Common mistakes made by inexperienced online bettors

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Despite the fact that some people have previous gambling experience, most punters haven’t used an online casino or bookmaker before. Consequently, they often make mistakes that don’t allow them to make the most while betting online. 

Pointing out every mistake made by inexperienced gamblers is impossible because there are loads of them. Yet, the most common ones are listed below so that people can avoid them. 

Some bettors choose online bookmakers and casinos because they look good

As you probably know, online bookmakers and casinos do all sorts of different things to gain new customers. Some brands know that they need to have a good design, which is why they hire the best developers in the world. If you read Efirbet’s analysis, you will see that Bwin operates in Bulgaria since 2016, which means it is a reputable operator that happens to have one of the classiest designs. Unfortunately, not every good-looking online betting platform is legit. In fact, most companies that pay too much attention to their design are not worth it. 

Since they don’t offer enough casino games or sports, they want to compensate with an attractive design. Although having access to a good-looking platform is a plus, this shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing your new iGaming brand. There are many other important things that you should consider, such as the bonuses and betting sections.

Punters only test the live chat

One of the things that people need to do if they want to find a legit online betting platform is to test the contact options. Most top-rated online casinos and bookmakers have several contact methods, but live chat is the most popular one. Hence, people usually put it to the test without checking the other ones.

Even though you will probably have to use Live Chat the most, this doesn’t mean you won’t need other contact options. For example, some online bookmakers and casinos require their clients to verify their identities. The only way to complete this process is by sending an email with the specific information. 

Some gamblers don’t check whether the operator offers an SSL certificate

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made by online bettors is related to security features. Punters who’ve visited Efirbet and read the review of Bwin for Bulgaria know that every top-rated iGaming platform should offer several security options. The most important one is the license, but there are several other things, one of which is the SSL certificate.

Even though this technology is not new, it plays a massive role for online bookmakers and casinos. The SSL certificate allows punters to make safe deposits and withdrawals. What’s more, thanks to the encryption, this tech keeps their private information hidden from hackers. There are different kinds of SSL certificates out there, but most brands use the 128-bit version. Fortunately, you can find companies that offer newer versions. 

Unfortunately, users rarely read the Terms and Conditions before they start betting

The last mistake is probably the most important one on this list, no matter if you like sports or casino games. Every online betting platform has specific Terms and Conditions that you should agree to before using its services. Due to the fact that lawyers write these documents, they are long and hard to understand. Hence, most users prefer to create their accounts without reading them.

This is a huge mistake because some online bookies and casinos have awful conditions that you have to adhere to after registering. For example, some brands might limit your deposit/withdrawal amounts or even close your account for no reason. You can easily avoid such platforms by reading the rules before you start playing.

This article was written in cooperation with David Antherson