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Lending could be profitable and easy, especially if you choose the right service provider. We have collected all the useful information about lending and conditions from CapitalPacificLoans in one article so that you can learn how to prepare for a loan.

How to Сhoose a Loan and Not Regret It?

When choosing to borrow money online, we first look at the rate and only then at other conditions. But a low rate can turn out to be a trap and it’s not a fact that thanks to it it will be possible to save on a payment. With Capital Pacific Loans, things are different. After all, it is a reliable lender that offers good conditions.

Choosing Perfect Loan From Capital Pacific Loans

Compare Offers of Different Banks

Open the pages of different loans, and set the same parameters on the calculators: loan amount, term. If the calculator at a rate of 6% shows the same monthly payment as with a rate of 11% in another bank, most likely, in the first case, insurance is included in the “cost” of the loan. Pay attention to the terms of early repayment, payment schedule, penalties, and fines. The latter are everywhere but their size in different banks can differ. For this reason, it is better to choose Capital Pacific Loans.

Assess Your Opportunities

Weigh all the pros and cons, and figure out what is more profitable for you: to pay less with an overpayment, or to close the loan faster but give the lion's share of income. It is better to play it safe: 

  • Take the loan for a longer period and then pay it off ahead of schedule. If you take a loan online from CapitalPacificLoans, you do not have to go to the office. Make an early repayment online. 
  • You can change the payment date, pay several times a month if you want, and transfer the payment if necessary. Furthermore, you can do all this without commission thanks to Capital Pacific Loans.
  • A low rate does not always guarantee the best conditions. Perhaps it can only be approved if you agree to buy expensive insurance. Estimate how much you are willing to pay on the loan. The shorter the term, the lower the overpayment but the monthly payment is much higher.
  • Calculate the overpayment. It happens that with a low rate, the overpayment on a loan is greater than with a high one.
  • Do not take the first loan that comes across even if it is praised on the Internet. Look at different offers reading reviews about banks.

Requirements for the Borrower 

  • Clients from 18 up to 85 years old. The maximum age of the borrower at the time of debt repayment should not exceed 85 years. This is a general requirement for most products, in some cases other age restrictions are acceptable.
  • US citizens with a valid passport.
  • The presence of permanent registration in the territory of one US subject for at least the last four months.
  • The loan is also available to citizens who are on an official labor pension.

What Documents Are Required to Apply for a Microloan at Capital Pacific Loans?

The borrower needs to provide a passport and a second identity document. Capital Pacific Loans uses an individual approach in the preparation of loan programs. You can borrow money online with a minimum package of documents and without a guarantee from third parties. Leave an application for a consumer loan and choose the most convenient option.

Consumer Loan

To receive the required amount, you need to provide a passport, and as a second document, you can take:

  • certificate of registration with the tax authority (TIN); 
  • pensioner's ID;
  • medical insurance policy;
  • driver's license;
  • serviceman's certificate;
  • military ID;
  • international passport;
  • insurance pension certificate (SNILS).

Express Loan

According to the express lending program at CapitalPacificLoans, you must present only a passport of a citizen of the USA.

Large Loan

A set of documents, as in the case of obtaining a standard consumer loan. It is enough to have a passport and a second document confirming the identity of the borrower.

Why Can a Bank Refuse, Unlike Capital Pacific Loans?

Actual Barriers

Bad Credit History

Banks report information about violations of the loan agreement to the Credit History Bureau (BKI). If you have already had a history of delinquency on previous loans, then this information will be displayed in the bureau's database. The lender may refuse due to past problems with the return of funds.

Important: If the borrower is a persistent defaulter on utility bills, this is also displayed in the credit history and lowers the customer's rating.

Income Level

The number of wages directly affects the approval of the requested amount and its issuance. Analyzing income, the bank takes care of the burden on the borrower's budget soberly assessing its capabilities and perceived risks.

Debt Load

According to many experts, a comfortable monthly payment on all loan obligations should not exceed 30-35% of income. If a client's credit load goes beyond the recommended limit, they may also be denied.

No Collateral

It is not possible to borrow money online where the collateral is provided if there is no property in possession.

Random Bugs

Mistakes in Credit History

Being confident in the quality of credit history, it does not occur to a person to check its correctness before submitting an application to the bank. To get acquainted with your credit history, you need to find the CBI in which it is stored. This can be done at the State Services. Then contact the relevant bureau for your details.

Mistakes in the Application

Incorrectly specified data in the application also affect the decision of the bank. Information about the borrower is checked by the security service of the organization which may consider random mistakes as an attempt to mislead the lender.

Intentional Mistakes

Any false information that is provided to the bank in an attempt to get a loan can negatively affect the reputation of the borrower. Attempts to cheat are more likely to result not only in rejection but penalties as well.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved?

Factors that increase chances of approval:

  • good credit history;
  • the ability to secure a loan as collateral;
  • correctly completed application;
  • low actual credit burden.

Before you apply for a loan, analyze your chances yourself: check your credit history. If there are mistakes, get them corrected, prepare income statements, and calculate your monthly credit burden as a percentage of earnings. So you can independently see your weaknesses and correct them on time.

This article was written in cooperation with Robert Cressy