By introducing a new venture, model Valent Wan Ting reveals her entrepreneurial side

  (photo credit: Valent Wan Ting)
(photo credit: Valent Wan Ting)

We are always asked to be curious to explore new ends. Also, touring new fields enables us to come up with new interests. However, entering a whole unfamiliar realm can be menacing. Yet some daredevils are willing to take the odds and explore these novel areas. An individual with a big heroic heart who has set the stepping stone of her new business is Valent Wan Ting. 

Hailing from the world of modeling and influencing, Valent Wan Ting's decision to now explore the business world is truly appreciable. Besides having an adventurous heart, the model is also a swift decision-maker and a perfect multitasker. She recently posted a photograph promoting a new brand of cookies made by Valent herself. The name of this brand is ‘Vonderful'. With this post, she has left her followers in huge excitement.  

Valent Wan Ting's joy of cooking has already been glimpsed on her various social media outlets, especially Telegram as she keeps uploading pictures from her kitchen and cooking platform. By exploiting her baking skills, she is taking her freshly started cookie brand to new heights. Valent mentioned the two flavors of her handmade cookies i.e. Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate chip. Both of which appear to be incredibly delightful and savory.  

An excellent entrepreneur knows to outshine every aspect of the business. Likewise, model Valent Wan Ting has not only focused on making quality products but has also taken care of its packaging and branding. Each cookie comes in individual packaging and they are assorted in a beautiful black elegant box. Valent Wan Ting posted the photos and videos of this new brand on her official account of Instagram. 

The model who is learning and flaunting her entrepreneurial moves is also a genuine adherent of fitness and health. Valent Wan Ting is markedly known for her buxom and well-maintained physique. Since this social media star is a devotee of healthy eating, these cookies that Valent bakes are low fat and extremely crunchy. She also claims to use 70% of the pure Dark chocolate; avoiding the use of colours or preservatives. This way, the cookies are healthy too.  

Before entering the business realm, Valent Wan Ting was also popularly known for her flawless skin and pristine body contours. Alluring a colossal amount of people by illustrating her dauntless attitude and sensual self is what this social media star does faultlessly. Through her stunning and titillating photographs and video, she has already captivated millions of people. Valent is also eminent because of her Tik Toks. 

Moreover, Valent Wan Ting walks with one more advantageous element that adds to her marvelous persona. It is her unmatched fashionableness and the gist of self-confidence. It has been several times when the model has not only attracted the eyes of netizens but also influenced them in being new-fangled and trendy. Valent Wan Ting uploads photographs from her photoshoots, flattering her unique style and charisma. 

Besides her resplendent fashion sense and splendid beauty, this internet celebrity also has a curvaceous hourglass figure that holds captive to dozens of nations. Moreover, being a live steamer on a digital platform is yet another facet of Valent Wan Ting. 

Hailing from Malaysia’s capital: Kuala Lumpur, the model had made herself abide in the world of notoriety. She has persuaded more than a million people through her Tik Tok videos and therefore she also appeared in the list of Top 10 most popular Tik Toker in Malaysia. With her huge fan following from her home country and Taiwan, we wish Valent Wan Ting's business to flourish.

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This article was written in cooperation with Valent Wan Ting