Elizabeth Sommers shares the secret to building a successful career

  (photo credit:  Prestige Presence)
(photo credit: Prestige Presence)

Having a successful career in today’s day and age is tougher than it looks. Employers ask for higher educational qualifications along with previous work experience and an excellent aptitude for the job. Having to compete with the skills and aspirations of others can also create roadblocks on your journey to success. Elizabeth Sommers, a registered nurse who is one of the top medical aesthetics practitioners and a national trainer, says that building a successful career requires being truly committed and having the passion and grit to match. However, some things are non-negotiable when it comes to career building, as per Elizabeth Sommers.  

Don’t wait for the right opportunity. 

“Work to make yourself better and improve your skills,” says Elizabeth Sommers. “It is necessary to keep track of the recent developments in your industry and continue building new skills. You can create newer opportunities for yourself by building skills that are in demand and are irreplaceable by technology.” As an experienced nurse and expert aesthetic injector, Elizabeth gives an example of how the human touch is required to do the procedures carefully, even when machines provide support and help in improving medical aesthetic procedures.  

Build professional relationships.

Elizabeth Sommers says, “Network with as many people as you can both within and outside your industry. Try connecting with digital communities on professional networking websites. Attend seminars and webinars related to your industry and focus on developing long-lasting relationships with your clients.” She further adds, “Building a strong professional network comprising of proven experts in various fields can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals, and so, you should never underestimate the power of networking.” 

Ask for feedback.

Elizabeth Sommers’ next advice is to get feedback from your clients and colleagues. “Knowing what you’re doing right and what can be improved is an essential part of becoming better at your job. However, don’t put yourself down,” stresses Elizabeth. “Instead, keep the valuable insights and let go of unnecessary criticism.” She explains that you may be aware that people are not saying the right thing or wrongly criticizing you, but you should not let that affect your confidence and self-belief.  

Be Humble.

On the subject of self-belief, Elizabeth Sommers explains that while confidence is important, remaining humble is also vital to success. “Humility comes from genuinely believing that there is always more to learn. Every industry experiences growth, and there will always be more knowledge and experience to gain. By staying humble and ready to learn new skills, you open yourself up to greater success,” notes Sommers. She shares that confidence and humility and can exist together when you are honest about your strengths as well as the areas that you want to improve.

Don’t be afraid of change.  

“Embrace the change around you,” Elizabeth shares. In an industry like medical aesthetics, Elizabeth Sommers has had to adapt to technology, new people, changing client demands, and more. However, this is true for most industries. She says, “Things keep changing, so you cannot remain the same. Embrace change and use it to grow and evolve. Adapting to change is needed to grow as a professional.”  

Build resilience. 

“There is no person on this earth who hasn’t experienced failure,” Elizabeth Sommers explains. “The journey to success rarely follows a straight line; you need to build up resilience to overcome setbacks and missteps.” Every time you acknowledge your failure and get back up to try again with a new strategy, you build invaluable resilience. Elizabeth believes that we all have the power to reset and try again.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Elizabeth Sommers explains that we often define success by looking at what others have achieved. “Create your own definition of success.,” she says. “When you focus on other people, you take your attention away from everything that you are building and slow yourself down.” Elizabeth advises deciding early on what a successful career looks like to you and keeping that definition as your focal point rather than aspiring to reach other people’s definition of success.

As a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree and special training in aesthetic medicine, Elizabeth Sommers dedicates herself to helping people achieve their aesthetic goals using her seventeen years of medical experience combined with her twelve years in the aesthetic industry. She is currently associated with a renowned cosmetic clinic, Skin365, where she develops personalized solutions for her clients. Throughout her time in the industry, she has continued developing her skills and has trained several aspiring professionals. Her journey of building her dream career has been challenging yet thrilling. Elizabeth shares that she is utterly grateful that she could turn her passion for beauty and helping people into a fulfilling career. In the future, she aims to build a training facility with Skin365 to train and guide more aspiring cosmetic injectors.  

This article was written in cooperation with Prestige Presence.