CapCut-An easy-to-use video editor to let everything happen

  (photo credit: CAPCUT)
(photo credit: CAPCUT)

In the present scenario, videos are essential tools for entertainment, and com, The rising social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and others have made video editing an essential skill for the content creator. Online video editors are growing in popularity these days because of the high speed of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones. In such a scenario, the emergence of CapCutonline media editor has gained more popularity among creators for its unique and advanced features and simplicity.

CapCut video maker is also called Viamaker, which ByteDance develops. This effective online tool provides a broad range of features for both advanced users and beginners. This post will highlight some of the important features of CapCut and provides some effective tips to use them to edit the video.

The main features of the CapCut online video editor

Nowadays, the demand for online video editor CapCut is high because of its main features, which include a video trimmer, video merger, and video cropper. These features are helpful for content creators to trim, crop, and merge videos easily.

  • Video cropper

Credit: CAPCUTCredit: CAPCUT

The content creator can use the video cropper feature to crop their video into any aspect ratio. It is the best option for creating content for various social media platforms. You can use this feature to create stunning videos. It includes a powerful video cropper tool that helps content creators to create videos by optimizing the specific platform. With this easy-to-use tool, video editing has never been so much fun and easier.

  • Video trimmer

CapCut online video editor has a unique feature, i.e., a video trimmer that helps the user to trim out unwanted parts of their videos in a fast way. You can use CapCut to easily cut and trim video clips, add text and music, and add effects and filters to their videos. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy and quick for beginners to edit and create videos. It can be a great choice for you to trim your videos in one go.

  • Video merger

The video merger feature of CapCut allows the content creator to combine multiple files at once. With the CapCut online video editor, the content creator can easily import different video clips by merging and arranging those clips in your desired order. It helps content creators create professional-looking and seamless videos. 

It includes options for adding a transition between video clips, applying effects and filters, and adjusting the speed of the video. Hence, CapCut can be the ideal choice for content creators to merge videos into a single file easily and quickly.

Professional features of CapCut maker

Apart from the main features of the CapCut video editing tool, there are some advanced features like auto text, high-quality output, multiple ready-to-use templates, and Green screen and BG remover. These important advanced features are useful for users to create effective content on different social media platforms.

  • A bunch of video templates:

Multiple ready-to-use templates are one of the advanced features of the CapCut online audio editor. These templates come with ready-made text and music styles that make it easy for content creators to create unique and professional-looking videos in a fast mode. If you want to edit your video with ready-made text and music style, don’t miss out on this feature in CapCut.

  • Auto-subtitle and auto-caption:

Another advanced feature of CapCut is auto-text. This advanced feature focuses on generating subtitles and captions for instant video creation. It is useful to save most of the user’s efforts and time. If you need an instant video with captions, include this advanced feature to edit the video.

  • High-quality video resolution:

The high-quality output is known as another advanced feature of the CapCut tool. This tool offers content creators to export their videos in 4K without requiring any watermark. This can offer you a high-quality result, which can be more engaging for the audience.

  • Green screen or chroma keying:

Green screen and BG remover is an advanced feature of CapCut that helps edit the video. The features of the green screen help the content creators to remove the background from their video. Similarly, the background remover feature of CapCut helps content creators to bring change to their video backgrounds. If you are searching to remove your video background, you must include this advanced feature.

How to make a video with CapCut editor?

After knowing the important and advanced features of CapCut, it’s time to understand how to edit a video with this editor. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow to create unique content for your social media platform.

  • Step 1. Visit CapCut and register with your personal account

To start the video editing process, you must first visit the official website of CapCut and register based on your needs.  Once you are registered, you can start using the video editor.

  • Step 2. Hit your road to edit a video by importing or templating

After logging into your account, you can jump into the main editing screen, which you must select to begin editing your video from scratch. You can also use the template to start easily and quickly creating a new video by editing it.

  • Step 3. Add music, filters and more elements

After that, you can add other elements to your video, like filters, text, transitions, and music. CapCut tool also provides a broad range of effects and filters, which can help you make your video look more effective.

  • Step 4. Download the video or share it with the world

After editing with the advanced features from the left-side library,  you can download it to your mobile phone or another device and share it on the social media platform.


As an online video editor, with beautiful user interface and royalty-free music resources, CapCut is an excellent tool that helps users to create unique content with a broad range of features. It is helpful for both advanced users and beginners as it has advanced features and a simple interface that makes it easy for content creators to develop a professional-looking video quickly. Whether you are a social media influencer or a content creator, the CapCut tool can help you improve your video quality and take it to the next level.

This article was written in cooperation with Zishan Raza