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Betbeard is a great online casino not on gamstop, where UK players who have previously been excluded can play and enjoy slot games once again. Non gamstop gambling sites like Betbeard offer huge welcome bonuses, and free spins promotions and are processing withdrawals within seconds. Betbeard has the fastest payouts in the industry enabling players to enjoy no-hassle casino games, including slots, table games, and sports betting.

What casino is not on Gamstop

Casinos not on Gamstop allow UK customers that have previously been excluded from the Gamstop scheme but have regretted their decision to play again. Betbeard is the best non gamstop online casino in the UK, which allows players to enjoy their casino games freely without verification and Gamstop hassles.

There are many different online casinos that are not on Gamstop, offering a wide variety of games and gambling options for UK players. Some of the most popular non-Gamstop casinos include Betbeard. These casinos offer fast payouts, excellent customer support, and great bonuses to keep players coming back for more. Whether you're looking for slots, table games, or live dealer casino games, there is something for everyone at Betbeard. So if you've been excluded from Gamstop and are looking to get back in the game, check out Betbeard today and start enjoying all your favourite casino games once again!

UK Online Casinos Self Exclusion

When you search for reputable casinos, the first task is to compare the online slot selection and the second the deposit bonuses that UK casinos not on gamstop have. Luckily Betbeard satisfies players in both directions. First, the best non gamstop casino has more than 4000 slot games from various providers, and second, the welcome bonus is second to none.

Betbeard offers a package of 4 consecutive welcome bonuses, with the following bonus codes and specifications.

  • WBC1 is a 100% Welcome Bonus
  • WBC2 is a 50% Second Welcome Bonus
  • WBC3 is a 75% Third Welcome Bonus
  • WBC4 is a 100% Fourth Welcome Bonus

There are not many reputable gambling sites with such a generous bonus scheme, to top that up, Betbeard UK not gamstop casino offers monthly Free Spins promotions for every deposit, which means you get no wagering free spins for every deposit.

The cherry on the top is the 7% Cashback paid out every Thursday, helping you take the most out of your online gambling.

Are there any UK Casinos Not on Gamstop?

There are many UK casinos that are not part of the Gamstop structure, you will have to search on the internet and you will find a breadth of choice. What to look at in a non-gamstop casino? The first important factor is slot selection, we don't want small casinos, with few game providers, but large international gambling sites with a solid reputation and thousands of slot games like Betbeard. Playing with VPN is one of the major differences between domestically licensed casinos and online casinos licensed abroad, as more relaxed offshore jurisdictions have lower requirements, and players can enjoy more slot games there.

The next important factor while searching where to play during your self-exclusion period is the casino's reliability and trustworthiness, for that, you can check if they have a live chat, and verify yourself before playing, so you guarantee that your winnings will be paid should you come to that point.

What is the Point of Gamstop

This topic will critically evaluate what is Gamstop. The effectiveness of its services and should it be kept the way it is or should it need a reformation. Let's start with a definition. Gamstop is a non-profit organization financed by the UK Gambling Commission to protect vulnerable gamblers from their own actions, by limiting their ability to play in online casinos registered in the UK and licensed by the Gambling Commission. The Gamstop scheme takes between 6 months to 5 years depending on the players' choice upon self exclusion. Given the fact, that most casino players are excluding themselves after a losing streak, they choose the longest period, effectively limiting their ability to play slots for 5 years.

The big controversy is however that land-based casinos are not part of the scheme, so even if a player has signed to Gamstop, he can go to a high street casino and ten minutes later he would be playing the same online slots.

The second major flaw of the system is in its harshness, once signed up for a specific period of time, no player can choose to opt out if they change their mind.

Luckily, players who decide to play at Gamstop free casinos, now can at Betbeard, online gambling activities are allowed, and live dealer games and online poker are available around the clock.

Can I get out of Gamstop

Gamstop self-exclusion scheme length varies between 6 months and 5 years, depending on players' choice during exclusion. However, there are some online casinos not on Gamstop that allow UK players to gamble freely without being subjected to the restrictions and requirements of Gamstop.

So what makes Gamstop different? Gamstop is a good program that is created to tackle the issue of problem gambling within the UK. All UK licensed online casinos are therefore required to participate in the program. There are thousands of British punters that have signed up for the scheme and regretted it afterwards. This happens because Gamstop is very strict and doesn't allow players to change their minds. In many cases after a losing streak, a certain player gets angry and excludes himself from all UK casinos, that means that he has signed up to Gamstop and therefore no UK casinos licensed under the Gambling Commission have the right to accept them as a player.

if a player however later decides that he has no gambling issues, and can play safely and only for fun, Gamstop will still enforce their rulings and will not allow the player to unsubscribe. Many players find that awkward and unfair and are therefore waiting for the end of their Gamstop self-exclusion period to be able to register and play in online casinos as well.

Where Can I Play if I am Excluded by Gamstop

This part of the article will look at the different casino options self-excluded players have. Of course, signing to Gamstop is a heavy burden but if you are sure that you have no gambling issues and can play casino games within your budget, then you have the right to do so. Self excluded players are therefore going to land-based casinos where they are playing slots. That contradicts the entire Gamstop purpose as people who are banned from playing at online casinos, are allowed to play in land based casinos and betting shops all over the UK.

