Dental clinic in Turkey – Affordable prices

  (photo credit: Cosmedica Dental)
(photo credit: Cosmedica Dental)

Turkey is currently the dream dental tourism destination if you want quality dental care and smile makeovers done at low prices. Because of this, Turkey has welcomed several tourists from all over the world to enjoy their top-notch services.

If you are hoping to visit a dental clinic in Turkey soon, here’s a short guide on:

  • what to expect
  • how the process is done
  • the treatments offered and their prices
  • how to find the right dental clinic for you

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What makes a dental clinic in Turkey special?

It is no secret that dental treatments can dent your pockets, especially if you do not have updated insurance. Fees have increased over the years as dentists upskill their practice and improve their facilities. If you are hoping to get a full smile makeover done, be prepared to spend a few thousand euros to achieve your dream smile.

Fortunately, this is not the case in Turkey with dental clinics charging lower fees than US and UK dental clinics. This is the prime reason why patients from all over the world come to the tourist destination Turkey to get their dental treatments done. 

But make no mistake because even though the fees are affordable, the services you receive remain world-class and in high quality. Highly trained dentists from Turkey have years of experience under their belt. And with up-to-date modern dental technology and innovative techniques, your smile design is truly in the best hands. 

Why do many patients travel to Turkey for their dental treatment?

There are 5 major reasons why patients for their smile makeovers and dental treatments Turkey: 

1.   Low cost treatments

As clear as day, this is the main reason why patients travel to Turkey for their dental treatments. Dental implants, smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, and even general dental procedures are almost 70% cheaper than if done in dental clinics in the US or UK. 

2.   Wide range of dental services

To cater to the needs of all patients, dentists in Turkey have made several treatments available in their clinics. This includes usual general services such as cleaning and teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures like veneers, and specialist treatments such as teeth implants.

3.   Standards, qualification, and regulation

Despite the low fees, you should not worry about getting compromised dental care. All dentists practicing dentistry in Turkey are board-certified, so you can trust the quality of work that they put in. Dental clinics should also pass the high standards set by the dental association to remain globally competitive. 

4.   Travel location

Aside from dental tourism, Turkey is also home to beautiful travel destinations, and landmarks of history, and is rich in culture, tradition, experiences, and luxury. It is also close to other European countries which you can visit and enjoy right after getting your smile done.

5.   Streamlined services

Perhaps the most impressive reason why you should visit Turkey for your dental treatments is how they make the entire process smooth and easy for you. At Cosmedica Dental in Turkey, we plan everything down to the last detail. From the pre-treatment planning and consultation, your travel, and the accommodations and transfers during your treatment stay, you will be assisted by our team of hospitality managers and treated by our expert dentists. 

Which dental treatments/services does Cosmedica Dental offer?

Cosmedica Dental - a modern dental clinic in Turkey - offers a comprehensive range of dental services that do not break the bank. Upon your initial consultation with our dentist, they will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your smile goals.

Depending on your needs, your dentist may recommend different types of dental treatments:

Teeth Cleaning

Perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to improve your smile and general oral health is through professional teeth cleaning. This procedure removes irritants such as plaque, tartar, and stains that can cause gum disease, teeth discolouration, and other smile issues.

At Cosmedica Dental, we use a high-frequency scaler to scrape off dirt, remove surface stains, and provide a whole mouth clean. We recommend getting teeth cleaning done along with other smile makeover procedures for better results. 

Teeth Whitening

Remove teeth stains and brighten your smile with teeth whitening procedures at Cosmedica Dental. Stains can be a result of frequent coffee or wine drinking or as a natural sign of aging. To help you achieve a more radiant look, teeth whitening can help. 

The Cosmedica Dental clinic offers a dental spa package for 250€ and this includes teeth cleaning and whitening treatments.


Get that “Hollywood smile” makeover look with dental veneers. At Cosmedica Dental, we offer Emax veneers. These are made with full porcelain and can mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Porcelain is also stain and wear-resistant, making them an excellent, long-term investment.

Veneers at Cosmedica Dental are customized to fit your smile goals. We can modify the shape, size, colour, and overall proportion of the veneers to give more character to your smile. Prices for veneers vary according to the number of units:

-   6 veneers: 2950€

-   12 veneers: 4250€

-   18 veneers: 5000€ 

Lumineers and Crowns

Aside from veneers, we also offer lumineers which are often identified as “no prep veneers”. This procedure uses very thin material to cover cosmetic imperfections such as irregularities in shape, size, length, and colour. Lumineers require less tooth preparation making them ideal for conservative treatments. 

But for significant damage to the teeth, cosmetic modifications can be made through dental crowns. A crown is a “tooth cap” made to cover the entire tooth and provide structural support to it. At Cosmedica Dental, we recommend Zircon crowns for superior strength and impressive natural aesthetic

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants which are placed in root canals. These are the most modern teeth replacement solution that provides the most natural appearance, normal function, and comfort in wear. At Cosmedica Dental, an implant unit includes a titanium screw and a zirconia crown. 

An implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth or a full set of missing teeth. Prices for implants are as follows:

-   Single implant - 1000€ - 1 implant screw and 1 zirconia crown

-   All on 4 implant - 4000€ - 4 implant screws and 14 zirconia crowns

-   Full mouth implant - 7500€ - 12 implant screws and 24 zirconia crowns 

Cosmedica Dental – Your Ideal Dental Clinic in Turkey

Credit: Cosmedica Dental
Credit: Cosmedica Dental

Aside from our broad range of treatments and dental work, highly qualified dentists and oral surgeons, and advanced dental facilities, we remain a reputable dental clinic in Istanbul by prioritizing our patient’s comfort and putting their needs first.

Included in our dental treatment packages are:

  • Pre-treatment consultation and examination
  • VIP transfers
  • 5-star accommodations
  • Panoramic Xray
  • Translator
  • Medication
  • Post-treatment check-up

Because of our extensive services and high standards of care, we are able to provide our patients with a dental experience unlike any other clinic in Turkey.

Discover more about Cosmedica Dental and how we can help you achieve your dream smile today! Request a consultation today to learn more.

This article was written in cooperation with Cosmedica Dental