Does anyone listen to my mobile?

The technology has provided many improvements in our quality of life by various means such as the mobile phone, computers and advanced digital systems.

 (photo credit: RF123)
(photo credit: RF123)
The technological improvements provide us with convenience in performing various operations in a smart, fast and easy way.  At the same time, the issue of the violation of personal security and privacy is frequently on the agenda, whether with regard to social networks or various loopholes that may reveal personal and sensitive information from the mobile phone.
"Along with many discussions about mobile location and the possibility of tracking location, consumption habits and various actions we perform, the fear of leakage and leakage of personal information is growing" Ami Jerby, private investigator and Gal Investigations CEO told the Jerusalem Post.
This concern is not completely unfounded as installing spyware or listening devices on the mobile phone is not a particularly complex task and there are cases where direct access to the phone is not required.
The digital signal on the mobile is well encoded, meaning that wiretapping can be performed by a professional such as government agencies or cellular operators.
Still, there are cases where wiretapping is commissioned and funded by a private entity and is done through the installation of spyware available to all.
How do you know if your mobile is being listened to?
There are some signs that may indicate attempts to eavesdrop on our phone:

• The device battery drains faster than usual.

• When it comes to a new mobile phone and a modern model, a quick discharge of the battery, even during minimal utilization and use, indicates increased reception and transmission of the DATA data from the mobile device.

• Similar to rapid depletion, rapid warming of the battery indicates increased energy consumption and the reasons for this should be examined.

• Slow Shutdown of the Phone - Slowing down the device or crashing during a shutdown attempt may result from the installation of side applications. If all applications are turned off before closing the device and still the shutdown is slower than usual, then it is possible that these are side applications that run in the background and serve as a means of listening.

• Interference and noise - High frequency interference and background noise should turn on a red light.

• Mechanical Noises - When the mobile phone is on and close to the speakers it will beep. When the phone is closed and still beeps when it is close to the speakers, it means that it continues to pick up and transmit even when not in use and this is a suspicious sign.

• Abnormal mobile phone behavior - Turning on the lights independently, reloading or running software without any action on your part may be a sign of wiretapping.
Eavesdropping is prohibited – Is it legal?
It is important to know that spyware or eavesdropping software can be installed on almost any phone.
These programs are quite accessible and anyone with minimal motivation can order wiretapping.
The law stipulates that wiretapping is prohibited from listening to a conversation through a device when the listener is not a party to the conversation and the conversation was not made in public.
Recording a conversation that is considered wiretapping is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.
The methods for detecting and preventing wiretapping
If you have encountered one or more of the above signs, it is possible that your mobile device has spyware installed.
The software can be sent and installed using a hidden file without contact with the device in the form of a video, email, game, etc.
In any case where there is minimal suspicion of wiretapping, you should contact a private investigation office that specializes in wiretapping.
The Investigations Office has experience and expertise in locating wiretaps through a private detective with skills, proficiency and understanding in the cyber world.
A private investigator will install software on your mobile device that minimize the possibility of eavesdropping and spying, as well as locating and removing the means of listening from your phone.
A professional wiretapping check includes locating the transmitter and disrupting its operation until the surveillance is removed.
The service enables a computerized scan of the frequency spectrum and the detection of covert listening transmitters that operate via cellular networks.
The test detects equipment and means of listening even when they are not transmitting during the test.
At the end of the investigation, the private investigator will submit a detailed report showing the installed means of eavesdropping, the manner of action of the person responsible for the prohibited eavesdropping, the measures taken to remove the surveillance and documentation, evidence and evidence of wiretapping on the customer's mobile phone. 
The report constitutes an important admissible evidence in court in the event.
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