David Kang Attributes His Growth to Falling in Love with the Journey Rather Than the Outcome.

David Kang aka Mister Investor, founder of Prosperity Trading and a stock market guru, shares his secret to success and the motivation behind his countless achievements.

 (photo credit: DAVID KANG)
(photo credit: DAVID KANG)

David Kang ventured into the stock market business at a relatively early age of just 19, when he was a freshman in college. He overheard his colleague discussing trading, which perked David’s interest instantly. After hearing about stock trading from his friends, he proceeded to check out StockTwits upon recommendation, where he got the chance to explore his capabilities and polish his skills, as well as develop strategies for trading profitably. His strong desire to benefit as many lives as he could, across the globe, led David to create an account on StockTwits, by the name of Mister_Investor. His trading ideas and successful strategies rapidly gained attention on the platform, as his followers continued to achieve success by implementing his advice. Gradually Mister_Investor became even larger than StockTwits, which led to the creation of Prosperity Trading. This helped David reach a wider audience that required his expertise and where he could help more people earn while trading stocks.

I want to use my gifts to help others and see their journey/process too and help them along. I want to keep working hard until I lay in my death bed knowing I gave it my all and fulfilled all of my duties to the best of my abilities in this world,” says David Kang.

David gained huge success in a relatively short while and has proceeded to help and coach more than 10,000 students in different parts of the world. Research suggests that millions of people worldwide have failed to profit from the market due to their lack of knowledge and other necessary resources. This is where David Kang has been able to make a big difference, by creating an environment that allows people to trade and make profits, a claim that has been proved by the plethora of online trading resources, such as trading ideas and learning solutions for traders.

I also teach my students/members the most important aspects of trading which is trading psychology and the mindset of trading which most do not learn or how to teach others. My students/members gain results because they learn only the things that work and matter, not the junk that most industries are teaching and just trying to sell you something,” David Kang said.

Kang didn’t achieve this remarkable feat overnight but had to overcome several challenges on his way. Despite belonging to a lower-middle-class family, David defied all odds and carried on working hard, as he knew this was the only way for a silver lining. Along with hard work, came discipline, and this is how David Kang achieved his goal. It is all because of his constant need to persist and never going off the track that has paid off even in trying times, as the pandemic. While millions were struggling to make ends meet, David Kang was coaching and helping his students and followers worldwide design a way of achieving their financial goals by trading stocks.

Over the years David Kang has grown to become the most sought after stock trader and coach in the world of stock trading. He continues to change the lives of struggling traders across the globe, with more than 10,000 students trading successfully and reaping the rewards of the market, all thanks to Kang’s coaching. As a passionate and persistent e-trader, David has impacted many people around the globe, and considering his young age, outstanding experience, and remarkable talent, the world has yet to see the best from the trader.