Don’t Sell Your Mobile Phone Before Knowing This

 (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Whether it is peer pressure or the pompous aspirations of a growing middle class, the reality is, majority of the mobile users in the UK find it difficult to handle the lure of holding a new mobile.

To sell your mobile phone and secure the best price for it, there are three main questions that you need to answer clearly:

  • How much is your mobile worth for?
  • How to sell or exchange it?
  • How reliable are the buying and selling companies?
  • How can you find the best buyer for your phone?
  • How Much is Your Used Mobile Worth For?

How Much is Your UsedMobile Worth For?

The phone needs to be in good condition with little or no visible cosmetic strains. It needs to be operative, and one should be able to switch it on. Most of the mobile-buying companies have a standard price for a fully functional phone. If it’s moderately damaged but still meets some specifications, they also have a 2nd slab.

Often the phones start performing better with a new battery. So, one may want to change the battery to see if this change works for them. Doing this one puts you in a better position to demand a price that suits one’s pocket. You may also think to do some needful tweaks to set it rightly if it somewhat looks unappealing. 

Once it is made to look intact and working, you can then start interacting with different firms that deal in buying and selling of old mobile phones.

How Does Selling Old Mobile Phones Work?

Once the website comparison is made, it’s time to decide the best deal that you think is the best.

When the details are entered on the selected website, you would be offered a price based upon variable factors. If you agree to it, you would be sent a prepaid postage tag or may be a padded envelope to be used for dispatching.

A word of caution – most of the free carrier options do not provide insurance. This means that if anything breaks or there’s any damage in transit, the loss is of the owner. It is highly advisable to use recorded “Signed For” delivery when it’s insured for up to £50. The costs may vary slightly depending on the weight.

Ensure that your phone is charged and switched off without the memory card and SIM. Then factory reset it to delete everything. If the handset complies with their standards, you would be offered a price that you can agree to or decline. If you decline, the handset is sent back through the same postal process. It’s advisable to check about the return charges because sometimes the seller may have to bear it.

How Reliable are the MobileBuying and Selling Companies?

Once the process of sending your mobile is initiated and god forbidden, if there’s anything unforeseen that happens, then you’re on your own with little or no safeguard.

You could take these precautionary steps before you avail the services of an old-mobile-buying-company:

  • Referring to reviews from sites likes Trustpilot and Reevo always helps.
  • Scanning the social pages of the buyer also help to make a confident decision.
  • See the small print cautiously – the timeline in which one has to accept or reject a quote. One should also check if s/he would be paying for the return costs in case if the deal doesn’t mature.
  • Selecting the one with contact details with a valid phone number always helps to have instant credibility and connect. Having a complaint resolution mechanism also aidsin establishing trust and authenticity.

How Can You Find the Best Buyer To Sell Mobile?

It needs some research and homework and may get a bit tricky to discover the rightest buyer. With a plethora of companies dealing into second-hand phones, it is quite cumbersome to track and trace the one with the best prices.

To accelerate your selling process, it’s highly advisable to scanmobile phone buying comparison websites to help you spot the best deal. Since one website cannot and does not have all the options, referring to the top three would surely be a rational methodology.   

Selling online to these cell phone-buying companies isn’t the only option.

You could also ponderon the following:

1. Float your gazette on eBay.
2. Your relatives and friends could also be your prospective buyers.
3. You could also think of repairing and re-using it.
4. The thought of replacing your temptation of a new smart-phone with something that could comfort your business or personal life could help you operate better.
5. How about some charity? Did the thought of donating it to a needy resonate with you?

All of the above thoughts and strategies have been presented to help you make an informed decision and a happy closure.