Eliminate hair loss with hair transplant in Turkey

  (photo credit: Smile Hair Clinic)
(photo credit: Smile Hair Clinic)

On average, you lose about a hundred hairs a day. The number could be significantly greater depending on the season, your diet, and your overall lifestyle. As long as the hair that falls out is replaced by new growth, you have nothing to worry about.

Problems arise when there’s no sufficient growth of new healthy hairs. That’s when you start noticing excessive thinning and the formation of a bald area. In most instances, the only way to eliminate any further hair loss and restore your natural hair appearance is with a hair transplant.

No longer an invasive treatment that takes out a strip of skin on the back of your head to create hair grafts, a hair transplant is today a safe, seamless procedure that leaves no scarring when done right – just a full head of luscious hair.

Why choose Turkey for your hair transplant?

When looking into hair restoration surgery to treat your hair thinning area, you’ll come across a multitude of cosmetic clinics around the world that offer this treatment. However, to ensure that you get the best results possible, you need to find the best clinic possible – and you’ll have the best chances of success by turning your eyes to Turkey.

Millions of international medical tourists visit Turkey every year, some seeking healthcare treatments, but most visit the country for cosmetic surgery such as hair transplants.

Turkey has prestigious medical facilities and advanced clinics equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies. Its doctors are often internationally-renowned professionals who spend years mastering their crafts and perfecting their skills.

Turkey is the place to go if you want a high-quality treatment that improves your hair growth and comes with no side effects.

Credit: Smile Hair ClinicCredit: Smile Hair Clinic

High-quality transplants at Smile Hair Clinic

The Smile Hair Clinic is among the most well-respected hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Starting in 2018, it’s gained an impeccable reputation among international medical communities as well as among its thousands of patients.

Recognized for its excellence in the BBC Healthcare Tourism Documentary series and holding the prestigious International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, Smile Hair Clinic offers advanced hair loss treatments customized to suit each individual patient’s needs.

Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, one of the clinic’s founders, has so far treated over 4,000 patients at the clinic. 4,000 more were treated by Dr. Gökay Bilgin, the co-founder. Together, they’ve transformed the lives of their patients, offering them innovative solutions to hair loss and developing personalized treatments that suit each patient who comes through the doors.

Enjoy superior care at affordable prices

At Smile Hair Clinic, patients can enjoy a first-class experience from the moment they contact the clinic to the moment their hair returns to its former glory. The facilities in the 7-floor building boast cutting-edge equipment and a luxurious atmosphere. At the same time, all the staff members are highly-trained professionals who will make your stay all the more enjoyable.

Though you will experience a premium treatment when you book your transplant surgery, you won’t have to cover a premium price.

Compared to the US, services at Smile Hair Clinic are exceptionally affordable. Whereas you could pay upwards of $15,000 for any of the different types of hair transplants in the US, the same treatments with the maximum number of individual hairs transplanted could cost as much as 90% cheaper in Turkey.

Needless to say, the lower price does not equal lower quality. Doctors at Smile Hair Clinic offer the highest-quality services, but as the costs of living in Turkey are lower than in the US, your expenses will be significantly lower.

Smile Hair Clinic transplant packages

Since traveling to a foreign country for a medical procedure is often a confusing experience, Smile Hair Clinic offers all-inclusive transplant packages that will make it easier for you to get organized. The package includes:

  • The hair transplant surgery;
  • Pain-free anesthesia;
  • Medicine required before, during, and after the surgery;
  • Personal translators;
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, clinic, and back;
  • Accommodation at a hotel located in the vicinity of the clinic;
  • Online aftercare consultations and services.

Once you’ve scheduled your surgery, all there’s left to do is book your flight and relax – the clinic will handle the rest.

Credit: Smile Hair ClinicCredit: Smile Hair Clinic

Innovative approaches at Smile Hair Clinic

At Smile Hair Clinic, Dr. Erdoğan and Dr. Bilgin specialize in two different types of hair transplant surgery – follicular unit extraction FUE and direct hair implantation DHI.

Before determining the better approach for your needs, your doctor will carefully examine the area of your scalp that needs hair replacement. He moves hair around to assess the extent of your hair loss, examining the hair follicles in the recipient area and finding a good candidate for the donor site.

After the examination, the surgery can start.

The FUE method requires the doctor to administer local anesthesia and extract hair follicles from the donor site. Afterward, he will make incisions in the recipient site to make room for the follicles, and then he’ll insert them one by one.

The DHI method starts with local anesthesia and extraction from the donor site as well. Then, the doctor inserts individual follicles into a Choi pen – an advanced tool that opens channels in the recipient site and inserts hair follicles in one fell swoop. There’s no need for any prior incisions in the recipient area.

Both treatments are painless and effective, leaving virtually no scarring. The surgery is minimally invasive, so you can return to work and your normal life within days. However, keep in mind that it can take several months before you notice the effects. You should see new hair growth within approximately six months, but the full effects will be noticeable within 12 to 18 months.

Final thoughts

Smile Hair Clinic is an advanced hair transplantation facility with thousands of satisfied patients behind it. Started by renowned experts in the field of hair transplants, it enjoys an excellent reputation, delivering outstanding results at affordable prices. Book your free consultation and learn more about what the clinic offers. 

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