The UK gambling industry forms a significant part of the nation's gross domestic product which makes clear why Gamstop is not enforced as hard on land-based casinos.

If high street betting shops and casinos are not your ideas of having fun, then non gamstop casinos probably are.

What are Non Gamstop Casinos

Casinos not on Gamstop are online gambling sites registered abroad which don't know about Gamstop and are not following its self-exclusion policies. These online casinos accept UK players as they are not required to follow UKGC and Gamstop rules, in fact, most of these non gamstop casinos are not aware of that restrictions and will never ask you about them. So what are the differences between non gamstop casinos and UKGC casinos? Well, not much to be honest. Most of the slot games are the same, some casinos not on gamstop have more slots as they allow players to use VPN and hence open even slot games that are restricted from the UK. Another major difference is in the verification process, UK casinos ask for a lot of documents and delay payments if you are not verified, whereas not gamstop casinos are more relaxed and verification is hence easier and faster.

Not Gamstop Casinos Economics Perspective

Demand and supply for casino games are determined by the quality of the games, and on the other side by the people who are playing them. Gamstop reduces the demand for casino games, as it limits players from enjoying their hobby. That has a negative impact on the economy as consumption decreases causing a reduction in the overall GDP.

The neo-classical theory of Monopoly suggests that high entry barriers will be erected in order for monopolists to protect their market share and exploit abnormal profits. The same accounts for the UK online gambling sector, where few Oligoplies are sharing the market being protected by the UK Gambling Commission serving in their best interests. Abnormal profits in an efficient market are earned because, of scarce resources and high demand, but in regulated markets, that's certainly not equitable. UKGC casinos are thus acting as short-run profit maximisers essentially levying a tax on consumers in the form of poor products, low sports betting odds, and lack of free spins and creative bonuses.

Non gamstop casinos, on the other hand, are international gambling operators used to participate in perfectly competitive markets, where differentiation and high-quality services are the only way to survive, hence their success is obvious and is benefiting the end user.

What to Look for in a Casino Outside Gamstop

Searching for a non gamstop casino is a hard but important task as you want to play on a trustworthy site, where you can have fun and not worry about withdrawals, the integrity of the site and other issues that may arise. Betbeard is a great gambling option for self-excluded players because it has great customer support that is really helpful plus players are certain that the site integrity is high and there are no withdrawal issues. When you search for online gambling sites outside gamstop, always look for live casino games, slot machines and especially for non gamstop slots. Offshore casinos offer a great variety of games, but you still have to be vigilant and be aware that there are countless international gambling sites, so research well to get the best experience and never settle with what the UK online gambling industry has to offer.

Gamstop UK Casinos

The UK-licensed casinos are not bad themselves, some of them have good slot variety and pay to win relatively quickly. Although they have lengthy verification processes, UK players are used to their demands and have adapted to them. The entrance of foreign websites accepting self-excluded non gamstop players has changed massively the UK gambling scene. Now UK casinos have some real competition in the face of non gamstop ones, and through the forces of the market economy, UK punters are finally getting a superior product.

The UK gambling industry has remained stagnant for years, effectively at the expense of players who due to the profit-maximising motives of the online casinos protected by the UKGC have been left with inferior products, lower bonuses and irrelevant promotions.

The UK Gambling Commission is raising high entry barriers for new market entrants, and its decisions are dictated by the established British casinos, and instead to maximise consumer utility they ended up providing mediocre products by the international gambling standards.

The entrance of non gamstop casino sites has given UK gamblers a bigger choice of slots, and payment methods, opening the market to bitcoin casinos offering lighting fast withdrawals with no verification, something unthinkable for the old-school online sites.

Nowadays, UKGC casinos, have to adapt to the current market situation and have to raise their game, if they are to keep up with the non gamstop counterparts. The UK gambling industry is a prime example of how an artificially kept oligopolistic market fails once put in a competitive market environment.

Offshore Casinos Not Registered with Gamstop

There are multiple foreign-regulated casinos and betting sites offering online gambling services to players who have previously been excluded from Gamstop. These casinos are better than what the UK players are used to, because they have more games, and they allow playing with VPN effectively enabling thousands of restricted slots from the UK to become available for local players. In essence, it could be argued that self-excluded UK players are getting a better casino product than regular players. This is because casinos not on gamstop like Betbeard are constantly raising the bar, offering better services, great games, and most important of all good moments for their players.

Sports Betting Not on Gamstop

Apart from live dealer casinos and slots not on gamstop, Betbeard offers high odds for sports betting enthusiasts. The sports welcome bonus is 100% and can be activated with bonus code S100, while the best sports promotion is the ACCA boost available for every game above odds of 1.2. Sports players are also eligible for the free spins promotions enabling them to make the most of their funds while playing at Betbeard no gamstop casino. UK online casino players are thus full of options where to gamble, they can stick to local online casinos, go to land based casinos to play live dealer games, or play in non gamstop sites offering them thousands of games and relaxed verification rules.

Athough that regulated casinos registered with Gamstop provide online gambling activities, they are far from being perfect and non gamstop online casinos like Betbeard are acting positively on the UK gambling market by increasing competition and incentivizing the other market participants to offer more online slots, live casino games, higher bonuses and better overall experience for the end user.

This article was written in cooperation with Non Gamstop Casinos Analytics