Create a ton of memories with Xclusive Yachts while you enjoy a stunning water view

  (photo credit: Xclusiveyachts)
(photo credit: Xclusiveyachts)

It's hard to picture a celebration in the sea, like how would one enjoy good music while eating a multi-course meal filled with various delicious dishes, your favorite beverages, and various water activities and entertainment. But we make it possible to spend quality time with your loved ones away from the bustle of the city and near the water. Now it's not difficult to imagine since yacht rental Dubai offers you the best rental services. You can choose from different yachts depending on your preferences and the number of guests you want to invite for a combined lunch and dinner buffet. You may now spend a lot of time together on a yacht and create a ton of memories with a stunning water view.

Luxury yacht activities

Depending on your preferences, yacht rentals in Dubai give you a variety of sizes of yachts. The selection includes a variety of boats for fishing and sightseeing, including a luxury yacht that is almost 204 feet long and a sports yacht as small as 30 feet. Your decision might be influenced by the kind of experience you're looking for. While there are many different types of boats available for athletic activities, some individuals choose to spend their free time with their families, relaxing, eating, and having fun. You can have a lot of fun on one of our upscale, exclusive range of yachts.

Customer Service and Management

This top yacht rental company in Dubai offers a variety of services. With premium drinks and personalized menu options, they have an extensive collection of 70 plus vehicles, each of which is different. When you arrive, you will receive a great greeting, including a red carpet to make you feel pampered. Xclusive Yachts give their customers the utmost attention. Xclusive Yachts value their customers as their priority, ensuring they are not inconvenienced while on the yacht. They have efficient, well-trained staff that provide you a very hospitable and warm service. 

Gourmet Food Options

You can choose from various food items on our exclusive menu, including your favorite cuisines. To help you celebrate your essential occasions, Xclusive Yachts offer the best-tasting cakes and desserts. They present a variety of food items, including live BBQ meat and vegetarian burgers, seafood, Arabic and Lebanese cuisine, numerous types of desserts, and an extraordinary cake with a message.

Fishing Charter and Facilities

It's a saying, "While in Rome do as the Romans do," so how can you not fish while in the water? Most of the fishing charters run from 6 am until 6 pm. You can choose the charter time based on your preference for morning or afternoon fishing and your preferred fishing vessel. Different fishing boats with the most skilled crew are available to provide you a safe experience. With us, you can collect a lifetime's worth of memories. Our esteemed clients can choose the charter time according to their convenience. You may look through the various charter times for various yachts at Xclusive Yachts and reserve the one that best suits your requirements. 

Shared Yacht Tours 

If you are a tourist and want to witness the sunset in Dubai, this shared tour can be your best choice. It's not only limited to evening; couples can enjoy a romantic dinner on a yacht during the twilight while surrounded by the surreal view of bright shining stars. If you want to start your day beautifully, book your breakfast on a yacht that typically begins at 9 am and enjoy two hours of peace before a hectic day. While lunch, the afternoon, and moonlight can be shared on our yacht at other times, we are confident you won't want to hold out any longer.

Cruises and Gullet

Are you that person who favors traditional or cultural elements more? Do not worry! We got you. We're ready to fulfil your requests with our Turkish gullet, which includes a live barbecue setup and knowledgeable staff. The Dinner Yacht Cruise, a 90-minute tour where you may experience a luxury yacht for dinner and live cooking stations with exquisite dishes from across the world. You can experience soft music, an incredible view, and a stunning atmosphere at an affordable price.

Dance the night away

Many individuals believe that having a party on a yacht in Dubai is only a dream, but Xclusive Yachts are here to fulfil all of your fantasies. Additionally, complete client safety is ensured. We have the best DJ in town to make your partying experience unforgettable. You can dance, enjoy live BBQ, and spend quality time with your friends while partying like never before. Make your day special by reserving a 4-hour day or night party on our website.

For booking our Service

If you want to explore Dubai with your loved ones, you can experience the best yacht tour with us. This tour includes visits to the Ain Wheel, JBR, Lagoon, Burj al Arab, Harbour, and Marina, having food and beverages included in the package. To reserve your preferred yacht from Xclusive Yachts, visit our website. Visit our website now to know more about the yacht experience, our client reviews, staff including crew and captain, services, charter timings, and various yacht services that yacht rental provides. Get in touch with us to discover more, and we will offer you the best deals at the best price.

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