Digital Marketing: A guide for companies that want to expand to Israel

An understanding of trends is fundamental for any business to have. We can tell you what the trends are, so let’s see where you should be focusing your efforts.

Social media  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Social media
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Expansion in Israel is becoming quite a popular move for businesses, both those who are based there and those who aren’t. Digital marketing can play a significant role in how you implement new business ideas and growth into your expansion, and that’s something few can deny.
However, an understanding of trends is fundamental for any business to have. You can’t hope to succeed unless you can grasp the importance of trends and then how to follow them. While we can’t tell you how to work with patterns, because that’s something only you can crack, we can tell you what the trends are, so let’s see where you should be focusing your efforts. 
In the modern age of communication, the video stands as one of the most versatile ways to communicate information. Consequently, it’s still one of the most trending ways for a business to market a product or service. Troy Fawkes, Founder of Delta Growth, says that ‘the need for video is paramount to your success. You’ve got to be on the ball when it comes to putting information out in the right format and making sure people are engaged, or you lose so many potential customers’. 
SEO Strategy
SEO is another core part of digital marketing which is still just as powerful and prominent as it was a few years ago. It’s a key part of any business, but Scott Langdon, Managing Partner of HigherVisibility, isn’t sure that people are doing it correctly. ‘It’s not just about stuffing keywords into your website’, he says. ‘It’s about developing quality content with keywords weaved in… a subtle infusing of keywords into your site, alongside a well-developed image, will help you to rank higher on the search results page than competitors’. 
Social Media
With more people on social media than ever before, the need to have a good online presence is vital for the digital marketing side of a business looking to integrate appropriately into Israeli business. You need to be active on as many social media platforms as possible, continually putting out quality campaigns to make people aware of offers, services and your company as a whole. It’s crucial for connecting with a broader audience; the kind of audience that’s online plugged in and has that buying power you’re looking for in a customer. 
Overall, these are three of the most critical trends that you need to be aware of when it comes to digital marketing. Knowing these trends is half the battle. It’s then about creating organic leads to turn into real customers and users of your product and service, and how you achieve this is down to you. But you have to be aware of what’s going on in the digital marketing world, and how the trends that are currently big are going to impact upon your company and your image. Companies can’t change what’s trending by themselves, so it’s often a case of playing to what’s popular and having a constantly evolving marketing system in order to take advantage of each new trend.