being inspired by themes, features and mechanics present in the most well-loved games they are familiar with from casino floors across North America team with the very best of online gaming mechanics and player trends. 

Furthermore, this brand new generation of online casino games expected to emerge from Atomic Slot Labs is expected to be mindfully calibrated to tailor to the specific tastes of online slot players in local markets from across the globe while simultaneously being powered by pure Las Vegas energy. 

Final Thoughts 

The launch of this exciting product from Bragg's Atomic Slot Lab demonstrates that the future of online gambling offerings looks very promising. It is evident that Bragg's development studio has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to develop high-quality content that is customized to meet the demands of various iGaming markets. 

Headed by Doug Fallon, this experienced team of gaming developers clearly have a good idea about what the consumer wants and have strategically tailored the features and themes of Egyptian Magic to cater for the preference of gamers operating in different markets. 

In addition to the company's experience in the US, Atomic Slot Lab will be able to draw upon Bragg's extensive knowledge of the European market to deliver top-quality games to slot players operating in some of the biggest global gambling markets. 

Enthusiastic gamers from across the globe have been anticipating the release of Egyptian Magic, and there is no doubt its developers have carefully designed the game to appeal to a broad demographic of players from both sides of the Atlantic. What's more, Egyptian Magic only marks the beginning of what we can look forward to from Bragg. As such, the future for online gambling looks very exciting indeed. 


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